In an industry which everyone wants to be part of, it’s increasingly difficult to find talented individuals. That’s why it’s so relieving to find prodigies such as Emanne Beasha taking the center of attention.

With her incredible voice and charisma, the young Emanne gained the hearts of millions thanks to her participation in “Arabs Got Talent”, and subsequently in “America’s Got Talent”, the show which definitely brought her international fame.

Although born on 18 September 2008, and so just 14-years-old, Emanne’s up and coming career has already surpassed the limits of TV, and gained her a stable and loyal following in a short time, but what is she really doing nowadays? Stay with us to know all about Emanne, her career, future in music, and so much more!

What Is She Doing Now?

Ever since gaining huge fame through “America’s Got Talent”, Emanne Beasha has attracted lots of fans all over the world, who logically are always looking forward to knowing what’s up with her music and overall career.

However, it’s unfortunately not clear what Emanne Beasha is doing in recent times. From early 2022, when she performed at the Martin Luther King Jr. Commemorative Service, Emanne has taken a long absence from social media altogether, and no news about upcoming music or live performances have come from Emanne or her family.

While the reason she took a step away from internet life is unknown, it’s for sure that she’s still living in the US. Although in a 2020 interview with the Global Child Prodigy Awards, she affirmed that her family spent lots of time in Dubai, Emanne could be seen spending quality time with her friends in California as recently as August 2022, according to some of her tagged posts on Instagram.

That being said, it seems highly unlikely that such a talented girl as Emanne would retire from music at such an early age, so we can only hope that her hiatus from public life is indeed just that – only temporary, but at her age, it could be for any number of reasons, including education.

Live Tour & Pandemic

In October 2020, the Feed The Children organization posted a Tweet which immediately worried Emanne Beasha’s fans. As read in the concerning message, she ‘tested positive last week and has had mild symptoms’.

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While Emanne herself didn’t say much about her health or the wellbeing of her family during the pandemic, it’s for sure that COVID-19 affected her more than just physically. As it happens, early that year Emanne was meant to tour all around the US with the renowned violinist André Rieu, visiting nine cities including Las Vegas, Orlando and San Diego. For the dream-like tour, Emanne traveled to Holland to rehearse with Rieu’s Johann Strauss Orchestra, but in the end the pandemic caused its total cancellation.

While that surely was a strong disappointment for Emanne, she resumed live concerts once the pandemic restrictions were eased the following year.

How Did Emanne Rise To Fame?

While it’s often believed that having great talent is enough to become successful in the entertainment industry, the truth is that most artists need a hand from big platforms to make the big jump to worldwide fame. Such help sometimes comes in the form of contest shows, which in the case of Emanne Beasha played out really well.

The first time Emanne appeared on TV was in the fifth season of MBC’s “Arabs Got Talent”,  broadcast in 2017. Although at that time Emanne was only eight years old, age wasn’t an issue for her to conquer the hearts of the audience with her prodigious voice.

Her audition rendition of “O Mio Babbino Caro” gained her the audience’s standing ovation, and a Golden Buzzer from judge Ahmed Helmy, securing her pass to the semi-finals. She was already a fan favorite when her second performance of the heartfelt “Nessun Dorma” came around, completing her successful path in the show by singing “Con Te Partirò” in the finale, becoming then the youngest winner of that show’s history, which not only came with a juicy price of $130,000, but also cemented Emanne’s popularity as a prodigy, and one of the most promising voices of the last decade.

America’s Got Talent

Regardless of permanently living in the US, Emanne Beasha didn’t become known there  until after winning “Arabs Got Talent” in 2017. The first sign that her popularity was meant to reach the worldwide level was to appear in a 2018’s episode of “Little Big Shots”, the famous talk show hosted by Steve Harvey.

Emanne’s light-hearted personality and good humor were enough to make her appearance in the show a memorable one, and also offered a deeper insight into her personal story. According to her interview with Harvey, she had ‘learned Opera from YouTube’, in order to sing on her mother’s birthday – no vocal teachers involved in the whole process.

Such a good introduction to the American audience turned out well for Emanne, who the following year successfully passed to the semi-finals of “America’s Got Talent”, after her rendition of “Nessun Dorma” gained her the audience’s praise and the judges’ votes during her audition. Her next appearance saw her gaining the approval of guest judge Jay Leno, who pressed the Golden Buzzer to secure her spot in the finale, where she shared stage with renowned pianist Lang Lang to sing “Con Te Partirò”.

Unfortunately, although Emanne wasn’t placed in the season’s five winning spots, it was enough to put her under the spotlight.


As seen during Emanne’s show appearances, her parents Yanal and Megan Beasha and her brothers Yahia and Adam are always cheering her on. However, besides having their loyal support, Emanne’s Circassian-descent Jordanian-born family is also partially responsible for awakening her love for music.

As is usual, prodigies commonly show their gifted abilities at a very early stage of their lives, so it’s not surprising that the same applies to Emanne. One of the most charming aspects about her story is how the first hint of her possessing otherworldly vocal skills was evident from when she was a newborn: ‘I said that was the loudest baby I ever heard. I actually said she could be an opera singer’, affirmed her grandmother Diane, in an interview with Sarasota Magazine.

Although Emanne’s logical response to her grandma’s statement was a skeptical ‘you think when I was crying I was using my diaphragm?’, the truth is that Emanne’s abilities are indeed something rarely seen or heard elsewhere. While her talent was discovered when she was only two years old, and sang “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” during a children’s contest, the moment which defined her young self was hearing her grandma’s recorded rendition of Andrea Bocelli’s “Con Te Partirò”, and learning it by herself at six years old, something quite unusual considering the difficulty of the Opera piece.

Life After Fame

Not only has fame gained Emanne Beasha fans all around the world, but it also understandably changed some other aspects of her life. As it happens, her mother Megan was actually her only vocal coach in the early stages of her career, but following her successful experience in “America’s Got Talent”, Emanne finally took the big step of taking professional singing lessons with vocal coaches both in Dubai and in California, splitting her time in between: ‘I try to practice singing at least every day. On weekends, I don’t practice singing, and I take breaks after big performances. But I practice almost every day’, she said in an interview with The Global Child Prodigy.

Although it’s unknown who her coaches are nowadays, this wasn’t the only change in her life recently. According to the same interview from July 2021, her parents are no longer in charge of some aspects of her career, leaving those responsibilities to her manager, who supposedly took charge after Emanne was signed by the entertainment agency United Talent back in 2019.

As part of her recent promotional efforts, Emanne shares videos of her performances on her YouTube channel with over 60,000 subscribers. Though her account in that platform has remained inactive since her social media break started in early 2022, it’s for sure that all these tools and deals will help her career in going further ahead.


As seen during her participation in talent TV shows, Emanne Beasha has gained two Golden Buzzers during her remarkable presentations in the “Got Talent” franchise. That’s a feat rarely seen, becoming only the third person in these shows’ history to do so.

Nonetheless, that’s not the only thing Emanne can be proud of. Back in 2017, Jordan’s King Abdullah and Queen Rania granted Emanne a gold medal ‘in appreciation of her talent in opera singing’, as reported by official sources. After becoming the youngest recipient of such an honor, Emanne performed in front of the royal family during the celebration of her home country’s 71st anniversary of independence.

Furthermore, in August 2020, Emanne won that year’s Global Child Prodigy Award for her unbelievable talent at singing. As a recipient of said award, Emanne is often featured in the organization’s blog, serving as a platform to spread the word about her magnificent voice, and allowing her fans to get a deeper insight into her artistic persona.

Although Emanne already has a long list of impressive achievements so far, it’s for sure that more of these are coming her way in the near future.


It’s not unheard of for celebrities to care about social causes, but it’s impressive that Emanne has led her career to the altruistic route, despite her young age. In 2018, Emanne became a UNICEF (United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund) Child Rights Champion for Jordania, taking part in local campaigns such as the End Violence Against Children.

As if that wasn’t enough, in 2020, she joined Feed The Children, an organization focused on ending children’s world hunger all around the world, a mission which deeply touched the heart of the young Emanne: ‘Kids shouldn’t have to go to bed hungry. When I found out that an organization existed with the purpose of feeding hungry kids, I knew I had to help them’, she affirmed in an interview with the charity. That being said, Emanne not only wants to play an active part in eradicating hunger, but also wants to inspire other people to do so: ‘I can share the story of hunger to my fans, they’ll feel what I felt, and they’ll want to help kids get what they need to grow healthy and strong’, she stated.

As an active advocate for helping kids in need, Emanne’s performed in several fundraising events organized by Feed The Children.

Musical Career

Life was surely busy for Emanne Beasha following her appearances in the “Got Talent” franchise, so it’s impressive that she found time to release her own music in spite of that.

Following the beginning of her contract with the agency United Talent and the label Decca Records in 2019, Emanne released her first single, “A Christmas Wish” in November that year. The work included her renditions of “Ave Maria” and “O Holy Night”, and is currently available on a variety of music platforms. Later in 2021, she released two other singles, entitled “IL Dolce Suono” and “Parla Piu Piano”.

Although Emanne is still trying to grow her career beyond TV fame, it’s for sure that she’s already found the thing that makes her happiest: ‘I was born without stage fright, I like that feeling of making people happy and making people cry,’ she said in an interview with Sarasota Magazine – her Plan B is to become a veterinarian if singing doesn’t work out.

Influences & Hobbies

Given how brilliantly talented Emanne Beasha is, it’s not surprising she’s greatly inspired by other musicians. Her biggest musical influence is definitely Maria Callas, who became a 20th century icon for her mesmerizing soprano voice and stage presence: ‘she invented the word ‘diva.’ She just inspired respect and she’s a queen’, as Emanne affirmed to Sarasota Magazine in 2019, without forgetting to mention the famous Luciano Pavarotti as her influence too.

Although being inspired by operatic voices is expected of someone as musically-gifted as Emanne, she’s clearly not closed to other genres, and is specifically interested in the K-pop sensation BTS: ‘I would like to be known as the girl who loves animals and Korean culture’, she added in the interview.

Regarding her other interests, in 2021, Emanne confessed to The Global Child Prodigy organization to admiring Daneliya Tuleshova, a Kazakh singer who also appeared in “America’s Got Talent”, and who Emanne looks up to for accomplishing ‘lot of things’ at a young age. Furthermore, the Russian classic dancer Maria Khoreva was described by Emanne as her definitive ‘role model’, due to her ‘incredible’ performances.

Last but not least, Emanne’s hobbies go beyond singing, admitting to having a taste for dancing, and attending art classes in her early childhood, making it clear how creatively-oriented she is.

All in all, Emanne has a bright future ahead of her and we can hardly wait to see all the good things to come from her.

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