Nicolas Bechtel is a talented young American actor, probably best recognised for portraying Spencer Cassadine in ABC’s acclaimed television series, “General Hospital.” His notable performances also extend to other TV series, such as taking on roles as Jack in “Grey’s Anatomy” and Lewie Diaz in “Stuck in the Middle.”

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Beyond his acting career, Nicolas has engaged in endorsement collaborations with renowned brands such as McDonald’s, Nintendo, Coke, and Walmart. With a substantial social media presence, he’s garnered a fan base exceeding 500,000 followers on Instagram and over 30,000 on Twitter.

Curious to discover more about this promising young star when he’s not in front of the camera? Let’s delve in!

Early Personal Life

Nicolas Bechtel was born on 15 February 2005 in the vibrant city of Fontana, California, the son of Nick and Julie Bechtel,

Within his close-knit family, Nicolas shares a special bond with his older sister, Nicole. Notably, his middle name, Joseph, is a heartfelt homage to his maternal grandfather, reflecting the close and affectionate relationship they share.

Apart from this, not much is known about the young actor’s childhood and upbringing.


Being very young still, it’s likely that Nicolas just barely finished high school and might be pursuing a degree or still planning to study further. There is no reliable information available about his educational journey, so this is just speculation.


Nicolas Bechtel embarked on his television journey with a noteworthy debut in an episode of the highly popular long-running soapie, “Days of Our Lives,” portraying the character Josh.

His breakthrough came in May 2013 when he assumed the role of Spencer in ABC’s acclaimed television series, “General Hospital.”

In 2014, Nicolas broadened his horizons by joining the cast of the comedy “Red Band Society”, in which he skillfully portrayed the younger version of Jordi, Nolan Sotillo’s character, in three episodes.

Further showcasing his versatile talent, Nicolas ventured into the Disney series realm, securing a role in “Stuck in the Middle” in 2015. Premiering in March 2016, he charmed audiences as Lewie Diaz until the series concluded in 2018, after three successful seasons.

2016 also saw Nicolas making a memorable appearance as Rob Kardashian in “The People v. O. J. Simpson: American Crime Story.”

His diverse repertoire continued to expand as he graced episodes of popular shows such as “Girl Meets World,” “Good Luck Charlie,” and “Baby Daddy,” along with a stint in “Rake.”

In a notable cinematic venture, Nicolas starred in “I Still Believe” in 2020, alongside fellow “General Hospital” actor Nathan Parsons.

In 2021, Nicolas was also spotted in an episode of “American Horror Stories.” Since then, there are no credited roles reported on by the young actor. It’s unclear what he’s up to these days, at least career-wise.

His remarkable contributions to the soap opera realm earned Nicolas a nomination for the Outstanding Younger Actor in a Drama Series award in 2016.

Beyond his roles in television dramas, Nicolas has made a name for himself on the red carpet. As a full-time child correspondent for NBC’s ‘Extra TV,’ hosted by Mario Lopez, he’s delighted celebrities with his humorous questions at various television award shows and Hollywood movie premieres.

Nicolas stands out among the stars, not just for his acting prowess, but also for his infectious sense of humour and witty interactions with renowned personalities.

Interesting Facts

American singer and songwriter, Adam Levine, has bestowed the title of ‘Genius’ upon Nicolas, highlighting the young actor’s exceptional talent.

Nicolas has garnered a global fan base who deeply appreciate his on-screen charisma and his entertaining interviews, making him a beloved figure worldwide.

In 2015, Nicolas was the winner of the Gold Derby TV Award for Younger Actor in a Daytime Drama for his work on “General Hospital.”

In that same year, he was honoured with the role of a kid correspondent by Nintendo of America for the prestigious E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) event, showcasing his versatility and industry recognition.

Beyond his acting career, Nicolas engages in philanthropy and social activism; he isn’t shy to show that he has a kind heart. He’s collaborated with the non-profit organization Baby2Baby, dedicating his efforts to meaningful projects that make a difference in the community.

Notably, in August 2017, Nicolas joined forces with the organisation to distribute 200 backpacks to children at Sheridan Elementary School in Los Angeles, exemplifying his commitment to making a positive impact in the community.

Later Personal Life

Nicolas is still young and there isn’t any information available about his possible romantic adventures. He might just prefer to keep this side of his life out of the spotlight.

Physical Characteristics

Nicolas is of average height at 5ft 8ins (175cms) and weighs about 132lbs (60kgs). He has dark brown hair and brown eyes.

Net Worth

Nicolas has been acting for some time, so his estimated net worth as of late 2023 of close to $1 million isn’t surprising.

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