• Emanne Beasha is an American-Jordanian songstress of Circassian descent, born in 2008, who has quickly become a force in the music industry.
• She has achieved many accolades, including winning "Arabs Got Talent" at 8 years old and the Global Child Prodigy award for her singing.
• She is still young and is currently home schooled, learning from YouTube and taking voice lessons.
• She enjoys other activities such as art, horseback riding, tennis and swimming.
• She is estimated to be worth close to $1 million at 15 years old and encourages other aspiring musicians to pursue their dreams without fear.

It usually takes time and commitment for someone to become a force to reckon with in the music industry. However, Emanne Beasha is a unique young songstress who has taken the world by storm. She started singing at two years, and made her maiden public performance when she was only six years. She has also charmed fans with her first appearance on “Arab’s Got Talent” and “America’s Got Talent” – “AGT” – when she was one of the finalists, coming in 9th position, and being a standout contestant in the latter in 2019, Emanne Beasha continues to rise in her music career although she’s still young.

In the same year, she signed a deal for worldwide publishing with Sony/ATV. Emanne Beasha continues to develop her vocal cords and musical skill, however, she also has another lifestyle away from the music limelight. Read on to learn what Emenna Beasha is doing now, and her achievements.

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Emanne Beasha’s Music Career Path

Born on 18 September 2008, in Amman, Jordan, Emanne Beasha will be turning 15 years in 2023, but she already has great influence in the music industry. Her parents discovered her talent when she was only two years old while they were still in Jordan, but they now live in Florida, USA, so Emanne is an American-Jordanian songstress of Circassian descent.

Emanne began singing opera when six years old, and has been learning from YouTube. She loves performing on stage, and was only seven years old when she gave her first performance, of the National Anthem before a crowd of 10,000 who had gathered for a spring training baseball game in Port Charlotte, Florida.

At the age of eight years of age in 2017, she won “Arabs Got Talent”, after which she performed at the celebration of Jordan Independence Day, and received the Golden Superiority Medal from His Majesty King Abdullah II. She was also awarded the title “Champion for Children” by UNICEF following her support of their campaigns.

Emanne has since performed at various local and international events, such as the Cirque Du Soleil “1 Night 1 Drop” annual fundraiser in Las Vegas, alongside famous American singer Jewel. In Los Angeles, she also featured as a guest on the American TV show called “Little Big Shots with Steve Harvey”, and also performed at the awards ceremony hosted for His Majesty King Abdullah II at the National Cathedral in Washington DC.

She made her first appearance on “AGT” with “Nessun Dorma”, and was awarded the Golden Buzzer by Jay Leno for her outstanding performance of the operatic version of “Caruso.” She went on to perform “Ebben Nandro Lontana”, and “La Mamma Morta” was her final performance.

In “AGT” season 14 in 2019, Emanne was among the top ten finalists, and had the opportunity to perform “Con Te Partiro” alongside Lang Lang, the world-renowned pianist during the final results show, finishing in the ninth position.

Other Achievements

Emanne was honored with the Global Child Prodigy award for her outstanding talent in singing; the organization recognizes talents from different backgrounds and countries in areas of interest such as music, modeling, painting, entrepreneurship, writing and social work. Emanne Beasha was one of the nominees for the top 100 prodigies of the year. and won the award in January 2020, one of her major achievements for exceptional talent in singing.

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Is Emanne Beasha Still Singing?

Emanne Beasha’s beautiful voice serenades her audience, and she continues to attract attention from fans across the globe, has recieved great accolades at a very young age, and continues to flourish in her music career.

Emanne is currently still living with her parents and two brothers in North Port, Florida – she was born a singer, and continues to learn from YouTube since she is home-schooled.. Her music covers the genres of opera, pop, Classical-crossover, and operatic pop. Beasha’s known profession is as a singer since 2013,.

From a tender age, she has always wanted to be a singer, and she seems to be on the right track. She also takes voice lessons and goes to summer camp.

She also loves other activities too, including dancing, swimming and playing tennis.

Emanne Beasha and Relationships

At 15, it can safely be said that Beasha is single ,and has not yet shared information concerning any relationship.

How Emanne Beasha Manages her Singing

Emanne Beasha enjoys singing, and she does it everywhere. She says she sings in the shower, and while doing various other activities, and doesn’t have a strict routine to follow. She also attends music lessons with two teachers, Lisa Hugo and Maxwell David.

At times, Emanne practices singing with her mother, and they can do it for as long as they wish, anything between half an hour and four hours. She often sings songs that interest her, and loves learning something new. She also enjoys playing the guitar.

Emanne Beasha knows that she is still young, so she takes safety measures to protect her vocal cords when singing. One of her teachers ensures she doesn’t strain her vocal cords since they are still developing at her young age, which she acknowledges.

Whenever she has a live performance, Emanne often takes long breaks. If she feels that she can’t sing, she will let the audience know. When she forces herself to sing, her voice might not sound good; for this reason, she always strives to perform when she is in her best form.

Other Activities Preferred by Enjoyed Beasha

Emanne also enjoys other activities such as art, horseback riding and tennis when she isn’t swimming. The young songstress likes talking to people from diverse backgrounds, and of all age groups. She likes traveling to places globally, where she learns from new experiences. For instance, Emanne Beasha explains that Sri Lanka is her favorite country, which she visited with her parents. She says the experience was excellent since it was a great break without any performances or singing. She has developed a deep friendship with one of the girls from Sri Lanka in her ballet. Her visit has deepened their association, and she wants to use it as an opportunity to visit the place again.

When Emanuel travels to other places, she tries to learn as many things as possible. She believes her music can go a long way in helping her connect with the rest of the world, and so hopes to return to Sri Lanka for a performance one day.

Apart from interacting with new people, Emanne also uses her visits to other countries to learn about nature and the environment. She also says that she would like to become a veterinarian.

Sporting and Healthy Lifestyle

When Emanne Beasha is not singing, she participates in lots of sporting activities with her brother or friends. She says sports help her remain physically fit and also enjoy the fun. For instance, she says playing games on the hammock is fun, and they use it in her bedroom.

She is also creative, and they make some games using pillows in her room, which are fun and keep her engaged when she’s not singing. She also makes bracelets with her friend, using wire to make beads, rings, and other items, determined to produce beautiful things.

She believes that it pays to be patient – she learned baking by practicing every day. She bakes various items such as cookies and cakes.

How Does She Acquire Different Skills?

Emanne Beasha is talented and multi-skilled although she is renowned for her prowess in singing. She and her younger brothers are home-schooled by their mother.

Emanne Beasha’s father owns an ice cream factory and coffee shop, so she spends most of her time with her mother and younger brother. Without formal education, she’s proven beyond any doubt that she is intelligent and learns quickly. However, the amazing thing about this rising songstress is that she is self-taught in different skills she has since acquired up to date. Her older brother goes to formal school because he has reached the high school level.

Emanne Beasha’s Future Plans

Emanne says she wants to spend her entire life singing. As she grows older, she hopes to continue singing for a huge audience, or even small groups of people to fulfill her passion. She states that she can sing for herself or her friends depending on the situation because music is in her blood and soul.

However, Emanne does not rule out the possibility of venturing into something new. Although she is an ardent singer, she says she will go with the flow in the future should she encounter major changes. Her focus will remain on singing while at the same time doing something that satisfies her lifestyle and needs.

Emanne has good advice for young people who aspire to become artists or pursue careers in the music industry; that success comes with hard work, so whoever wants to venture into this sector must be committed. Additionally, some people may naturally fall in love with the way you sing and the type of genre you offer.

However, not all music is good for everyone according to Emanne. Therefore, her advice is that aspiring musicians mustn’t lose focus even when their music is rejected. It is difficult to deal with rejection, but that is part of the journey. Achieving greatness as a singer is hard, and many people are tempted to quit when the going gets tough.

Emanne says success does not come easy. Every musician must work hard and enjoy every moment of their performance whether on stage or in the studio. Once you start doing what you love, everything will flow. Her advice to aspiring artists is that they must be dignified and understand the needs of their target audience.

Most successful musicians are down to earth, and they know how to manage their social media handles. Emanne dedicates her time to encouraging her peers to pursue their dreams without fear, if they want to achieve their goals. She plans to work with different people throughout her career to build her empire. She also claims that interacting with other people helps her learn.

Emanne Beasha’s Fortunes

At 15 years, Emanne Beasha is estimated to be worth close to $1 million.

However, like other famous people, Emanne maintains her privacy.

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