• Season 2 of “1000lb Best Friends” started at the beginning of January 2023 and all four main participants, Vanessa, Meghan, Tina, and Ashely, will return
• Meghan’s fiancé, Jon, may appear in some episodes
• TLC guarantees brand-new nail-biting and exciting situations
• Viewers will get to see Vanessa's post-surgery figure and Ashely's cooking skills
• Viewers will witness the four friends attempt anything in their quest for weight loss and will see the difficulties overweight ladies face in everyday tasks, like bra buying

Season 2 of “1000lb Best Friends” started at the beginning of January 2023. For the viewers who regularly watched Season 1 and have become fans of the four main participants, Vanessa, Meghan, Tina and Ashely, this is excellent news.

However, the big question most existing viewers of the series have is whether there will be new participants and exciting new situations in Season 2, but it seems that the original four are still the only main participants, with Dr. Charles Procter as the bariatric surgeon who also accommodates many emotional ups and downs of the participants in his office. However, there are rumors, that Meghan’s fiancé, Jon, will appear in some episodes.

New Season | 1000-lb Best Friends

The besties are coming back! Their weight loss journeys continue in a new season of #1000lbBestFriends premiering on January 4th at 10/9c.

Posted by TLC on Friday, December 16, 2022

Regarding new types of activities in Season 2, TLC guarantees brand-new nail-biting and exciting situations.

We’ve tried to gather as much information as possible regarding “1000lb Best Friends”, listening to and looked at what TLC and the four participating ladies leaked to the press, or published on their blogs and Instagram. So what’s new for Season 2, and what will remain the same from Season 1, which is reviewed.

Before discussing what to expect in Season 2 of “1000lb Best Friends”, let’s briefly explain to those who didn’t follow Season 1 what the TV series is all about.

It documents a specific period in the lives of the four overweight ladies. on their weight-loss journey, where each of them started with their weight-loss journey, and shared all their ups and downs during nail-biting episodes.

Viewers saw moments that defined each participant’s story. Meghan, for instance, joined the program after having gone through bariatric surgery, but didn’t lose weight at the rate she was hoping for. Vanessa was also disappointed with her weight-loss rate.

The four ladies encouraged and challenged each other to reach their set weight-loss goals, and their long-existing friendship allowed them to comment openly on each other’s successes and failures. But, as with everything in life, goals were sometimes missed, emotions were worked up and melt-downs occurred.

It was this real life depiction of the whole weight-loss drama that kept viewers coming back for every episode. Most viewers identified with one of the participants, or knew some friend or family member similar to one of the four ladies.

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All four of them are still determined to get rid of their habits that have led them to the weight situations they are now in. Viewers will get information about their exercise programs and see how they maintain the exercise programs, or not!  Viewers will also sit in at bariatric surgeon Dr. Charles Procter’s appointments and therapy sessions, just as in Season 1.

Meghan’s fiancé, Jon, will most probably be part of the season, to assist Meghan in staying on track with her weight-loss journey, because apart from the weight-loss program that she has to adhere to, she will also be seen planning her wedding. We’ll have to wait and see whether that will take place or not, and if it takes place whether everything will work out as planned.

According to TLC, the 2nd season of “1000-Lb Best Friends” will be just as emotional and nail-biting as Season 1, and there will be enough incidents to ensure that viewers keep on watching!

For example, viewers will see how Vanessa reveals her post-surgery figure early in the season.

Viewers will also be kept in suspense on whether Ashely will undergo surgery sometime in the future or not. Early in the season, it becomes clear that although she wants to be operated on, her increased weight might be a problem.

It also seems as if Dr. Procter will encounter quite a few more emotional breakdowns in his office, by the four ladies.

Before the premiere of Season 2 of “1000-Lb Best Friends” Meghan Crumpler wrote an uplifting message to her followers on Instagram. In principle, the message expressed her philosophy that every day is a good day because you are still alive, and can experience a new beginning every morning. In the message, she reminded her followers that “people who mind don’t matter, and people who matter don’t mind.” She ended her message by enticing people to spend every day trying to reflect on themselves and the things that matter most in life.

It’s foreseen that this way of looking at life will be part of Meghan’s story in Season 2.

About Ashely, it seems as if she will show off her cooking skills and healthy meals on Instagram. She also reconfirmed to her followers that the drama in Season 2 will be real.

In Season 1 there were quite a few challenges for the four ladies; for example, there were, episodes with bikini and swimsuit photos. It’s expected that the same type of challenges will be part of Season 2.

As with other similar reality shows, it’s difficult to produce seasons with 20 or more episodes. Because “1000-Lb Best Friends” is a reality show following four specific people as their individual journeys unfold, there will most probably not be many episodes in Season 2. Season 1 only had eight episodes and it is expected that Season 2 will also offer at least eight episodes, and if we’re lucky perhaps ten or twelve.

Some fans of “1000-Lb Best Friends” feel that it would have been possible to add more episodes by just working with more than four participants. It’s a fact that many overweight people are looking for bariatric surgery and a healthier lifestyle. and could have been invited to be part of the series. However, people asking for more participants usually forget that the four ladies are real-life friends, and so mutually supportive.

This aspect is what makes this TV series so successful. To change the format in Season 2 would have taken away the magic between the four friends. In other words, you can expect only the familiar four ladies with their ups and downs in Season 2.

The long-existing friendship between the four participants guarantees that the series is authentic. The episodes depict what the four friends are actually doing in real life. – just as in Season 1, there will be no fabricated scenes.

Because the episodes are so authentic viewers will easily connect with the stories being told, and will become absorbed in the story of each participant. The four ladies will constantly be looking for new and creative ways to physically and psychologically push themselves and each other. Viewers will see how this feisty foursome attempts anything in their quest for weight loss. Some of the things on the cards to improve fitness and weight-loss include running for 5kms and roller skating.

Everyday tasks can be difficult for overweight ladies and some of these struggles will feature in Season 2. In one of the episodes, for instance, viewers will get an idea of the difficulties of bra buying by overweight ladies.

A vacation to a health retreat will also be part of Season 2.

Some things you probably thought will be exposed in Season 2 aren’t revealed. For instance, Vanessa won’t reveal her exact weight-loss, however, it can be seen that she’s lost quite a lot when you look at her face and arms. Interestingly, her focus in Season 2 isn’t so much on herself as on her young son, who she wants to also lose weight and follow a healthier lifestyle; hopefully she can set an example

You can view “1000-Lb Best Friends” season 2 on TLC and Discovery+, on which if you’ve missed the first episodes of Season 2 you can catch up. If you missed Season 1 completely, you can view all episodes on Amazon Prime Video, YouTube TV or through fuboTV.

If you’ve watched Season 1, you can skip this last part of the article, which is meant for those who want to follow Season 2 but don’t have the time to catch up with the eight episodes of Season 1, whichtold the story of Meghan and Vanessa who had been best friends since high school, and have struggled with their weight since then.   The two of them had decided to shed some pounds about a year before “1000lb Best Friends” started.

Meghan was approved for bariatric surgery, and she lost 100lbs. Vanessa struggled to start her diet, and the bariatric surgeon, Dr. Procter, warned her that by maintaining her eating habits, she wouldn’t live long without serious health problems.

The struggles the two friends encountered to shed some weight formed the basis of the storyline of the series.

Two other longtime friends of Meghan and Vanessa joined the series – they also had serious weight problems.

Tina hoped to lose weight so that she could be more involved in the activities of her husband and four children.

Another friend, Ashely, had struggled with her weight since her 20s – she’d received a gastric sleeve which led to a loss of more than 60lbs, but she regained the weight, so by joining her three friends she wanted to lose weight again.

We hope this information will help to familiarize you with the four participants right from the beginning of Season 2.

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