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American YouTuber, social media star, singer and model Jordi – aka IAmJordi – was born under the zodiac sign Gemini on 28 May 2003, in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina USA. She’s probably only known for her presence on the internet, including her YouTube channel “Jordi”, which she launched on 19 February 2017, and which is today subscribed to by close to three million people. Jordi’s posted nearly 1,000 videos, and all of these together have been watched close to 2.5 billion times; most are her original songs, with others featuring her spending time with friends, taking on internet challenges, and dancing.

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Early life and education

IAmJordi and her two older sisters were raised in Myrtle Beach by their parents who want to stay away from media, and thus she doesn’t talk about them on the internet; her mother’s believed to be a homemaker and her father a businessman, but this is yet to be addressed by IAmJordi. It’s also believed that she isn’t very close to her sisters, as she doesn’t often feature them in her internet content.

IAmJordi grew up being passionate about dancing; she was six when she began taking lessons, while she also started taking singing and dancing lessons a couple of years later. She attended a local high school in Myrtle Beach, and was mostly into being physically active while there; IAmJordi was a cheerleader, she appeared in various school plays and played various sports with her peers, excelling in soccer.

She matriculated in 2021 and while this is yet to be confirmed by IAmJordi, some people on the internet believe that she’s currently attending college, from which she should be graduating in 2025.

Most viewed YouTube videos

IAmJordi’s today mostly popular on YouTube for her short videos, most of which are comedy content and feature her telling jokes, pranking her friends, and taking on internet challenges, however, some of her fans have claimed to like her for her pretty looks and nice personality. We’ll cover IAmJordi’s three most popular videos as these have contributed to her popularity.

Her #1 video “When girls show their shoulders in school #Shorts” has been watched more than 50 million times since it was posted on 17 July 2021, and has amassed nearly 1.5 million likes; it’s a joke about a girl showing her naked shoulder to a boy at school.

IAmJordi’s second most popular video “You can never look at them the same 🥴 #Shorts” has been viewed close to 50 million times since 1 October 2022, and features her joking about showing up at school pregnant.

Her #3 video “Everyone did this as a kid. #Shorts” has been watched more than 45 million times since 17 August 2022, and has amassed nearly two million likes; it features her drinking water and pretending that she’s drunk, claiming that this was how she behaved when she was eight.

Presence on the internet

IAmJordi’s active on various social media networks, as these today represent her primary source of income.

Her Instagram account numbers over 1.1 million followers, and she’s shared close to 800 pictures and videos, with most of her content featuring her attending modelling photoshoots, spending time with friends, and shooting her YouTube videos.

IAmJordi’s a TikTok star as more than 10.3 million people are following her on TikTok today, with all her videos combined numbering nearly 500 million likes; most feature her singing or lip syncing to her favorite songs of other musicians and dancing.

IAmJordi doesn’t seem to be active on Twitter, but is still popular on the network thanks to the users who’ve tagged her in numerous posts, and have uploaded pictures and videos of her, most of which they took from her Instagram and TikTok accounts.

She has a Facebook page, but only 70 people are following it today – all of IAmJordi’s posts combined have amassed only 16 likes; her most recent update was on 29 July 2023, when she posted a video showing how she and her friend react when they’re spending time with someone whom they both dislike.

Love life and relationships

IAmJordi shies away from talking about her love life on the internet, and is yet to mention any boys, or perhaps girls whom she’s dated.

She’s featured various boys in her internet content, and most of her fans believe that she’s perhaps in a relationship with one of them, but this is yet to be addressed by IAmJordi.

There are also those who believe that the social media star is lesbian, and won’t share this with her fans because of the impact it might have on her career; some have claimed to have seen IAmJordi and her girlfriend kissing in public, but this hasn’t been confirmed either.

Jordi seems to be unattached as of January 2024, doesn’t have children and hasn’t married.

Interesting facts and hobbies

IAmJordi’s passionate about singing and dancing, and has performed at both VidCon 2018 and Playlist Live 2019.

She loves animals, and has a pet dog Tilly which can be seen featured in many of her TikTok videos and Instagram pictures.

It was in May 2022 that IAmJordi surpassed one million YouTube subscribers.

The first video that she posted on YouTube was in 2017, and featured her covering Bruno Mars’ hit song “When I Was Your Man”.

IAmJordi’s into fashion and is a shopaholic as she orders new clothes on the internet nearly every day.

She does her make-up alone, and often gives her fans advice on doing their own make-up, as well as on which exercises to do at the gym, and which diet to follow.

One of IAmJordi’s favorite actresses is Jennifer Aniston, and some of her favorite TV series and movies are “Friends”, “The Iron Giant” and “Horrible Bosses 2”.

Net worth, height and age

IAmJordi’s age is 20. Her eyes and hair are brown, she weighs around 120lbs (54kgs) and is 5ft 4ins (1.64m) tall.

IAmJordi’s net worth’s been estimated at over $1.5 million, as of January 2024.

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