Who is Anna Johnston?

American TV personality and social media star Anna Johnston, was born under the zodiac sign Taurus on 7 May 2000, in Siberia, Russia. She’s perhaps known best for appearing in 59 episodes (2017-2023) of the popular reality show “7 Little Johnstons”, which has been airing since 2013, and stars Elizabeth, Amber and Jonah Johnston. It follows the lives of Trent and Amber Johnson who were born with achondroplasia dwarfism – their five children have the same condition.

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Education and early life

Anna was given up for adoption as soon as she was born; most of her fans believe that this was because of her dwarfism, but this remains unconfirmed. She was four when Trent and Amber found her in 2004, and it was in 2005 that they legally adopted her and she moved to the US; she’s since been living with her adoptive parents and four siblings Alex, Emma, Elizabeth and Jonah.

Anna underwent a number of operations while growing up, including spinal fusion surgery which has helped her lead a normal life.

She grew up in Forsyth, Georgia, where she studied at an elementary school; Anna was passionate about multiple activities while theren and was mostly into music, art and dancing. She was often bullied by her peers because of her dwarfism, but her siblings were there to protect her and they’ve always looked after each other. Another problem that Anna faced was learning English; Russian was her native tongue, andso  it was harder for her to learn English than for her siblings.

Anna began hanging out with ‘the wrong crowd’ during her teenage years, and became disobedient; she often lied to Trent and Amber, leading to them becoming stricter towards her. She matriculated in 2019, and then enrolled at North Georgia Technical School, from which she graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in 2022.

Most viewed YouTube videos

Anna isn’t active on YouTube, but is still popular on the network thanks to other users posting videos of her; most of these are scenes from the reality show “7 Little Johnstons” and we’ll cover the three most watched as these have contributed to Anna’s popularity.

Her #1 video “7 Sweet Johnstons – Anna’s Sweet 16 Birthday Party!” has been watched over 3.6 million times since it was posted by TLC UK on 22 November 2017, and features the Johnstons throwing a party for Anna’s 16th birthday.

Anna’s second most popular video “7 Little Johnstons – The Joys of Adoption” has been viewed nearly 3.5 million times since it was posted by TLC on 13 April 2015, and features the family taking part in various activities together, including buying a chicken.

Her #3 video “TLC Latinoamérica – Una Gran Familia – Anna y Elizabeth eligen el vestido ideal para el baile” has been watched more than 3.2 million times since it was posted by Discovery Home & Health on 18 April 2020, and features Anna and Elizabeth looking for a dress for a dance; this video’s in Spanish.

Presence on the internet

Anna’s active on various social media networks, and nearly 500,000 people are following her on Instagram, on which she’s shared 98 pictures and videos; most of her content features her during her everyday life, spending time with her family, partying or attending various events.

Anna’s followed by more than 300,000 people on TikTok and has amassed over 2.5 million likes of all her videos combined; most feature her dancing to her favorite songs, talking about her everyday life, or spending time with her family.


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Anna doesn’t have a Twitter account, but is still popular on this network as many users have mentioned her in their own tweets, most of which are about the time that she spent starring in the reality show “7 Little Johnstons”.

Anna uses her Facebook profile only to keep in touch with her family and friends, and doesn’t allow her fans to interact with her; she still keeps the account updated as she often uploads the same pictures that can be found on her Instagram account.

Love life and relationships

Anna’s yet to talk about the men whom she’s been with, but her fans believe that she’s dated two. In the summer of 2022, she met American non-celebrity Christopher at the Little People of America National Conference; he’s also suffering from dwarfism. The two are both huge lovers of animals. Anna’s since featured Christopher in many of her Instagram pictures and videos, but neither’s confirmed that they’re in a relationship.

Prior to meeting Christopher, Anna featured non-celebrity American Kyle in her Instagram content; the two were introduced by a mutual friend at a restaurant in the second half of 2022, but it’s widely believed that they dated for only a month or two.

We don’t know about other men whom Anna’s maybe dated; she seems to be in a relationship with Christopher as of January 2024, doesn’t have children and hasn’t married.

Interesting facts and hobbies

Anna’s quite close to her siblings, and they all often feature each other in their Instagram pictures and videos.

She likes to wear dresses and often goes shopping for clothes.

Anna enjoys spending her spare time in nature with her siblings. She loves animals, and her favorites are donkeys.

Anna often works out at the gym, and has shown off some of her favorite exercises in her Instagram and TikTok content; she also occasionally gives people with dwarfism advice on working out and dieting.

She loves to swim in her parents’ pool; Anna’s favorite season is summer, as she enjoys relaxing at the beach.

One of her favorite actresses is Jennifer Coolidge, and a couple of her favorite films and series are “Shotgun Wedding”, “Black Lotus” and “A Cinderella Story”.

Net worth, height and age

Anna’s age is 23. Her hair and eyes are brown, she’s 4ft (1.2m) tall and weighs around 90lbs (40kgs).

Anna’s net worth’s been estimated at over $100,000, as of January 2024.

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