Niko Omilana has become a prominent figure on YouTube, admired for his entertaining content encompassing parody videos, pranks, vlogs, and funny sketches. Previously associated with Buzzfeed, Niko has transitioned into the Beta Squad, a move that has further fuelled his online presence.

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As the founding member of the parodic NDL Movement, he’s cultivated a dedicated following. Niko’s videos consistently achieve significant exposure, with millions of views accompanying each upload. Among his notable creations is a parody of the song “Jumpman,” which stands out as one of his most popular uploads, contributing to his widespread popularity on the platform.

So, who is Niko really, and how did he attain his current success? Let’s find out as we take a closer look at his life and career.

Early Personal Life

Born Nikolas Omilana on 4 March 1998, he hails from Staffordshire, England. He comes from a family of six siblings, including two sisters, Olivia and Indigo, Dior, his half-sister from his dad, and Diran, who is his half-brother also on his father’s side. He also has an unnamed half-sister on his mother’s side, adding to the diversity of his family.

Niko’s roots trace back to Nigerian ancestry, with both his father and mother being of Nigerian descent. His nationality is British.

Apart from this, nothing is really known about Niko’s childhood and upbringing.


Niko Omilana’s educational journey began at King Edward VII School in Stafford, where he completed his schooling. Subsequently, he enrolled at Stafford College to pursue the Media Program course, a decision influenced by his burgeoning fame in the realm of social media during his teenage years.

While there are rumours that Niko initially studied Film & TV at university, it’s suggested that he chose to discontinue his academic pursuit, reportedly dropping out after just one day.

During his educational path, he engaged in the Level 3 BTEC (Business and Technology Education Council) program. Additionally, he humorously referenced undertaking A-levels in one of his videos, clarifying that it was purely a joke.


Niko kicked off his journey on YouTube on 21 June 2011, at the young age of 13, focusing initially on content related to soccer’s governing body FIFA, and creating skits.

Collaborating with fellow YouTuber Johnny Carey, he not only played FIFA but also engaged in the creation of humorous skits.

One of the standout and widely recognised series on Niko’s channel is the “Fake Employee Prank,” executed in various establishments such as Starbucks, Apple Store, Subway, McDonald’s, Tesco, Ikea, and Asda.

Notably, his daring pranks led to him being expelled from every Asda and Ikea in Ireland and the UK.

Niko has earned a reputation as one of YouTube’s boldest pranksters, characterised by meticulously researched and highly innovative pranks that demand remarkable confidence. His audacious approach has garnered significant attention and appreciation from his audience.

In addition to his solo endeavours, Niko frequently collaborates with fellow YouTubers such as AJ Shabeel, KingKennyTV, Chunkz, and Sharkz. He’s also worked alongside The Zac and Jay Show, expanding his collaborative efforts within the YouTube community.

In the early months of 2019, Niko Omilana played a pivotal role in founding the group Beta Squad, alongside members he previously worked with such as Chunkz, Kenny, AJ Shabeel, Sharky, and Kenny. This collaborative effort added another dimension to Niko’s content creation.

By August 2019, Niko had achieved a significant milestone, hitting the impressive mark of a million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

In March 2020, Niko collaborated with Zerkaa for a prank in the Sidemen‘s DRAGONS DEN video, introducing spicy chilies into the mix for some entertaining chaos.

Demonstrating his knack for pranking, Niko has gained recognition for sneaking into boxing rings during high-profile YouTuber boxing matches. His daring exploits include a recent prank on KSI at the DAZN KSI:2 Fights.1 Night boxing event, where he cleverly disguised himself as a giant bottle, reflecting KSI’s Prime beverage.

Beyond the realm of pranks, Niko took an unexpected venture into politics in 2021, running as an independent candidate for the position of Mayor of London. Although his campaign was largely for entertainment, Niko garnered attention by securing 2% of the overall votes, placing him as the fifth-highest candidate.

In addition to his content and political endeavours, Niko extends his brand with merchandise available on, providing fans with a tangible connection to his unique style and entertainment.

Niko Omilana further extends his digital presence beyond YouTube, actively engaging with his audience on Instagram. His account boasts a substantial following of 2.7 million followers, confirming his popularity and influence across multiple social media platforms.

Through Instagram, Niko provides his fans with glimpses into his life, updates on his various projects, and a more personal connection beyond the content shared on his YouTube channel.

Interesting Facts

Niko’s family members, particularly his sisters, have made appearances in his videos, adding a familial touch to his content. Olivia, in particular, has played roles such as his mom or grandma in various videos, contributing to the humour and entertainment.

Dior, his half-sister, took part in one of Niko’s videos – in this particular prank, she attempted to trick the Subway store’s employees by returning her younger sister instead of a doll bought there, showcasing his flair for creative and amusing content.

Known for his trolling antics, Niko has targeted well-known YouTubers like Jake and Logan Paul, their father, and their trainer, cleverly tricking them by getting them to refer to themselves as “nonce’s.”

Additionally, Niko is the founder of the NDL Movement (Niko Defence League), a parody of the far-right organization EDL, the English Defence League. This unique initiative adds a satirical twist to his online persona, emphasizing humour and satire in his content.

In September 2021, Niko Omilana achieved another significant milestone in his career by winning the ‘Best Personality of the Year’ award at the Rated Awards, further solidifying his impact and recognition within the entertainment industry.

Beyond his online ventures, Niko is an ardent football enthusiast, regularly attending matches in the stadium to indulge in his passion for the sport.

His earlier accomplishments include winning the Shorty Award for Breakout YouTubers in 2017, marking a noteworthy moment in his YouTube journey and underscoring his growing influence within the digital landscape.

Later Personal Life

Niko has decided to keep his romantic life separate from his public one, opting not to discuss any romantic adventures he enjoys.

Physical Characteristics

Niko is a tall guy at 6ft 2ins (188cms) and weighs about 165lbs (75kgs). He has black hair and matching black eyes.

Net Worth

Thanks to his impressive career, millions of views on YouTube and dedication to his work, Niko’s estimated net worth as of late 2024, is an impressive $5 million.

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