Yasmine Lopez is a multi-faceted American personality, seamlessly navigating roles as a social media influencer, model, actress, and physician.

In addition to her professional achievements, Yasmine embraces the role of a mother to Chosen, the son she shares with footballer Trevon Digg.

As a captivating and accomplished individual, Yasmine has carved a niche for herself in the social media landscape, building an impressive ‘little empire’. Her journey encompasses a blend of medical expertise, acting, modelling, and the joys of motherhood, making her a figure worth getting to know and celebrating.

Let’s delve into the story of this remarkable woman to better understand the layers that contribute to her inspiring life story.

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Early Personal Life

Yasmine Lopez was born on 27 January 1999, in Charlotte, North Carolina, into a family with a successful businessman father, of whom she sadly faced the early loss.

Meanwhile, her mother contributed to the family’s well-being as a co-ordinator for a private organization. Yasmine is part of a family of five, accompanied by two younger siblings, whose names remain undisclosed. Her rich heritage encompasses African-American ancestry, adding a layer of diversity to her background.


Yasmine’s academic journey began in her hometown of Charlotte, where she attended high school before setting her sights on a medical degree. However, there are conflicting reports about her higher education, with some sources suggesting that she enrolled at the University of California, while others point to her pursuing studies at Harvard University, where she earned recognition with a Medical Scientist Award of Excellence.

Following the completion of her academic endeavours, Yasmine dedicated herself to a residency in paediatrics at the renowned Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, solidifying her commitment to the field of medicine, and indicating that the former suggestion is correct.


Yasmine has also ventured into the world of social media, where she rapidly gained fame through her captivating modelling photos. Her posts often feature her figure adorned in stylish swimwear and outfits, establishing the foundation of her flourishing modelling career, that initially took flight on Instagram.

In addition to her success as a social media influencer, Yasmine has made a mark as a television personality. She was Yummy in the reality series “One Mo’ Chance,” broadcast on the Zeus Networ, and got the nickname during her time on the show.

Notably, she emerged victorious in the dating competition within the show, becoming winner in the series. This marked her debut onscreen role; the reality series revolved around entertainer and musician Kamal Givens, seeking love amidst a group of women competing for his heart; renowned for his appearances on reality TV shows like “I Love New York” and “Real Chance of Love,” Kamal garnered fame for his charming personality and distinctive style, quickly becoming a fan favourite.

Beyond his reality TV career under the stage name “Chance,” Kamal has showcased his skills as a rapper, releasing several music projects, and cultivating a dedicated fan base appreciative of his lyrical abilities.

Yasmine, in addition to her television career, is an accomplished model who has collaborated with prominent brands such as Fashion Nova, Viva De Luxe, and Fifth Wavee, to name a few.

Beyond her modelling endeavours, Yasmine actively engages with her audience through social media, regularly updating her followers on her modelling projects, sharing captivating photos showcasing her work and style.

With a significant presence on social media, Yasmine has amassed almost two million followers on Instagram. Her feed features a blend of modelling shots, insights into her life as a model and actress, and glimpses into her personal experiences. Frequently sharing images highlighting her in swimwear and trendy outfits, Yasmine’s Instagram is a vibrant display of her modelling journey.

Yasmine doesn’t limit her online presence to modelling; she also provides updates on her acting career, offering behind-the-scenes glimpses of her various projects. Additionally, she shares throwback photos and personal reflections, contributing to her relatable and authentic online persona.

Through her active social media engagement, Yasmine has solidified her status as a rising star in the modelling and acting spheres. Her popularity continues to grow as she remains a sought-after figure on various social media platforms.

Furthermore, Yasmine manages her own YouTube channel, on which she regularly uploads vlogs and videos covering topics such as beauty, fashion and makeup tutorials. Although her channel, launched in 2018, has experienced a period of inactivity, it remains a testament to her diverse talents and interests.

Although Yasmine is a certified doctor, not much is known about her medical career. She also has an OnlyFans account for loyal fans who want to see more spicy content from her.

Interesting Facts

Despite living a public life, details about her hobbies and facts about her quirks and favourites have proven impossible to find.

Later Personal Life

Yasmine, known for her connection with Lakers forward Christian Wood, gained attention not only for the birth of their son, but also due to reports of an alleged assault on another woman, reportedly named Mariah, whom Yasmine suspected of being involved with the Lakers forward.

This incident is not the first time Yasmine has found herself in the midst of controversy. There are claims, as per this Mariah’s comments, that the model has been involved in another scandal.

Allegations suggest that she attempted to scam famous athletes with fake pregnancies, and athletes including Memphis Grizzlies’ Ja Morant and Chicago Bears wide receiver DeSean Jackson were mentioned in the alleged conversations.

However, it’s crucial to note that there is currently no evidence supporting these claims, and they’re based solely on Mariah’s comments and leaked text messages. Yasmine vehemently denied these reports and dismissed the leaked text messages as fake and embarrassing.

She expressed deep concern over the situation, emphasizing that she did not speak in the manner depicted in the messages and condemning the creation of fake direct messages. She pledged to involve her lawyers in addressing the matter, expressing her outrage at dragging her newborn son into the controversy.

Regarding her relationship with Christian, details remain unclear beyond the birth of their son, leaving uncertainty about the nature of their connection. Christian hasn’t addressed these issues publicly at this time.

Yasmine is the mother of two with, another from Trevon Diggs of the Dallas Cowboys.

Yasmine’s relationship history includes connections with notable figures. In 2021-2022, she was involved with Carmelo Anthony. In the preceding year, she had relationships with Kamal Givens, Carl Crawford, and Jadon Sancho. The year 2018 saw her linked with 6ix9ine.

In 2020, she was associated with Jimmy Smacks, Trevon Diggs, DJ Drama, and Justin Combs.

Gervonta Davis and James Harden were part of Yasmine’s romantic encounters in 2019. Trey Songz, Future, and Drake were among her connections in the same year.

Further back, in 2018, she was linked with Dave East, while her history includes a longer-term association with Chris Brown from 2015 to 2019.

There isn’t a lot of information available about little Chosen, as Trevon’s other son, Aiden, seems to be getting all the media attention.

Aiden has been quite a prominent presence at NFL games, showcasing his enthusiasm for his dad’s games by dancing in the stands. He hasn’t only accompanied Trevon at press conferences and on television but also made a special appearance at the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards in March 2023. His attendance wasn’t only noteworthy, but also marked by a special moment on stage with rapper Lil Baby.

Notably, Aiden’s early exposure to the sports world began at the age of four when he appeared in the HBO sports documentary series “Hard Knocks”, interviewed while sitting in the stands during a game, offering insights about his dad. This early engagement with the sports and entertainment industry highlights Aiden’s growing presence in the public eye.

Chosen hasn’t had the same kind of exposure, sadly, and it is believed that Trevon doesn’t spend a lot of time with him. That’s only speculation, though, and it’s not easy to judge a situation when you don’t have all the details.

Physical Characteristics

Yasmine has long, black hair and captivating dark brown eyes. She’s of average height at 5ft 5ins (165cms), weighs about 120lbs (55kgs), with vital statistics of 34-26-36.

Net Worth

Given her successful career as a social media influencer, it should come as no surprise that Yasmine has an estimated net worth of $2 million, as of late 2023.

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