• Kevin Samuels is a controversial YouTuber, social media influencer, life coach and dating expert.
• Graduated from The University of Oklahoma in 1987.
• His YouTube channel has nearly 1.5 million subscribers and 300 million views.
• His net worth is estimated at $4 million.
• He was married twice and has one daughter.

Kevin Samuels Wiki

A controversial YouTuber, social media influencer, life coach and so-called dating expert, Kevin Samuels was born under the zodiac sign of Pisces on 13 March 1965, in Atlanta, Georgia USA; he holds American nationality, and his ethnicity is African-American. He’s perhaps known best for his eponymous YouTube channel, launched on 20 May 2015, which is today subscribed to by nearly 1.5 million people, and all of his videos combined have gained nearly 300 million views.

Kevin mostly uploads videos featuring bits of advice about dating, lifestyle, and image makeovers, but although many people like his videos, there are some who disliked his video about women who are 35 and unmarried, whom he considers as ‘leftovers’.

Candace McDuffie, a blogger for The Root magazine, wrote about this video, asking ‘when will Kevin Samuels finally be canceled’, saying that he gained fame by disrespecting women, which Kevin hasn’t commented on.

Early life, family, and education

Kevin was raised in Atlanta by his parents, but prefers to keep information about them a secret, thus he hasn’t shared their names and occupations, and also he hasn’t spoken about having any siblings, so most of his fans assume that he was raised an only child. In one of his videos, Kevin mentioned that his parents divorced, and that he has a stronger bond with his mother.

Speaking of his educational background, he attended Millwood High School, and upon matriculating in 1983, he enrolled at The University of Oklahoma, from which he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering in 1987.

Rose to prominence

After graduating, Kevin worked as a business manager and consultant for a few organizations, such as Supermedia/Idearc Media, and in 2013, he as a media and image consultant for clothing brand YP.

When he launched his YouTube channel, Kevin focused on themes about fashion, business, and social events, and subsequently started talking about dating, relationships, lifestyle, eventually proclaiming himself as Dating Guru and Life Coach.

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His followers confirmed this by supporting his YouTube channel, and sharing his videos on other social media platforms, which initiated a new profession for Kevin, who is now a social media influencer, among other things.

Most viewed videos

The number one most popular of Kevin’s videos is “The “You’re Average At Best” Video – The Full Interview”, uploaded on 9 December 2020, and viewed over 2.5 million times, and amassing over 30,000 comments, mostly saying about how much they liked the way Kevin spoke about the truth, which most people deny when it comes to our expectations in life and relationships.

The video went viral, and Kevin became famous over the night for his blunt critique of modern woman.

Second most popular video on Kevin’s channel is “Tomi Lahren “Men Are Trash” | What Can Women Learn From Her?”, uploaded on 8 August 2020, viewed nearly two million times, and has over 65,000 likes.

The third most viewed video “Danger Zone Diva Wants It All, NOW” uploaded on 21 January 2021, has gained over 1.5 million views, and in which Kevin talks with the girl who calls herself a Diva; one of the comments under the video was: ‘Ever since I started listening to Kevin’s show, I’ve realized how much I love my wife. These women are crazy and too prideful to admit they need a real man. Good luck fellas, there are way too many of these females out here.’

Presence on social media platforms

Kevin is active on social media platforms, such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook; his Instagram account has been followed by over one million people, and he’s posted over 250 photos, mostly about his work.

His official Facebook page has gained over 275,000 fans, and on which he mostly promotes his YouTube videos and his podcast, while his Twitter account, established in May 2015, has been followed by over 30,000 people, and on which he’s tweeted over 5,500 times.

Kevin also has a TikTok account, which has been followed by over 80,000 people, and all of his videos combined have gained nearly 450,000 likes.

Love life and relationships

There have been various rumors both concerning Kevin’s love life and his sexual orientation – most people ask how it’s possible for someone who calls himself Guru to be twice divorced and now single.

Kevin hasn’t shared the names of women to whom he was married, but it is known that with one of them he has a daughter, born on 29 June 2000, whose name Kevin also hasn’t disclosed.

Rumors saying that Kevin is gay started after one of his live videos in which viewers noticed that there was a man in his bed; Kevin stated that he had pressed the wrong button during his live stream, and ended up by saying that the man who was sleeping on a bed was a troll who was in a call queue.

Some comments under the clip he posted were saying that he should just admit that he’s gay, that people didn’t believe his explanation, saying that he’d built a platform around tearing a woman down, and adding that he genuinely behaves like a feminine gay man, although there were many people who supported him.

As of May 2022, Kevin is single, was married twice, and has one daughter.

Age, appearance, and net worth

Kevin’s age is 56, and is known for his style and the suits that he wears. He has black-grey hair and brown eyes, weighs around 170lbs (69kgs), and is 6ft 2ins (1.88m) tall.

Besides his career as a YouTuber and social media star, Kevin earns a decent amount of money through his job as an image consultant in his fashion company Kevin Samuels CIM. According to sources, as of May 2022, his net worth has been estimated at $4 million. He owns a large property in Los Angeles, California, where his company is settled, and he also owns two luxury cars, Rolls Royce and Bentley.

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