Lexi Hensler is an American actress and influencer who has risen to prominence through her engaging content on both YouTube and Instagram. Her regular updates on Instagram showcase snapshots from recent photoshoots, providing her audience with a glimpse into her dynamic and vibrant lifestyle.

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On her YouTube channel, Lexi offers a diverse range of content, including entertaining challenges and pranks, often collaborating with other well-known YouTubers. Are you also curious about how she rose to this height in the entertainment industry? Then stick around!

Let’s delve into the journey that catapulted Lexi to fame and explore the personality of this radiant young woman when she steps away from the camera. Join us as we uncover more about her life.

Early Personal Life

Lexi Hensler was born on 5 December 1997 in the vibrant city of Los Angeles, California, to a father involved in business and a dedicated housewife as her mother. Lexi’s early years remain a bit of a mystery, with limited information available about her childhood and upbringing.

Unfortunately, details about any potential siblings in her family are also undisclosed at this time. She seems to prefer keeping her private life out of the limelight.


Lexi pursued her high school education in the vibrant city of Los Angeles, though it’s unknown what schools she attended. Even from her teenage years, she harboured a deep-seated passion for acting, leading her to take acting classes with private coaches to hone her craft.

While aspiring for a career in the entertainment industry, Lexi also recognised the importance of having a solid educational foundation to rely on. Consequently, she graduated from university, earning herself a bachelor’s degree in business administration and economics.

This commitment to both her artistic pursuits and academic endeavours reflects her well-rounded and determined approach to personal and professional development.


Lexi’s career took an unexpected turn as she initially made her mark in the digital landscape not as a model, but as a fitness guru on Instagram. Through educational videos promoting healthy living and exercise, she garnered attention from a diverse audience eager to emulate her lifestyle.

This propelled her into social media stardom, amassing a substantial following on her Instagram page, on which she shared tutorials and insights into maintaining a healthy and attractive lifestyle.

In addition to her fitness endeavours, Lexi is a versatile talent with a knack for stand-up comedy.

Lexi’s modelling career has seen her grace the catwalks of prominent TV fashion shows, including the esteemed L.A. Fashion Week. As a sought-after model, she collaborates with various agencies, showcasing her versatility in the fashion industry. Beyond her roles in acting and modelling, she uses her comedic skills to bring laughter and relaxation to her audience.

Actively engaging with her fans on social media, Lexi boasts millions of followers across platforms.

In 2013, she ventured into the world of YouTube, creating her self-titled channel. Her videos cover a diverse range of topics, from daily life and vlogs to lifestyle, makeup, challenges, and more. Collaborating with fellow social media celebrities including Lexi Rivera and Pierson Wodzynski, Lexi has built a dedicated fanbase.

Her YouTube content, which primarily revolves around comedy, has earned her over five million subscribers. From trying out every drive-thru she can find to playing pranks on friends and daring overnight stays in haunted houses, Lexi’s channel offers a mix of entertainment that resonates with her audience.

In June 2020, Lexi reached an important milestone – her YouTube channel hit one million subscribers, earning her a YouTube Gold Plaque. In that same year, she also managed to bag an impressive partnership with McDonald’s.

After completing her university education, Lexi’s life took a turn she may not have planned for, but as we can see, it was as if fate directed her in this direction.

Once she officially delved into modelling, working with renowned fashion brands like Free People, American Eagle, Urban Outfitters, and Forever 21, she found that her looks could be used positively, to earn a good living.

She frequently shares her modelling ventures on Instagram, where her follower count has exceeded two million, showcasing her influence and impact in the dynamic world of social media.

Interesting Facts

Lexi is deeply committed to supporting children facing mental health challenges, and her collaboration with Your Mom Cares resulted in the creation of a brand aimed at aiding youngsters dealing with mental health issues.

Known for her vibrant and positive personality, Lexi often shares Instagram stories featuring motivational quotes and uplifting content. Her infectious positivity is a hallmark of her approach to life.

While she may not consider herself a proficient dancer, Lexi expresses a desire to excel in TikTok challenges if given the chance.

A genuine animal lover, Hensler has a special place in her heart for dogs, with a cute companion named Benji brightening her life. When envisioning her perfect day, Lexi imagines a serene evening at the beach surrounded by friends and her beloved dog.

In high school, Lexi described herself as not being part of the popular crowd. Instead, she embraced her nerdy side and even enjoyed lunch with her math teacher.


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In fact, it was her experience in school that led to her creating her own brand. Having faced the challenges of depression and anxiety from an early age, compounded by severe bullying during high school, Lexi battled through crippling panic attacks that often made it difficult for her to venture outside.

With the invaluable support of an outstanding clinical team, evidence-based research, and the love of family and friends, Lexi navigated her way to wellness after high school. During this journey, she discovered the soothing effects of weighted blankets on anxiety but aspired to create something more portable, accessible, and affordable.

Drawing from her own experiences and experimenting with various designs, Lexi created Hugz, a mental health wellness brand that delivers the comforting sensation of a weighted blanket in the form of a portable, soft, and huggable animal. Her vision is to share the solace that aided her during challenging times with individuals worldwide, making mental health support more accessible to those in need.

Highlighting her passion for fitness, Lexi once revealed that boxing is her favourite activity, showcasing her dedication to staying active and healthy.

Later Personal Life

Lexi isn’t married but she is romantically involved with Michael Sanzone, a fellow social media influencer and content creator. The couple frequently shares delightful snapshots of their experiences together, showcasing their adventures and creating engaging content for their audience. Their shared travels and engaging posts provide followers with a glimpse into their journey as a couple.

There are reasons to believe the two aren’t dating anymore, though, as she has been posting very lovey-dovey pictures with a new man, Justin, and Micheal has been sharing posts with a different woman, Tabitha.

Lexi has previously been in relationships with Christian Wilson, whom she dated from 2019 to 2021, Brent Rivera, her romantic partner in 2018, and Ben Azelart before that.

Physical Characteristics

Lexi is quite short at 5ft 2ins (157cms) and she weighs only 99lbs (54kgs), making her a tiny woman. Her vital statistics are 35-26-35. She has bright blue eyes and long blonde-brown hair.

Net Worth

Thanks to a successful career on social media platforms, Lexi has a very impressive estimated net worth of $3 million, as of late 2023.

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