Anne Archer:
• American actress, screenwriter, producer and former model born in Los Angeles, California
• Best known for her portrayal of Beth Gallagher in 1987 thriller movie “Fatal Attraction”
• Graduated from Pitzer College with a Bachelor’s degree in 1968
• Appeared in nearly 100 movies and TV series
• Married twice, has two children
• Net worth estimated at over $20 million

Who is Anne Archer?

American actress, screenwriter, producer and former model Anne Archer, was born in Los Angeles, California USA, on 24 August 1947, making her zodiac sign Virgo. She’s had roles in nearly 100 movies and TV series, and is perhaps still best known for her portrayal of Beth Gallagher in the 1987 thriller movie “Fatal Attraction”, which Adrian Lyne directed, and in which Anne starred alongside Glenn Close and Michael Douglas. It follows a stalker who’s begun following her one-night stand and his family, and the movie won eight of its 36 award nominations, including six Oscar nominations for Best Director, Best Actress in a Supporting Role (Anne) and Best Actress in a Leading Role (Glen Close).

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Education and early life

Anne was raised in Los Angeles alongside her brother Gregg Archer, by their father Jon Archer, the late American actor who passed away on 3 December 1999, aged 84, and their mother Marjorie Lord, the late American actress who died on 28 November 2015, aged 97; Anne also has half-siblings William Lisa Archer and John Archer, Jr.

Anne fell in love with acting thanks to her parents, who often took her with them while travelling around the US and shooting for their movies and TV series; they still urged Anne to remain focused on her education, and not to pursue acting until graduating from college.

She studied at a local high school in Los Angeles, and was physically quite active during her teenage years, as she played various sports, danced and also took creative writing lessons. Upon matriculating in 1965, Anne moved to Claremont, California and enrolled at Pitzer College, graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in 1968.

Roles in TV series

Anne’s debut TV series appearance was in the 1970 episode “Shadows of Doubt” of the drama “Men at Law”, and the following year saw her appear in an episode of the mystery crime drama “Hawaii Five-O”, another mystery crime drama “The F.B.I.”, and the action crime drama “Mod Squad”.

She gained recognition in 1973, when cast to play Carol Sanders in the comedy “Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice”, created by Larry Rosen, and in which Anne starred alongside Robert Urich and David Spielberg; it follows the lives of the couple Carol and Bob Sanders, and their friends Alice and Ted Henderson. The remainder of the ‘70s saw Anne guest star in an episode of several popular series, such as the romantic family drama “Little House on the Prairie”, the mystery crime drama “Petrocelli”, and the action crime drama “McCloud”.

In 1983, she starred as Annie Benjamin Nichols in the drama “The Family Tree”, created by Carol Evan McKeand, and which also starred Frank Converse and Martin Hewitt; it follows a divorced mother of three who’s married a divorced father of one; the series was nominated for two awards. What also marked the ‘80s for Anne was her playing the supporting character Cassandra Wilder in the romantic drama “Falcon Crest”, which Earl Hamner Jr created, and which also starred Lorenzo Lamas and Jane Wyman. It follows the conflicts within the wealthy Californian Gioberti family, the series aired from 1981 to 1990 and won nine of its 56 award nominations.

Anne appeared in many movies in the ‘90s, but had only a single TV series role: she played Isabelle Derek in the 1999 mystery thriller mini-series “Camino de Santiago”, starring alongside Anthony Quinn and Jose Luis Gomez; it tells the story of Lieutenant Pereira who’s investigating the murder of two women.

Anne played supporting characters in several series in the 2000s, including the comedy drama “Boston Public”, the romantic drama “The L Word” and the comedy “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”. In 2008 and 2009, she played Laurel Limoges in the comedy “Privileged”, created by Rina Mimoun, and which starred JoAnna Garcia Swisher, Lucy Hale and Ashley Newbrough. It follows a well-educated woman who’s accepted to teach two spoiled granddaughters of a wealthy businessman; the series was nominated for an ALMA Award for Actress in Television – Comedy (JoAnna).

Anne had only two TV series roles in the 2010s, playing Lenore Sanderson-Grant in the 2016 episode “For the People” of the comedy “The Grinder”, and Trudy Morris in the 2018 episode “Mama” of the mystery crime drama “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit”.

Her most recent role has been her as Charlotte Shultz in four episodes of the 2022 biographical mini-series “The Dropout”, and she’s currently shooting for the upcoming series “Paper Empire”, set to be released in 2023.

Roles in movies

Anne’s debut film appearance was as Deborah Moon in the 1972 action comedy drama “The Honkers”, and a couple of her following roles were in the 1972 mystery comedy “Cancel My Reservation”, the sports drama “The All-American Boy” and the action crime drama “The Blue Knight”, both in 1973.

In 1974, she was cast to play Teresa in the action adventure western “The Mark of Zorro”, directed by Don McDougall, and which starred Frank Langella, Ricardo Montalban and Gilbert Roland; it follows Don Diego – aka Zorro – who’s trying to save his city from corrupt politicians. Some of Anne’s notable performances in the remainder of the ‘70s were in the ‘75 adventure “The Log of the Black Pearl”, the ‘76 drama “Lifeguard” and the ‘78 action “Good Guys Wear Black”.

What marked the ‘80s for her was perhaps her playing of Ann Blake in the 1984 action mystery thriller “The Naked Face”, written and directed by Bryan Forbes, and which starred Roger Moore, Rod Steiger and Elliott Gould. It follows a psychoanalyst whose patient and secretary have just been murdered, while the police believe that he did it; the film was nominated for a Mystfest Award for Best Film. Anne still had a couple of other notable film roles in the ‘80s, in the 1986 comedy “The Check Is in the Mail…”, the 1987 drama “A Different Affair”, and the 1988 drama “Leap of Faith”.

In 1994, she was cast to play Cathy Ryan in the evergreen action crime drama “Clear and Present Danger”, which Phillip Noyce directed, and in which she starred alongside Willem Dafoe and Harrison Ford. It follows the life of CIA analyst Jack Ryan, and the film won three of the 16 awards for which it was nominated, including Oscar nominations for Best Sound Effects Editing and Best Sound. She could then have been seen playing the lead character Krista in the 1995 biographical romantic drama “The Man in the Attic”, another lead character Julie in the 1996 romantic thriller comedy “Mojave Moon”, and the supporting character Julie Hastings in the 1998 adventure family fantasy “Nico the Unicorn”.

She appeared in around 10 movies in the 2000s, with some of the most popular amongst these having been the 2004 mystery thriller “November”, the 2006 action drama “Cut Off”, and the 2009 romantic fantasy comedy “Ghosts of Girlfriends Past”.

Anne’s since appeared in only three films: the 2014 drama “Lullaby”, the 2017 thriller drama “Trafficked”, and the 2022 biographical drama “A Ticket to the Circus”; she’s currently shooting for the upcoming movie “Ulysses Coyote”.

Other credits

Anne received special thanks for three documentary films: the 2001 shorts “Taking Flight: The Development of ‘Superman’” and “Making ‘Superman’: Filming the Legend”, and the 2002 “Patriot Games: Up Close”.

She wrote the 1982 drama film “Waltz Across Texas”, and produced the 1994 drama movie “Because Mommy Works”, the 1998 documentary film “World Fashion Premiere from Paris”, and the 2015 sports comedy film “The Squeeze”.

Anne’s made a guest appearance in numerous talk-shows, most recently in “Entertainment Tonight”, “The Insider” and “Weekend”.

Awards and nominations

Anne’s won four of her nine award nominations, including her Oscar nomination for “Fatal Attraction”. She won a 1971 Miss Golden Globe Award, while she and her colleagues won a 1994 Golden Globe for their performance in “Short Cuts”.

Anne also won a 1993 Special Volpi Cup at the Venice Film Festival, for her and her colleagues’ performance in “Short Cuts”, and was a Humanitarian Honoree at the 2016 Women’s Image Network Awards.

Husband and children

Anne’s married twice. She wed American non-celebrity William Davis on 16 August 1969, in front of their family members and closest friends. Anne gave birth to their son Thomas William ‘Tommy’ Davis on 18 August 1972, and he’s today a financial executive, probably known best for having worked with the Church of Scientology as their chief spokesperson and head of external affairs between 2005 and 2011.

Anne and William’s divorce was finalized on 21 November 1978, no reason made public.

She married her second husband, famous American actor, producer and director Terry Jastrow on 10 December 1978; Terry’s probably known best for having produced the 2015 sports comedy movie “The Squeeze”. They have one child together, son Jeffrey Tucker Jastrow, who was born on 18 November 1984.

Anne hasn’t mentioned other men whom she’s perhaps dated, and she’s married to her second husband Terry Jastrow as of October 2022, and they have a son together; she also has a son with her first husband William Davis.

Interesting facts and hobbies

In 1995, the magazine “Empire” ranked Anne in the 100 sexiest people in the history of film.

Anne appeared in a commercial for the car dealership Broncho Chevrolet.

She portrayed Michael Douglas’ wife in the 1987 movie “Fatal Attraction”, and Harrison Ford’s wife in the 1992 movie “Patriot Games” and the 1994 film “Clear and Present Danger”.

Anne has an Instagram page, but it’s only followed by just over 1,200 people today; she’s posted nearly 50 pictures and videos onto the social media network.

Her acting career’s taken her all around the world; Anne’s favorite city to travel to is Venice, Italy.

Her favorite actresses are Alexandra Daddario and Margot Robbie, while some of her favorite films are “Wildflower”, “Lost Girls and Love Hotels”, and “Can You Keep a Secret?”

Height, eyes and wealth

Anne’s age is 75. Her eyes are blue and she has long brown hair, she weighs around 125lbs (57kgs) and her height’s 5ft 6ins (1.68m).

Anne’s net worth’s been estimated at over $20 million, as of October 2022.

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