• Light Skin Keisha is a singer, rapper, YouTuber, Instagrammer, TikToker, and actor.
• She grew up in Georgia and was exposed to music early in her life due to her step father's music studio.
• She was a competitive cheerleader for 13 years and overcame shyness from the experience.
• She released her first single in 2017 and has continued to release music projects every year since then.
• As of 2021, she has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million.

Light Skin Keisha is a social media influencer, with over two million followers on Instagram. She’s a singer, a rapper, a YouTuber, Instagrammer, TikToker and an actor. Her creativity and scathing unreserved commentaries on Instagram, and her modelling pictures on IG are major reasons she has a large following on her social media platforms.


Light Skin Keisha was born in Decatur, Georgia USA on 4 September 1994. Her parents divorced when she was seven, so she was raised by a single mother together with her seven siblings–three girls and four boys.

She grew up in Georgia, attended a local High School there and matriculated in 2012, after which she proceeded to a private university.

According to her, she loved and admired the character Keisha in the movie “Belly” –how she was respected. From her, she was inspired to give herself the name “Light Skin Keisha”.

Light Skin Keisha was exposed to music early in her life as her step father owned a music studio where she could practice as he had a record label. Seeing different artist pour into their house all the time coupled with her mother’s encouragement helped Keisha discover and build her music gift, while growing up. She explored different artist’s songs like Carrie Underwood, Jon, Colbie Caillat, Green Day, amongst others.

At age 7, she became a competitive cheerleader, her first experience of stardom. According to her, the experience taught her to be hardworking, and to work with a team as it required workouts, conditioning, training and also performing before many people.

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She committed herself to the craft for 13 years, and in the process she was able to overcome shyness, as she recounted in a zoom interview, that cheerleading was instrumental to bringing her out of her shy shell, changing her to the more confident woman she is today.

Her confidence continued to grow even more when she started to rap for her classmates while in school. Even though nothing much came out of this period, she considers it a time of playing around with music.

Light Skin Keisha has had her own share of life’s downs on her way up the stardom ladder. She struggled with insecurity about her teeth because they weren’t straight, which affected her confidence. She wore braces to help, which became part and parcel of her as she became popular. She removed them after sometime, and replaced them with a retainer which caused her to talk with a lisp. At some point she had to stop making videos because of the insecurity she felt, in addition to people’s comments. She became depressed at several points before she eventually opted for cosmetic enhancement, which solved the whole problem.

While building her career, she struggled to make ends meet; she worked at metro PCS, Apple Bees, Top Golf and other places to earn extra money, and was homeless at some point, having to sleep in her car and in hotels, but this didn’t stop her from actively pursuing her dreams, as she still posted her rap videos on her social media account at this time, which eventually gave her the courage to release her debut single in 2017.


Keisha rose to fame with her first single named “Weather”, inspired from one of her videos she did that went viral. The song was such a success that it got a million streams on soundcloud in just the week after it was released.

The following year in 2018, Light Skin Keisha released another project, “Ride Good”, featuring B Smith, with which she gained more popularity than her first release.

That same year she signed to LA Reid’s Hitco Label and released her first full debut project “That’s Just the Bottom Line.”

She has released at least a project every year since then: “Actn up on Szc” in 2019; in 2020 “Talk That Talk” featuring Memphis rappper Blac Youngsta, and “Clones.” In 2021, she released “Break The Bank” which features some of her most energetic songs such as “Blue Hunnids” and ”Freaky dancer”. In an interview with Kazimagazine, she speaks about what she hopes people take out of the project, saying ‘to see how versatile an artist I am, and how I can switch up on my voice at any moment. I don’t just consider myself a female rapper because I can do it all. Just to see my versatility and personality, because I just have fun when I go to the studio.’

In 2022, she’s so far released the single “Pop Sh*t Queen”, and more are still in the works. On the project, she says it’s personal to her because she’s popping her shit on anyone who doubted her, or who was against her. ‘I am confident,’ she says; ‘what I want the fans to take from it is that you can build your confidence and pop your shit too,’ she adds.

Light Skin Keisha has the acting spirit in her all along, waiting to be discovered. Her bubbly, contagious energy gave her away as she was cast for the role of Carmicheal BruShandria in the starz’s hit drama series, Power Book II in 2020, and boy, did she play the role well! Her exceptional acting of the character has added more feathers to her cap, as she has become a social media favorite actress, and added more fans to her name as people keep discovering her talent. Keisha sees playing the role in the movie as a way and means of breaking stereotypes about black women, and also sees similarities between the role and her person, as she can also be very outspoken, spooky and all fun.

As for her modelling Career, she has been a brand ambassador for Savage X Fenty and Fashion Nova.

Overall, she’s released five music projects since 2018, and still plans on releasing more, as well as continuing her acting career, keeping her creative juices running in every endeavor.

Personal life

Light Skin Keisha has been in a relationship with YouTuber CocaVango for years. She credits being able to pull through her tough times to him, saying he made sure she was always alright, booking motels for her, and making sure she got a place to sleep those times she was homeless. They became engaged in May 2022, and they have plans for their wedding moving already.

Net worth

According to wikifeed, Light Skin Keisha has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million as of 2022.

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