Who is Geraldine Bazan?

Mexican actress Geraldine Bazan was born under the zodiac sign Aquarius on 30 January 1983, in Mexico City. She has 36 acting credits, and is probably still known best for playing Monica De Altamira Montero in two episodes (1993) of the romantic series “Corazon Salvaje”, which starred Ariel Lopez Padilla, Edith Gonzalez and Eduardo Palomo, and follows the lives of two brothers and two sisters from Mexico; the series won two awards. This was also Geraldine’s TV series debut.

She’s today highly active in the film industry and is currently shooing for the movie “Mixtape”, as well as for the series “Bocetos” and “Lo que Callamos Las Mujeres”.

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Education and early life

Geraldine was raised in Mexico City alongside her brother Angel Claude, who’s today also an actor, by their Mexican mother Rosalba Ortiz Cabrera who’s a housewife, and American-Mexican father Manuel Antonio Bazan who’s a businessman and lives in California USA; Geraldine rarely talks about her family in public as she respects their privacy.

She was 10 when she launched her career by appearing in “Corazon Salvaje”, and the same year saw her play Alma in three episodes of the romantic adventure series “Buscando el Paraiso”; Geraldine made her film debut aged 11, when cast to play a supporting character in the 1994 comedy “Novia Que te Vea”, written and directed by Guita Schyfter, and which starred Angelica Aragon, Maya Mishalska and Claudette Maille. It follows two Mexican Jewish girls as they’re coming of age, and the film won six of its 19 award nominations.

Geraldine attended a local high school in Mexico City; upon matriculating in 2001 she didn’t enroll at college.

Roles in TV series

Geraldine appeared in an episode or two of a couple of series in the ‘90s, such as the romantic drama “Humble Maria”, another romantic drama “Mi Pequena Traviesa” and the telenovela “Camila”. In 1999, she starred as Luisa Negrete Rivadeneira in 120 episodes of the romantic drama “Catalina y Sebastian”, which also starred Silvia Navarro, Sergio Basanez and Claudia Islas, and follows the lives of two people who’ve fallen in love.

In 2003, Geraldine portrayed one of the main characters Fernanda Medina in all 160 episodes of the comedy “Dos Chicos de Cuidado en la Ciudad”, which also starred Victor Garcia and Raul Sandoval, and follows the lives of four best friends. The remainder of the 2000s saw Geraldine appear in an episode or two of the romantic dramas “El Amor no Tiene Precio”, “Sonar no Cuesta Nada” and “Bajo las Riendas del Amor”, and in 2007 and 2008, she played Paula Mendoza in 133 episodes of the drama “Victoria”.

In 2012, Geraldine played Emma Balmori in all 165 episodes of the horror thriller “La Mujer de Judas”, which starred Anette Michel, Victor Gonzalez and Andrea Marti, and follows Gloria who’s become interested in a woman and a man who are in a passionate relationship.

A couple of Geraldine’s most recent TV series roles have been in 88 episodes of the crime thriller “False Identity” from 2018 through 2020, 19 episodes of the 2021 comedy “100 Dias Para Enamorarnos” and 110 episodes of the 2023 drama “Crown of Tears”.

Roles in movies

Geraldine’s had only a couple of film roles, as she’s spent most of her career focused on appearing in telenovelas.

The year 2000 saw her appear in the action “Ninos Ratas”, and in 2001, she portrayed 15 Years Old Patria in the romantic crime drama “In the Time of the Butterflies”, directed by Mariano Barroso, and which starred Edward James Olmos, Lumi Cavazos and Salma Hayek. It tells the true story of the 1960 murder of the three Mirabal sisters, and the film won two of its four award nominations.

A couple of Geraldine’s following film roles were in the thriller “Espejo Retrovisor”, the drama “Critical Point” both in 2002, and the 2005 mystery horror “La Hacienda del Terror”.

Her next role only came in 2018, when cast to play Ashley in the drama “Cofradia”, written and directed by Emilio Ramon Vidal, and which starred Alejandro Tommasi, Roberto Palazuelos and Gabriel Soto; it follows two brothers who are living entirely different lives.

Geraldine’s only other film role has been playing Kala in the 2019 romantic comedy “Que Leones”, directed by Frank Perozo, and which starred Sarodj Bertin, Casper Smart and Maria Elisa Camargo; it follows Nicole who’s suspecting that her  boyfriend Jose is cheating on her.

Other credits

Some of Geraldine’s most recent talk-show appearances have been in “Miembros al Aire”, “Secretos el Aftershow” and “Secretos de Villanas”.

Love life and relationships

Geraldine doesn’t shy away from talking about her love life in public, but we know that she was a married woman.nOn 13 February 2016, she married one of the most popular Mexican actors and models Gabriel Soto Diaz; he has 36 acting credits and is perhaps known best for starring as Nicolas Contreras in all 87 episodes of the 2020 drama series “Soltero con Hijas”. Geraldine and Gabriel divorced on 7 March 2018.

Geraldine’s been dating a lot since then, and some of the men include Santiago Ramundo, Luis Rodrigo Murillo and Emmanuel Palomares, all popular actors and models.

She seems to be single as of January 2024, was married to Gabriel Soto Diaz, and doesn’t have children.

Interesting facts and hobbies

Geraldine’s highly popular on Instagram as over 5.6 million people are following her on the network today; she’s uploaded nearly 4,000 pictures and videos, with most featuring her skiing and snowboarding, spending time with friends and shooting for her TV series.

She’s physically quite active as she often works out at the gym, does yoga and plays tennis.

Although she likes winter, summer’s still Geraldine’s favorite season as she prefers sun tanning at the beach over skiing.

She’s into fashion, and has attended various fashion events in both the USA and Europe.

One of Geraldine’s favorite actors is Leonardo DiCaprio, and a couple of her favorite films are “Romeo + Juliet”, “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape” and “Catch Me If You Can”.

Net worth, height and age

Geraldine’s age is 40. Her eyes are blue and hair is brown, she’s 5ft 7ins (1.7m) tall and weighs about 120lbs (58kgs).

Geraldine’s net worth’s been estimated at over $500,000, as of January 2024.

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