Mykal-Michelle Harris, a delightful and adorable American child actress, has garnered recognition for her endearing performances, notably celebrated for portraying the character of Santamonica Johnson in her childhood in the TV series “Mixed-ish.” Beyond this, her talent shines in various projects, including “The Affair,” and “Little Big Shots.”

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She has shown off her acting prowess in several short films too, showcasing the versatility and charm that define her burgeoning career.

So who is this little rising star really, and how did she become so famous at such a young age? Let’s find out as we take a closer look at her career and life so far, and get to know her better.

Early Personal Life

Mykal-Michelle Harris, born on 6 March 2012 in Burlington County, New Jersey, USA, enjoys her childhood surrounded by her family.

Her parents, Kimberly J. Harris and Greg Harris are actively involved in her upbringing. Alongside them, Mykal-Michelle shares her formative years with three siblings, including her older brother, Julian Harris.

Apart from this, there isn’t any reliable information available about her childhood or upbringing. It looks like her mother doesn’t mind promoting her child and sharing news about her, but she wants her child to live a somewhat normal life away from cameras and the stress of being a well-known child actor.


Although Mykal-Michelle is a rising star, there isn’t any reliable information available about her current educational journey. There’s also no information about what she aims to study as she grows older, though she might continue acting or at least stay involved in the entertainment industry, given how much she loves acting.


Mykal-Michelle gained early recognition at the age of three when a video uploaded by her parents went viral, in which she expressed her likeness to Serena Williams. The video soon went viral with the hashtag #likeserena, and people wanted to see a lot more of this cutie pie.

This marked the beginning of her journey into the spotlight, earning her invitations to esteemed shows like “Good Morning America” and “Little Big Shots,” hosted by Steve Harvey. During these appearances, she candidly shared her thoughts on the viral video, and expressed her admiration for her idol, Serena Williams.

As she ventured further into the entertainment realm, Mykal-Michelle Harris continued to make significant strides. She secured roles in renowned TV series such as HBO’s “Big Little Lies” and Showtime’s “The Affair.”

However, her true breakthrough unfolded with her stellar performance on ABC’s “Mixed-ish,” in which she emerged as a standout star.

Building on this success, Mykal-Michelle expanded her presence by hosting an episode of “The Not Too Late Show with Elmo”, and gracing the screen in “Mariah Carey’s Magical Christmas Special.”

Her accomplishments reached new heights when she became the youngest guest in the history of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”

Further adding to her achievements, she covered the “Cheaper by the Dozen” reboot in the summer, and joined the “Kid’s Tonight Show” as a co-host.

The “Kid’s Tonight Show” premiered in October 2021, on Peacock, marking another milestone in Mykal-Michelle’s diverse and successful career.

She voiced the character of Londo in “Ada Twist, in Scientist” in 2022, and also lent her voice to “Summer Camp Island” in that same year. Also in 2022, Mykal-Michelle played the role of Alice Baxter in “Raven’s Home,” a spin-off from “That’s So Raven”, which follows the story of Raven and Chelsea, lifelong best friends who, as divorced single mothers, decide to navigate the challenges of parenthood together, by raising their children in a shared apartment in Chicago.

The duo’s lives take an unexpected turn when they discover that Raven’s son, Booker, has inherited the same psychic abilities that make Raven’s life uniquely interesting. The sitcom captures the comedic chaos and heartwarming moments as they come to terms with the next generation’s psychic twists in their household.

Mykal-Michelle has an Instagram account (probably run by her mother) and she’s already garnered 119, 000 followers on the platform.

Interesting Facts

Mykal-Michelle’s favourite food is pizza—New York-style pizza to be exact. She hates the taste of Brussels Sprouts, and won’t eat them even if they come with bacon to cover the taste.

Her favourite colours are pink and green, and her favourite movie is “Black Panther.”

Mykal-Michelle aspires to be a TV and film director when she grows up.

She really badly wants a pet, but her mom doesn’t want to get her one yet, perhaps feeling she’s too young or too busy with her acting work, or maybe even both.

The young actress finds so much joy in acting that when she’s at work, she doesn’t want to go home.

Mykal-Michelle proudly shared that she has recently learned how to whistle, but humbly admitted that she’s still learning how to blow bubbles with bubblegum.

In 2022, Mykal-Michelle was nominated for an Emmy Award as Outstanding Host after being a host on “The Kids Tonight Show.”

The show, an American late-night talk show designed for children, made its debut in October 2021. The hosting duties are shared by Mykal-Michelle, Dylan Gilmer, Olivia Perez, and Recker Eans. The show proudly claims the title of the first talk show for kids by kids and draws inspiration from the format of the long-standing late-night talk show, “The Tonight Show.”

In 2023, the youngster won the Outstanding Younger Performer Emmy Award for her work in “Raven’s Home.”

Whatever she takes on next, her fans can’t wait to see how she grows as an actor, and look forward to her future projects.

Later Personal Life

Since Mykal-Michelle is still very young, she hasn’t had any romantic relationships to report on yet.

Physical Characteristics

Mykal-Michelle is still growing, but as of early 2024, she stands at 4ft 2ins (130cms) and weighs about 71lbs (32kgs). She has curly light brown hair and big, bright dark brown eyes.

Net Worth

The young actress is still building her career but that doesn’t mean she hasn’t made an impressive amount of money already. As of early 2024, Mykal-Michelle’s estimated net worth is $350,000.

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