• Tina and Meghan have a strong friendship that spans several years
• They moved in together as a sign of loyalty and to help each other with their weight loss goals
• Meghan was invited by Tina to stay with her in a time of grief and depression
• They help each other financially and emotionally to cope with their problems
• Tina feels Meghan and her fiancé are part of her own family

Tina Arnold and Meghan Crumpler of the show “1000lb Best Friends” have known each other for a long time. Although they are best friends, many fans have questions about why Meghan and her fiancé Jon stay in the basement of the Arnold’s family home. Tina and her husband have four children, and are now living as a big family of eight since Meghan and her boyfriend moved in.

The Arnold’s house flooded during the season 2 episode of the “1000lb Best Friends,” and the eight occupants were forced to seek temporary shelter in a hotel where they shared the same room. They stayed in the hotel for about three months while the contractors repaired the damaged home. At this point, many fans began to wonder why Meghan and her boyfriend needed to stay with Tina in the first place. While viewers sought answers to several questions they had, it seems Tina and Meghan were not worried since everything seemed normal.

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This has complicated Tina and Meghan’s friendship, and fans have expressed mixed feelings over Tina’s continued stay with Meghan. This article explains everything you may want to know regarding Meghan’s extended stay at Arnold’s home.

Sign of Unshakeable Friendship

Apart from featuring in TLC’s “1000lb Best Friends,” which is about weight loss, Meghan and Tina are close companions who are loyal to each other. Their friendship spans several years, and they have a deeper connection than other actors in the show.

Meghan and Jon can live on their own, but they chose to move in with the Arnolds as a sign of loyalty. Although many people view this arrangement as odd, the adult friends are comfortable living under the same roof. They believe their friendship is unconditional, so nothing can get between them, as proved by the relationship.

Many people do not know why Meghan and her boyfriend moved into Tina’s basement in the first place, but nothing is amiss among the parties involved. When the “1000lb Best Friends” show started, Meghan and her fiancé were living on their own. This means there was an agreement between Tina and her husband to live together with the two.

Tina and Meghan have not provided a clear explanation of their agreement with their fans, but it appears their relationship is based on pure friendship and mutual understanding – they share similar interests and are on a mission to lose weight. Both Tina and Meghan are overweight, and they want to move on the same journey of losing weight together, away from the television screens. In one way, their close association shows that losing weight is a process that requires an holistic approach.

Adjusting to Post Weight

Going through the weight loss journey can be challenging, since obesity is often associated with unfavorable connotations – Tina explains that she isn’t comfortable living alone while adjusting to the weight-loss scheme. She needs comfort to approach the problem head-on.

Some people lack the motivation to undertake weight-loss programs because they believe that shedding body pounds is unattainable. However, losing weight is feasible when you have someone to lean on and share your experiences with; this is what brought Meghan and Tina together. Another important aspect about Tina and Meghan is that they have a positive attitude, which makes it easier for them to deal with the challenge.

In a show of solidarity, Tina suggested that Meghan and her fiancé move in so they can help each other attain their weight-loss goals. They treat each other like sisters – Tina has explained that she needs Meghan around her. Since they share similar interests, they want to make it easier to overcome the common problem they have.

They also want to prove to their fans that it is possible to overcome the stigma associated with obesity. By staying together, Tina and Meghan want to encourage their viewers that overcoming the obstacles presented by being overweight requires commitment.

Off-screen, viewers will see Tina and Meghan living side by side in a sign to show that they accept their conditions and are determined to overcome them. Since Meghan moved in, Tina has managed to address several setbacks that could be attributed to her problem of being overweight.

Accepting your condition is the major step you can take to fight the stigma often associated with a particular problem like obesity. Meghan and Tina are exemplary, and they appeal to their fans’ emotional interests to follow suit. Being in the same home sends a clear message to other individuals that nothing is amiss when undergoing weight-loss programs.

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Dealing With Grief

Meghan has also confirmed that she experienced a dark episode in her life, when her father passed on, following which, she experienced numerous emotional challenges of which most of her viewers are not aware. As a result, Meghan said she ended up living with Tina because they treat each other like sisters.

The two friends grew up together and are committed to helping each other through happier and dark moments in their lives. Losing a loved one is one of the most challenging things to overcome in life. However, Tina proved that ‘a friend in need is a friend indeed’ by staying with her friend.

It was Tina’s idea to stay with Meghan to help her overcome grief. It seems that Meghan has no immediate family member to lean on during difficult times. As a result, Tina is her pillar of strength when she is broken by circumstances beyond her control.

More importantly, it seems Tina and Meghan’s friendship is mutual – Tina was helped by Meghan when she suffered terrible depression, which goes on to confirm that no matter what, friendship is critical in life.

A lasting friendship helps fill a void that may not be filled by even your closest relatives. When you have a true friend, you can easily confide in them and freely share your closely guarded secrets. True friends are ready to listen to their buddies, and they also do the best they can to provide much-needed assistance.

Where there is mutual trust, dealing with mental-related challenges can become easier.  This has been revealed by the close relationship between Meghan and Tina from their early days in life.

Financial Struggles

Although Tina and Meghan explain that they stay together because of personal rather than financial reasons, they somehow help each other when faced with economic challenges, such as the water damage to Tina’s house by burst water pipes.

Surprisingly, they stayed in the same hotel room. Meghan and her boyfriend could not get their room partly due to financial constraints. However, this was not an issue for Tina since the two are inseparable. The two friends have proved beyond any reasonable doubt that they have a strong bond that cannot be broken by economic challenges.

Many fans have expressed concern that Meghan can afford to stay at her own place because she gets a TLC check. However, no one knows if they help each other financially to meet their day-to-day requirements, for instance, their stay in the hotel for three months.

Meghan acknowledges that staying in a hotel is expensive, and it could have cost her $6,000, which she didn’t have during that particular time. Additionally, living in Tina’s basement is also a sign that Meghan could be undergoing some financial challenges. It seems Tina is determined to stay with her friend until she is financially stable to live on her own.

Apart from the monetary problems that Meghan could be facing, she plays other crucial roles in their current living arrangement. For instance, during their stay in the hotel, Meghan acted as the main cook, and she is good at the task.

Tina is dependent on her friend for other household chores, which makes life easier for both of them and their dependents. In other words, they can save money because they do not need to hire a maid to perform the tasks they can manage on their own.

Tina’s house has since been fixed, but it seems that Meghan will be staying there for a while for reasons better known to the two. Because they treat each other like sisters, they want to keep the prying eyes of the members of the public away from their lives. Instead, they say they need each other to counter the theories peddled by their fans about the lifestyle they lead.

Dealing With Mental Health Issues

Coping with depression can be challenging since it affects your normal functioning. This condition is worsened by loneliness, but the good thing is that you can gradually overcome it when you are in good company. As a result, Tina claims that she needed a close companion in the house. Meghan greatly helped her go through a very deep depression. When Meghan and Jon moved in, Tina felt great relief, and she is happy that they are staying together. She can confide in her friend, which helps her overcome the challenges that come with depression.

Tina believes that Meghan is very nice since she helped her navigate through one of the darkest moments in her life when she was dealing with severe anxiety and depression. During the difficult period, all Tina needed was a friend who cares. Tina’s mood significantly changed when Meghan moved in because she had someone to talk to.

Medication alone cannot cure depression. However, cognitive behavioral therapy is an effective remedy, especially when you are in good company. According to Tina, she needed companionship more than anything, and Meghan came at the right time.

Meghan Was Invited by Tina

Meghan states that she also experienced a difficult time living on her own after undergoing bariatric surgery. Tina then suggested that she and Jon move in so they could stay together. The parties involved are comfortable living together. Their relationship is mutual and based on unconditional loyalty to each other.

Tina has a family of her own, but feels that her friend together with her fiancé is also part of it. They are happy with this setup and not worried about what other people may think about it. The two families since mastered the art of co-existing, and are comfortable sharing everything they have.

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