• Mark Deklin is a 54-year-old Caucasian actor, voice actor, stuntman and flight co-ordinator.
• He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and History in 1990 and a Master of Fine Arts degree in Acting from the University of Washington in Seattle in 199•
• He is married to Jamie Karen Goldberg and they have two children.
• His net worth is estimated to be over $1.5 million.
• He stands at 6ft 1in (185cms) tall and weighs approximately 187lbs (85kgs).

Who is Mark Deklin? What is his age?

Born Mark Scott Deklin under the sign of Sagittarius on 3 December 1967, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA, Mark Deklin is a 54-year-old Caucasian actor, voice actor, stuntman and flight co-ordinator. He’s probably best known around the world thanks to appearing in almost 80 Hollywood titles, some of which were particularly popular among the audiences, such as “Hawaii Five-0,” while he’s also done theater. Overall, he’s enjoyed a multitude of successes over the course of his frequently remunerative career in entertainment since 1994.

Early life: A man of many scrolls

Mark was raised apparently an only child in his birthplace, by his adoptive parents Norman Schwotzer and his wife, both of unknown professions; he eventually met his biological mother at the age of 20. As Mark Scott Deklin-Schwotzer, he later dropped the adoptive surname for stage purposes. As a child he was interested in many artistic facets, most notably music and literature. He started playing guitar early on, and became an avid reader as soon as he acquired the skill. His first own rock band, “Rampage,” was formed when he was in seventh grade.

Deklin attended Thomas Jefferson High School in Jefferson Hills, where he formed his second band, “Paradox”, matriculating from the institution in 1986. He then enrolled into Pennsylvania State University, from where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and History in 1990. After that he immediately went to the University of Washington in Seattle, where by 1994 he had graduated with a Master of Fine Arts degree in Acting. Lastly, he obtained a certification as a flight co-ordinator from the Society of American Flight Directors.

Career: All over the place

Mark started working while attending college, holding various odd jobs for brief periods, such as a jazz pianist in Vienna, Austria, English teacher, art and rare book dealer, and even construction worker, while he also worked for Greenpeace at some point. Later, when he got going in acting, he started doing plays on and off Broadway, as well as in regional theaters at times. He continued through five years until his debut on TV in 1999, when he played Joe in two episodes of “Guiding Light.” Two years and two roles later, he showed up as Ship Officer Mat Cook, USN in an episode of then-popular “Sex and the City.”

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In 2004 he was Bosk in an episode of “Charmed,” which was massively viewed at the time. The year after saw him as Russell Edge in an episode of “CSI: Miami,” another significant title, while in the same year he also made his film debut, playing Captain Galasso in “Tides of War.” In 2006 he earned his longest yet screen presence, playing Dr. Matthew Shaw in seven episodes of “Justice,” and he also lent his voice to Maj. Gerald Ingram in “Call of Duty 3.”

2007 and onward

The following year was Mark’s biggest at the time, seeing him in three roles, including Lucan Andril in “Forced Alliance” and Scott in “Never Say Macbeth.” By the end of 2009 he had realized another seven roles, of which Elliott Mayer in five episodes of “The Ex List” and the voice of Deimos in “God of War: Chains of Olympus” are the most significant.

2010 then exploded for Mark, featuring him in nine titles, including the voices of Soldiers in “Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker”, and Deimos in “God of War: Ghost of Sparta,” as well as the character of Trammell Thatcher in five episodes of “Lone Star.” Aside from two other roles, Mark played Stan Edwards in “Hawaii Five-0” in 2011, and the next year brought him the part of Blake Reilly in 10 episodes of “GCB.”

By 2016 he’d realized another 11 roles, of which the more notable are the voice of John Greystoke in “Tarzan,” for which he also performed stunts, as well as Thomas Jefferson in “CollegeHumor Originals,” and the voice of Warden in “Rainbow Six: Siege.” In 2016 he worked on two videogames, voicing Overseer for “Dishonored 2,” and additional voices for “Mafia III.”

The last six years

In 2017 Deklin realized one of his most popular onscreen roles, playing Jack Bowman in five episodes of “Designated Survivor.” He also resumed voicing videogame characters, such as Overseers in “Dishonored: Death of the Outsider.” In 2018 his voice acting was recognized by the great Rockstar Games, who had him voice the infamous O’Driscolls for their record-shattering masterpiece western videogame “Red Dead Redemption II.”

He appeared in six titles in 2019, most famously as Gov. Richard Sweeney in an episode of “The Blacklist”, and the next two years saw him in four more roles, including as Judge Wick Stilton in three episodes of “The Good Fight,” as well as Eric Baker in “Sister Swap: A Hometown Holiday.”

Most recently, in 2022, Mark remains to be seen as Clive in “Bleecker,” and in the future as James in the TV series “Glamorous,” which is his 78th acting credit, and still in filming.

Love life: Who is his wife? Do they have children?

Mark is only known to have dated one woman – Jamie Karen Goldberg. They started their relationship at some point in the early 2000’s, walking down the aisle in October 2006. They’ve since had two children: a daughter named Kylie Deklin, and a son named Julian Deklin. They reside together in an undisclosed part of Los Angeles, along with two family dogs. There’s never been any controversy surrounding their marriage.

What is Mark Deklin’s net worth?

As of August 2022, Mark Deklin’s entire aggregated wealth is estimated by most credible sources at over $1.5 million, generated from his almost three decades of acting on the stage, in front of the camera, and by the microphone. He most likely made a good portion from his collaboration with Rockstar Games.

Body measurements: What is his height?

Mark Deklin is 6ft 1in (185cms) tall, and weighs approximately 187lbs (85kgs) as of mid-2022. He has pitch black hair and light blue eyes, as well as an athletic build, with a bright complexion.

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