Taylor White rose to fame for her captivating selfies on social media, but her story goes beyond her striking curves and beautiful tattoos. From being a teenager on a small reservation in Washington State, to becoming a renowned tattoo model in just a few years, Taylor’s journey is truly remarkable.

So, what is the driving force behind this success, and what path led Taylor to where she stands today? Let’s delve into Taylor White’s life and career to gain a deeper understanding of her incredible journey thus far.

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Early Personal Life

Born on 6 May 1994, in Seattle, Washington State USA,, Taylor White’s family background includes parents and siblings, but whose names are not publicly disclosed.

Hailing from a small reservation, Taylor faced a challenging upbringing as her parents prioritised drugs over their children. This difficult situation led Taylor and her sisters into the foster care system, where they experienced a transient and tumultuous childhood.

Taylor, a young rebel, often ran away, ultimately finding herself in juvenile detention due to the limited placement options within the tribe. She also had problems with authority, often getting into trouble.

Despite the challenges, Taylor managed to make a positive turnaround in her life. At the age of seventeen, she took the initiative to enrol in counselling, return to school, appoint a guardian ad litem, and successfully had her cases dismissed.

By the time she reached nineteen, Taylor had moved to a different area in Washington, securing a small studio apartment for herself. She dedicated herself to working two jobs, six days a week, reflecting her determination and resilience in creating a new and independent life.


Specifics about Taylor’s education aren’t readily available, as there’s no information about the schools she attended, nor any tertiary studies.


Taylor’s journey into the world of tattoo modelling began as a response to a challenging period in her life. Struggling with depression and a numbing sense of detachment, she recalled her aunt finding therapeutic solace in tattoo appointments. Intrigued by the idea, Taylor reached out to a tattoo shop, inquiring about availability.

Her journey continued as she delved into the world of modelling. A random email from a photographer opened the door to a studio opportunity. Taking precautions, Taylor checked references, brought a friend along, and started a photo shoot.

The momentum didn’t stop there; her pictures gained attention, people started reposting the photos she shared online, and her modelling career took off. The influx of requests for pictures from various sources contributed to her growing following and emerging success.

The model now has almost 200,000 followers on Instagram, and 42,000 subscribers on YouTube,on which driven by personal experiences and a commitment to making a positive impact, shares her journey. Motivated by a tragic event, the loss of her cousin to suicide in 2013, she witnessed her aunt, a source of inspiration and resilience, channelling her pain into purpose, a suicide awareness event; Taylor became determined to contribute to her tribe’s well-being as well. Together, they organised activities such as car washes and fundraisers to raise awareness and funds. Witnessing her aunt transform pain into passion, Taylor recognised the power of using personal experiences to create positive change.

Now, fueled by her commitment to making a positive impact, she annually organises a suicide awareness event with her tribe, which featuring speakers, giveaways, and personal stories, has become a crucial platform for fostering awareness and understanding of mental health challenges within her community.

Taylor, along with her cousin, initiated “Rez Talks” on YouTube Through this series, they engage with tribal members, discussing topics such as mental health, the impact of suicide, and shedding light on the unique aspects of reservation life.

By sharing personal experiences and perspectives, Taylor aims to go beyond the surface, using her platform for more than just aesthetics, but as a meaningful space to amplify voices and advocate for important causes.

Interesting Facts

Taylor loves animals, especially cats and dogs, and has a lap dog that she affectionately calls her little ‘stinky boy’ and ‘gremlin.’.

She also has a Sphinx cat that she likes to take photos of, and share on her Instagram.

Judging by her posts on social media, she drives a lime green 440 Dodge Challenger.

Taylor’s body is adorned with an array of beautiful tattoos, each carrying a personal significance. Among her most notable pieces, the sternum tattoo stands out prominently. Often mistaken for an eagle, it is in fact a thunderbird. The tattoo symbolises a story when the thunderbird would journey to Puget Sound, capturing the orca whale as food to bring back to its nest. Despite the attempts, the orca would consistently return to Puget Sound, emphasising the strong familial bonds within their pods.

For Taylor, the tattoo serves as a powerful reminder of overcoming challenges that may divert her focus from her path. The narrative resonates with her, and orcas hold a special place in her heart, reflected in another tattoo on her hand—an orca, the symbol of her tribe.

Her other tattoos include a raven and a sun, both carrying cultural significance and designed by Joe Seymour, a prominent artist from her tribe. The raven is linked to a story where it stole the sun, illuminating the world with light.

Having grown up surrounded by art, Taylor’s appreciation for her cultural stories and expressions is profound. Her body serves as a canvas, a sacred space where she etches reminders of the things that hold deep importance to her. Each tattoo becomes a symbolic link to her roots, creating a tangible connection between her personal narrative and the rich cultural history she carries within.

Later Personal Life

There is currently no information available about Taylor’s romantic life, seemingly an aspect that she wants to keep private.

Physical Characteristics

Taylor is of average height at 5ft 4ins (165cms), and weighs about 123lbs (56kgs). She has long black hair and light brown eyes.

Net Worth

Thanks to a lucrative career, Taylor has earned a lot of money for herself. As a result, her estimated net worth as of early 2024 stands at $1 million.

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