Being called a TikTok sensation was an unknown concept a decade ago, but things are very different nowadays. The short video-sharing platform has not only gained massive popularity in the last couple of years but has also become the perfect platform for talents to rise and become worldwide known.

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One of the best examples of how far TikTok fame can go is Brice Gonzalez, the kid from the ever-famous father-son duo Enkyboys, who gained incredible popularity for his comedy and music-centered videos.

Brice’s success has expanded far beyond the internet, launching him to star on TV and the big screen, on top of gaining lots of recognition in the Mexican-American community.

So who is Brice and where does his popularity come from? And what is going on with his family? Keep reading to find out more about the promising young star Brice!

Who Is Brice Gonzalez?

Brice Gonzalez is a social media star and actor, born on 15 June 2016 in Texas USA. He’s the youngest of three siblings welcomed by Randy and Kimberly Gonzalez; his older sisters names are Aubree and Lauren.

Brice and his father Randy are known as the massively popular Enkyboys from TikTok, the platform on which they first gained fame for their lip-syncing videos starting from 2019. While the duo’s light-humored and funny content is one of the biggest reasons they found success, there’s also no denying that Brice’s ability to memorize and perform dialogues at such a young age left a good impression on everyone who stumbled upon them.

Enkyboys’ content didn’t stay confined to TikTok, eventually catching the attention of celebrities such as Steve Harvey, who invited Randy and Brice onto his show “Steve On Watch” after watching a clip of them recreating the dialogues of the movie “Think Like A Man”.

Harvey hasn’t been the only one impressed by Brice and Randy, as director Ava DuVernay and actress Eva Longoria have also expressed their admiration towards the duo, with the latter casting Brice for his movie debut in 2023, giving the young TikTok star the chance to shine and expand away from social media.


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Rise To Fame

The idea of creating TikTok videos was something which naturally happened to the Gonzalez family. As Randy recalled in an interview with My San Antonio in 2021, his older daughter Aubree introduced the whole family to TikTok in 2019.

It didn’t take long for Randy to join in the fun of creating videos, but his content initially only featured him. It was the then-three-year-old Brice who asked if he could appear in his father’s video, soon enough becoming the center of attention of the EnkyBoys account with his impressive acting.

Brice’s abilities were a surprise for his family, who affirmed that the boy didn’t have any acting training before he started appearing in the videos. Just as Randy told My San Antonio, Brince’s skills at impersonation and memorizing dialogues came naturally to him, usually taking no more than one take to film their videos.

Brice and Randy soon became known as the EnkyBoys, gaining over 11 million followers on TikTok alone between 2019 and 2021. The COVID-19 confinement saw their content growing the most, but the EnkyBoys’ TikTok account didn’t stop gaining traction after the pandemic ended, eventually taking over other platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

These days, the Enkyboys have gained almost 17 million followers across social media as of early 2024, proving how popular and unforgettable their content is.

Debut As An Actor

After rising to fame as a social media star, Brice Gonzalez took everyone’s attention, including some big names in the entertainment industry. The filmmaker and “Queen Sugar” creator Ava DuVernay affirmed on X that she was ‘obsessed’ with Brice’s skills at acting, and recreating a wide variety of characters and situations, claiming she was interested in having the boy act in a project.

DuVernay contacted Brice’s family, but when asked about the project, his father Randy told BuzzFeed that most of their talks would remain secret for the time being. In the end, it’s unknown whether DuVernay and Gonzalez agreed to work together, as no project was ever announced.

Nonetheless, in 2021 Brice’s career leveled up when he was cast in the movie “Flamin’ Hot”, directed by Eva Longoria. The movie was released in 2023, becoming Brice’s official big-screen debut.

Brice’s acting debut took place long before though, as in 2022 he joined the cast of the miniseries “Real Husbands Of Hollywood”, playing the character Brandon. Later that year he took the main role of Chance in the comedy series “Lopez vs. Lopez”. On top of that,  Brice debuted as a voice actor with the character Tot in the animated movie “PAW Patrol: The Mighty Movie” in 2023.


Although Brice and his father Randy were the main stars of EnkyBoys content, the whole Gonzalez family often appeared on camera, and being just as hilarious as the father-and-son duo. To prove that, Brice’s mother Kimberly, and his sisters Aubree and Lauren also show their acting and dancing skills on social media, gaining over 1.2 million followers on their TikTok’s EnkyGirls account to this day.

The Gonzalez family wasn’t always interested in becoming social media stars. As Randy told My San Antonio in 2021, he had had a bar rapport with the law in recent years, acting carelessly after getting out of prison in 2017, and his wife Kimberly warned him about the possibility of going behind bars again and losing his family for good if he kept walking that negative path.

His wife’s warning was the thing Randy needed to hear, to change and start taking care of their family. Little did they know that their lives would change forever in the next couple of years, thanks to social media.

What Happened To Randy?

Unfortunately, Brice’s father Randy Gonzalez died on 25 January 2023 at 35 years old. He’d been fighting colon cancer since late 2021, as he first revealed in a TikTok video from April 2022. As he affirmed back then, he’d been hiding his stage four cancer diagnosis from his followers for months, because he thought that it was a private topic.

Randy’s decision to reveal the truth was prompted by his desire to spread awareness about cancer, and also address the thousands of questions about his sudden loss of weight. As he affirmed in the video, Randy’s cancer was considered rare given his young age, and given just three years to live whe he was diagnosed. Those three years could be extended to five if he underwent chemotherapy, though Randy was positive that he could win over the illness.

Following this video, Randy shared his battle against cancer on social media, including his feelings during his chemotherapy treatment. As well, the family started an online funding campaign to help Randy afford his treatment, collecting over $250,000.

Sadly, Randy died a little over a year after being diagnosed. Thousands of fans and other personalities such as Eva Longoria and George Lopez sent their condolences to the family.

Following Randy’s passing, the EnkyBoys account has rarely been updated.

Appearance & Net Worth

Brice Gonzalez is a boy of mixed descent, as his parents both have Mexican origins. His eyes are brown and his hair is dark brown.

Brice’s height is around 4ft 1in (1.25m), as that’s the reportedly average height for seven-year-old boys in the US.

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