Who are the members of Family Fun Pack?

The popular YouTube channel “Family Fun Pack” was launched on 3 October 2011, by Kristine and her husband Matt, who’ve chosen to keep their last names hidden from media to maintain their privacy; they today have seven children together, whom they feature in nearly all of their YouTube videos.

The channel’s today subscribed to by more than 10.2 million people, and the family’s uploaded over 2,600 videos, all of which together have amassed more than 15.2 billion views. Most feature them during their everyday lives, whether one of the kids has had an injury, they’re travelling around the US, or having quality family time at home.

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Kristine and Matt

Kristine was born under the zodiac sign Libra on 26 September 1980 in Los Angeles, California; it’s widely believed that the launch of the family’s YouTube channel was her idea, but this remains unconfirmed. Kristine was raised in Los Angeles, and was into various activities while she was growing up, as she was a member of her high school’s drama club, appearing in various plays performed there, took dance lessons, and played various sports. Kristine matriculated in 1999 and then attended a community college, graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in 2003.

Matt was born under the zodiac sign Pisces on 22 February 1979 in California, making him a year and a half older than Kristine. He was raised by his parents in Santa Monica but because Matt respects their privacy, he rarely speaks about them on the internet. He was physically highly active while attending high school, as he was on the school’s football team, while he also enjoyed running track and playing soccer. Matt matriculated in 1998 and then enrolled at the same college as Kristine, where the two met; he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 2002.

Matt and Kristine haven’t spoken about what they did to financially support themselves prior to launching their ‘career’ on the internet.

Most popular YouTube videos

The family’s mostly popular on YouTube for the videos in which the children are having fun at home, whether they’re wearing funny costumes, playing games or just running around, however, there are also those who like them for Matt and Kristine’s personalities and sense of humor. We’ll cover the family’s three most watched videos as these have led numerous people to subscribe to their channel.

The #1 video “Kids 72 Costume Runway Show” has been watched nearly 630 million times since 4 October 2014, and features the children wearing various costumes, which include those of Power Rangers, characters from the Disney animated film “Monsters, Inc.” and princesses.

The second most popular video “Kids 101 Costume Runway show” has been viewed close to 400 million times since 31 March 2015, and once again features the children wearing various costumes, such as those of Transformers, Spiderman and gunslingers.

Their #3 video “24 Hours With 5 Kids on a Rainy Day” has been watched more than 300 million times since 8 April 2014, and features Matt and Kristine at home with their five children on a rainy day.

Presence on the internet

The family’s active on various social media networks and we’ll only cover their collaborative accounts, as most members today have their own personal accounts.

The family’s Instagram account ‘Family Fun Pack’ has amassed over 300,000 followers, and they’ve shared nearly 2,800 pictures and videos; most feature them during their everyday lives, whether they’re playing instruments and singing at home, shooting their YouTube videos or travelling around the US.

The family’s Facebook page is followed by close to 100,000 people, and they tend to post at least once a day; most of these are about their everyday activities, with many serving to promote their YouTube channel.

Their Twitter account was launched in October 2013, and the family’s since tweeted nearly 13,000 times; most of the tweets are about the funny things that happen to them on a daily basis, and the account’s today followed by nearly 15,000 people.

They’ve also recently launched their TikTok account, and it’s already attracted nearly 16,000 followers; the family’s posted 39 videos and all of these together have amassed more than 90,000 likes.

Marriage and children

Matt and Kristine haven’t disclosed the exact date of their wedding but most of their fans believe that they exchanged vows in either late 2005 or early 2006.

It was on 24 August 2006 that Kristine gave birth to their first child Alyssa, meaning that her zodiac sign’s Virgo; the married couple’s second child David followed on 16 May 2008 (Taurus). Their second and third sons Zac and Chris were born under the zodiac sign Sagittarius on 18 December 2009, and their fourth son Michael followed on 8 June 2013 (Gemini).

On 21 May 2017, Kristine gave birth to their fifth son Owen (Gemini), and most recently, on 5 January 2022, she gave birth to their second daughter Chloe (Capricorn).

It’s widely believed that Kristine and Matt are each other’s first love, and that they hadn’t dated anyone prior to meeting each other.

Interesting facts and hobbies

The family members enjoy spending time with each other at their home, and the older siblings are often tasked with taking care of the younger.

Some of the children’s YouTube channels are “Twin Time”, “Michael’s Magical Playhouse”, “Dude It’s David” and “Always Alyssa”, and the entire family usually helps in the making of the videos uploaded onto these.

They’re quite musical, and nearly all of the boys can play the guitar, while Alyssa can play both the guitar and the piano.

They often travel together and have been to various US states, as well as to a couple of European countries; Matt and Kristine occasionally travel alone.

Net worth

The family’s net worth’s been estimated at more than $3.6 million as of January 2024; they’ve earned most of this money from Facebook, while more comes from their collaboration with various popular brands.

Some of the children have already launched their own YouTube channels and social media accounts, and they thus have their own income and net worth.

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