Spencer Barbosa, a proud Canadian hailing from Toronto, Ontario Canada, graces the screen as one of the delightful hosts of the series “We Are Savvy.”

Beyond her hosting talents, Spencer is a versatile actress, having secured roles in professional commercials and various TV projects, including a notable part in the TV movie “Starseeker.”

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Her on-screen presence and acting prowess have added a special touch to both commercial and narrative projects, showcasing her talent and engaging personality.

Spencer is beloved and admired by her many fans, who are curious about who she really is. If you’re one of those fans, stick around. We’ll get to know Spencer a little better, and discover more about her life and career.

Early Personal Life

Spencer Barbosa was born on 29 October 2002, in Caledon, Ontario, Canada. She shares a close-knit bond with her siblings, having a brother named Cooper and a sister named Bailey. Embracing her Portuguese roots, Spencer’s father hails from Portugal, while her mother is proudly of Canadian descent.

While the names of Spencer’s parents remain undisclosed, we do know a bit about their roles within the family. Her father is a dedicated businessman, and her mother gracefully manages the household as a housewife.

The details of her childhood and upbringing aren’t widely known.


Details about Spencer’s education remain elusive, as there is no available information on this aspect of her life. However, it’s known that her journey into the world of performing arts began at an early age.

At just nine years old, Spencer displayed her passion for the stage by participating in musical theatre plays, including the production of “Into the Woods Jr.”

This early engagement in the world of theatre hints at Spencer’s early interest and dedication to the performing arts, setting the stage for her future endeavours in the entertainment industry.


Spencer kicked off her television acting journey with the her debut TV show “Fear Thy Neighbor” in 2014, portraying the character of Denyse Lassek.

The following year, she made her mark in the film industry with her inaugural movie, “Starseeker,” taking on the role of Maya.

However, it was in the TV series “We Are Savvy” that Spencer gained significant recognition, shining in the role of herself from 2016 to 2018, in a delightful show centred around the aspirations of three tween girls. Driven by their desire to share their interests, engage in do-it-yourself (DIY) projects, and establish connections with people across the globe, the show captures the essence of creativity, friendship, and a shared sense of curiosity.

Through their adventures, these young enthusiasts inspire others while creating a vibrant and inclusive space for self-expression and collaboration.

Beyond her screen performances, Spencer has extended her influence to the advertising world, featuring in commercials for various brands.

Her social media platforms, including Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok, serve as vibrant spaces where she collaborates with and promotes brands such as Wet & Wild Beauty, Lush Cosmetics, Starbucks, Sephora, and Clean & Clear. She’s also worked with Tarte and McDonald’s.

Spencer is actually best known by most of her fans for her TikTok content; she decided to make content on the platform when the pandemic hit and she got lonely. This prompted her to share her story on TikTok, and people liked what they saw. She posted videos on her own reflections, told stories of her body woes, and even discussed boy-related problems. Other users could resonate with her content, leading to her becoming very popular on the platform.

Spencer’s presence on social media platforms goes beyond brand collaborations, as she actively engages with her audience through entertaining videos. Her TikTok account, under the username Spencer Barbosa, boasts an impressive following of over nine million fans, reflecting the widespread appeal of her content and the connection she’s forged with her admirers.

Taking her connection with fans to the next level, Spencer introduced her merchandise line, named “Something Bigger.” The brand not only offers clothes women can feel confident in, but also welcoming community for those days when they don’t feel as awesome as they should.

Additionally, she lent her voice to the narration of Earth Ranger’s ATK mission, showcasing her commitment to environmental awareness.

Interesting Facts

Spencer has a soft spot for the color pink, finding joy in its vibrant and lively hues.

When it comes to music, her go-to artist is none other than the talented Taylor Swift, whose melodies resonate with her.

On the culinary front, Spencer has a penchant for sushi, savoring the delightful flavors of this Japanese cuisine.

Later Personal Life

Spencer’s romantic journey has been a topic of interest, and according to internet sources, she was in a relationship with a guy named Dom in 2019. There’s no further information available about this relationship, though.

More recently, Spencer found companionship with Morgan Penwell, and their relationship blossomed in 2021. A heartfelt moment was glimpsed in December of that same year when Spencer shared a photo capturing their intertwined hands, symbolizing their connection.

However, as life often unfolds in unexpected ways, Spencer took to TikTok and her Instagram story on 15 April 2023 to share the news of her recent and “mutual” breakup from Morgan.

Addressing her fans’ concerns about her emotional well-being, Spencer assured them that she was on a journey to find her happiness.

In the wake of this change, Spencer seems to be currently prioritizing her career and isn’t actively pursuing new romantic relationships.

Morgan is working hard to carve a niche for himself as an aspiring social media star and TikTok content creator. Morgan engages his audience with delightful and cute wholesome couples’ videos, often infused with a comedic touch.

His creative content on various social media platforms showcases his talent and charm, contributing to his growing presence in the online community.

Physical Characteristics

Spencer is a woman of average height at 5ft 5ins (170cms), weighs about 145lbs (65kgs), with vital statistics of 32-23-32. She has long brown hair and dark brown eyes.

Net Worth

As of early 2024, Spencer’s net worth is an estimated at $1.5 million. This impressive number is all thanks to her hard work and dedication to producing high-quality online content.

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