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American social media star, YouTuber and singer of Mexican descent Jairo Rodriguez – aka El Galvancillo – was born under the zodiac sign Aries on 4 April 1999 in Los Angeles, California USA. He’s probably only known for his presence on the internet, including his YouTube channel “Galvancillo”, which is today subscribed to by more than 750,000 people, and which he launched on 28 May 2017. El Galvancillo’s posted 46 videos onto the channel, most of which are about cars, as he’s a huge fan of both cars and motorcycles, while others feature him spending time with his closest friends, attending various events, and travelling together with his girlfriend.

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Education and early life

El Galvancillo was raised alongside his two brothers in Los Angeles, by their parents about whom El Galvancillo avoids talking in public as they want to be left out of media; it’s widely believed that his father’s a car mechanic and that this is why El Galvancillo’s become passionate about cars, and that his mother’s a housewife.

He studied at a local elementary school in Los Angeles, and was into a couple of activities during those years as he enjoyed playing soccer with his peers, was a member of the school’s drama club and practiced singing. El Galvancillo enrolled at high school in 2013, and continued playing sports there, while he was around 16 years old when he became passionate about cars, and knew that he wanted to own a collection.

He matriculated in 2017, and as he had already built a fanbase for himself on the internet by that time, El Galvancillo chose not to enroll at college, but to remain focused on his career on the internet.

Most watched YouTube videos

Most of El Galvancillo’s fans seem to like him for his original music videos, while others enjoy the videos which are about cars and in which he’s having fun with his friends, whether they’re taking on internet challenges or El Galvancillo’s pranking them. We’ll cover his three most watched videos as these have contributed to his popularity.

His #1 video “Galvancillo – Placozo Mi Estilo (Video Oficial)” has been watched over 2.3 million times since 12 November 2021 and is his original song about his career on the internet, cars and girlfriend.

El Galvancillo’s second most popular video “Galvancillo – Fiesta Pa’ Olvidala (Video Oficial)” has been viewed more than 2.2 million times since 17 December 2021, and is also his original song, with this one being about his former girlfriend with whom he’s still in love even though he’s trying his best to forget her.

His #3 video “En Busca de un Nuevo Carro” has been viewed nearly two million times since 10 September 2021, and features him and his brother searching for a new car to buy, visiting several dealerships in Los Angeles.

Presence on the internet

El Galvancillo’s active on various social media networks, as these are part of his career on the internet.

His Instagram account is followed by nearly 1.5 million people, but he’s shared only 14 pictures and videos, with most featuring him showing off his cars, spending time with his friends and brothers, and travelling around the US.

El Galvancillo’s popular on TikTok, as more than 4.6 million people are following him on this network, with all his videos combined numbering nearly 155 million likes; most are about his cars, while others feature him lip syncing to his favorite songs, spending time with friends and taking on internet challenges.

He’s tweeted only 63 times since the creation of his Twitter account in April 2020, and there are today over 2,000 people following him on the network; his most recent update was on 5 May 2020, when he asked his fans about how their day was going.

El Galvancillo has a Facebook page, as well, and it’s today followed by more than 12,000 people, while all his pictures and videos combined number nearly 8,000 likes. He hasn’t been active on this network since 13 December 2021, when he posted three pictures featuring himself driving his car.


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Love life and relationships

El Galvancillo doesn’t shy away from talking about his love life on the internet, and it’s widely known that he’s today in a long-term relationship with American model and social media personality Gia.

The two have featured each other in a lot of their internet content; it’s widely believed that they began dating sometime in 2019, when they were introduced by a mutual friend at a house party, but this hasn’t been addressed by either of them. Gia’s today followed by nearly 150,000 people on Instagram, and although she doesn’t have a YouTube channel, she’s still popular on the network as El Galvancillo’s featured her in many of his videos.

There are no other girls whom El Galvancillo’s been with, that we know about; he’s in a relationship with Gia as of January 2024, hasn’t married and doesn’t have children.

Interesting facts and hobbies

El Galvancillo’s into travelling and has been to a couple of US states, while he goes travelling around Latin America nearly every year; he mostly enjoys visiting natural locations.

He’s a lover of animals, with tigers and lions being his favorites.

El Galvancillo likes trucks the most, although he’s also into muscle cars.

He enjoyed playing video games while growing up and some of his favorites were “Need for Speed: Underground 2”, “Need for Speed: Most Wanted” and “Crash Team Racing”.

El Galvancillo likes tattoos, and has several inked onto various parts of his body.

Danny Trejo’s one of his favorite actors, and some of El Galvancillo’s favorite films are “From Dusk Till Dawn”, “Bad Ass” and “Machete Kills”.

Summer’s his favorite season, and his favorite city to spend the summer in is Miami, Florida.

Net worth, height and age

El Galvancillo’s age is 24. He’s 5ft 7ins (1.7m) tall, weighs around 145lbs (67kgs) and his hair and eyes are brown.

El Galvancillo’s net worth’s been estimated at over $2.5 million, as of January 2024.

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