• Brendan Patrick Hines is an American actor and singer-songwriter
• He is best known for his roles in “Lie to Me”, “The Tick”, “Secrets and Lies”, and “Locke & Key”
• He is currently in a relationship with actress Tatiana Maslany
• He released his debut album “Good for You Know Who” in 2008
• His net worth is estimated to be $750,000

Who is Brendan Hines?

When the series “Lie to Me” was premiered in 2009, one of the lead characters, Eli Loker, immediately caught the eye of the audience, and people wanted to know more about the actor who portrayed this handsome vice-president of The Lightman Group. If you were one of those who had an interest in the life and work of this actor, let us introduce you to Brendan Patrick Hines.

He has 35 acting credits to his name, and besides the aforementioned role, he is perhaps known best for his appearances in series such as “The Tick”, “Secrets and Lies”, and “Locke & Key”, among others, while he’s also been seen starring in numerous movies, including “No Way Jose”, “Josie & Jack”, and “Shelter in Place” also starring Kevin Daniels and Ola Kaminska, which won the 2021 Tribeca Film festival Audience Award for Best Horror Feature.

Early life and education

Brendan was born under the zodiac sign of Capricorn on 28 December 1976, in Baltimore, Maryland USA, thus he holds American nationality, and comes from a family of Caucasian descent.

He was raised in Baltimore by his parents as their youngest of four children; the names of his siblings and his father is unrevealed. It’s known that his mother’s name is Mary, who was a nun and his father a former Jesuit priest, who dissolve their religious vows so they could marry; they both now teach philosophy in Baltimore.

Brendan had an interest in music, and from an early age he played the trombone, and during his high school days performed in a jazz ensemble. Then he discovered his love for acting, and began playing in the theatre.

Speaking of Brendan’s educational background, he attended private Catholic high school Loyola Blakefield, and upon matriculating in 1994, he didn’t enroll in college, but moved to New York City to launch his acting career.

Roles in movies

Although Brendan made his acting debut as Nick in the short 1998 movie “The Delivery”, his breakthrough role came in 2001, when he was cast to play Peter in “Ordinary Sinner”, followed by his role as Sketchy Dan in the 2002 movie “True Dreams”.

In the following years, Brendan acted in several TV movies, including “If You Lived Here, You’d Be Home Now” in 2006. He was then seen in “Heavy Petting” (2007), “Hostile” (2008), and “Deep in the Valley” (2009), while his next role came in 2013, when he portrayed Bart Sutton in “Murder in Manhattan”.

In 2015, Brendan was cast to play Doctor Steve in the comedy movie “No Way Jose”, also starring Adam Goldberg, Gillian Jacobs, and Emily Osment, and four years later, he was seen as Ben Sorrels in “Josie & Jack”, a drama written and directed by Sarah Lancaster, while his most recent movie appearance was in the 2021 horror “Shelter in Place”.

Roles in series

Brendan made his first television appearance portraying Eli in an episode of the series “Angel” in 2004, and he then guest-starred in “Love, Inc.” in 2005, and “Without a Trace” in 2006. He had the recurring role as Andy Goode in “Terminator: The Sara Connor Chronicles” in 2008, and the same year, he was seen as Tyler Ford in “The Middleman”.

In 2009, he was cast in one of his most notable roles to date, as Eli Loker in the crime mystery drama “Lie to Me”, also starring Tim Roth and Kelli Williams; the series was broadcast until 2011, after which Brendan was seen guest-starring in “Castle” and “Body of Proof”, before he portrayed Gideon Wallace in “Scandal” in 2012.

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In the following year, Brendan acted in “The Mob Doctor”, “Beauty and the Beast”, and “Covert Affairs” before he was cast to play Aidan in “Betrayal”, followed by his roles as Logan Sanders in the series “Suits” in 2014, and as Drew in “Scorpion” from 2014 until 2015.

In the drama series “Secrets and Lies”, Brendan portrayed Detective Ralston in 2016, and then he was seen as Superian in “The Tick” until 2019. Concurrently with this role, he portrayed Ethan Raines in “MacGyver” from 2018 until 2019, and his most recent role was as Josh Bennett in “Locke & Key” in 2021.

Love life and relationships

There have been various rumors concerning both Brendan’s love life and his sexual orientation, however, he hasn’t spoken about his previous relationships before it was revealed that he was dating actress Shoshana Bush, back in 2018. The two publicized their relationship through their Instagram accounts, and even pranked their followers about Shoshana’s supposed pregnancy in 2019, however, the two separated sometime in 2020.

In April 2022, Brendan’s relationship with Tatiana Maslany was big news when they went public about their love – the two walked the red carpet together on the opening night of the Broadway play “Take Me Out”, while rumors about them dating started back in December 2020, and escalated after they were seen at the premiere of the movie “Everything Everywhere All at Once” in February 2022.

Tatiana Maslany is a Canadian actress, perhaps known best for her role as Sarah Manning in the series “Orphan Black”, while she will be seen in the lead female role starring in the new series “She-Hulk: Attorney at Law”.

As of June 2022, Brendan is in a relationship, he hasn’t been married or engaged, and doesn’t have children.

What is he doing now?

Besides being a successful actor, Brendan is also a singer-songwriter, and has his band ‘The Brendan Hines’, who in 2008 released their debut album “Good For You Know Who” – the song “Miss New York” from this album was featured in the 2010 movie “Happythankyoumoreplease”.

In 2012, Brendan released his debut extended play (EP) “Small Mistakes” and the single “Could’ve Sworn”, which were well accepted by the public.

In 2017, he announced his solo album “Qualms”, and released the single “Average Is” from his upcoming album. Since the album was released almost four years ago, many of his fans assumed that Brendan had paused his acting career to work on his new album, however, since his Instagram account is private, and he hasn’t given an interview for a long time, his plans these days are indeterminate.

Age, height, and net worth

Brendan’s age is 45, with brown hair and blue eyes; he weighs around 200lbs (90kgs) and is 6ft (1.85m) tall.

According to sources, as of June 2022, his net worth has been estimated at $750,000.

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