• Imani Guy Duckett was born in Los Angeles, California in 1999
• She is an actress and TV personality, daughter of famous American actress, film director, dancer and singer Jasmine Guy
• She attended a private elementary school and high school, before matriculating in 2021
• She is a fashionista, physically active, and a lover of animals.
• Her mother Jasmine Guy is an actress, singer and political supporter who has won six of the 10 awards she has been nominated for.

Who is Imani Duckett?

Imani Guy Duckett was born in Los Angeles, California USA, on 28 March 1999 – her zodiac sign is Aries, and she holds American nationality. She’s an actress and TV personality, but who’s perhaps known best for being the daughter of Jasmine Guy, a famous American actress, film director, dancer and singer.

Early life and education

Imani was raised an only child in Los Angeles by her mother and her father Terrence Duckett. Her parents married in August 1998, and it was reported by the magazine “People” on 8 April 2008 that they were divorcing.

Imani grew up being physically highly active, as she enjoyed playing sports with her friends, and spent the majority of her spare time outdoors.

She studied at a private elementary school, and was mostly interested in dancing and singing during her eight years there. In 2013, Imani enrolled at high school, and it was around that time that she became interested in acting; she joined the school’s drama club, and appeared in numerous plays performed at the school.

She matriculated in 2018, and although Imani hasn’t spoken of her further education, it’s believed that she attended college, from which she matriculated in 2021.

Career as an actress

Imani has only a single acting credit – she portrayed Luna in the 2020 drama movie “Open”, written and directed by Cas Sigers-Beedles, and which starred Essence Atkins, Keith D. Robinson and Matt Cedeno.

It follows Cameron and Wren who have been in an open marriage for three years now, and have just realized that the boundaries which they had set to keep their marriage healthy are about to be broken.

Other credits

In 2016, Imani made a guest appearance in the episode “Jasmine Guy” of the documentary biographical historical series “Unsung Hollywood”. It has been airing since 2014, stars Gary Anthony Williams, Charnele Brown and Joe Torry, and covers the lives of celebrities in the fields of film, music and sports.

Love life and boyfriend

Imani hasn’t spoken of any men (or women) whom she has perhaps been with, as she prefers to keep the details of her private life to herself. However, there are various rumors circulating the internet concerning her current relationship status, and her sexual orientation.

Some of her mother’s fans believe her to be a lesbian, and this to be the reason behind Imani not speaking about the men whom she has dated. A fan has also claimed to have seen Imani being rather too close to her female friend at a club, but no evidence has been provided to support this, nor has Imani addressed these rumors.

Some also believe that she’s today perhaps in a relationship with a non-celebrity American man, but prefers to keep it all private; this hasn’t been confirmed either.

As of February 2022, Imani appears to be single, hasn’t married and doesn’t have children.

Hobbies and other interests

Imani is a fashionista, and is trying to keep up with all of the latest fashion trends by reading popular fashion magazines, such as “Vogue” and “Elle”; she’s also a shopaholic, as she goes shopping for clothes at least once every week.

She’s physically quite active, and has multiple training sessions at the gym every week, thus her slim figure; she’s also following a strict diet, while some people think that she’s perhaps vegetarian.

Imani’s favorite season is summer, mostly because she enjoys going yachting and swimming in the ocean.

She’s a lover of animals, and her favorites are horses.

Imani likes to watch movies late at night, and her favorite actor and actress are Brad Pitt and Amanda Seyfried, while a couple of her favorite films include “Fight Club”, “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” and “Dear John”.


Age, height and net worth

Imani’s age is 22. She has long black hair and brown eyes, her height is 5ft 5ins (1.65m) and she weighs around 120lbs (55kgs).

As of February 2022, her net worth has been estimated at over $50,000, while her mother’s net worth has been estimated at over $4 million.

Who is her mother Jasmine Guy?

Jasmine Guy was born in Boston, Massachusetts USA on 10 March 1962 – her zodiac sign is Pisces, and she holds American nationality. She’s appeared in close to 100 movies and TV series, while she’s perhaps still known best for her portrayal of GammaRay Dina in the 1988 musical comedy movie “School Daze”, written and directed by Spike Lee, and which starred Laurence Fishburne, Giancarlo Esposito and Tisha Campbell. It follows a young man who’s trying to join a popular fraternity; the movie was nominated for an Image Award for Outstanding Motion Picture.

Jasmine was raised in Atlanta, Georgia by her Portuguese-American mother Jaye Rudolph who was a high school teacher, and her African-American father Reverend William Vincent Guy. She studied at Northside Performing Arts High School, and was during her four years there mostly focused on dancing and acting. Aged 17, Jasmine started studying at Alvin Ailey American Dance Center in New York City.

She made her debut TV series appearance in the 1982 musical drama “Fame”; Jasmine danced in seven episodes, but without lines. She gained recognition when she was cast to star as Whitley Gilbert in the comedy series “A Different World”, created by Bill Cosby, and which also starred Lisa Bonet and Kadeem Hardison.

Image source

It follows several students who are attending an historically Black college, aired from 1987 to 1993, and won 17 of the 28 awards for which it was nominated, including three Primetime Emmy nominations. A couple of her other notable performances in the ‘90s were in the 1993 romantic movie “Boy Meets Girl”, the 1995 romantic musical film “Klash”, and the 1997 animated family comedy movie “Cats Don’t’ Dance” (voice role).

In 2003 and 2004, Imani starred as Roxy Harvey in the fantasy comedy series “Dead Like Me”, created by Bryan Fuller, and which also starred Ellen Muth and Callum Blue. It follows a woman who has died and has become a grim reaper; the series was nominated for 10 awards, including two Primetime Emmys.

Jasmine appeared in only a couple of other TV series and movies in the remainder of the 2000s, including the 2008 romantic comedy movie “Tru Loved”, and the 2009 family series “My Parents, My Sister & Me”.

Between 2009 and 2017, she appeared as Sheila ‘Grams’ Bennett in 15 episodes of the critically acclaimed fantasy horror series “The Vampire Diaries”, while a couple of Jasmine’s most recent roles have been in the 2021 drama movie “Liam White: The Forgettable Life of Liam White”, four episodes of the 2021 comedy series “Harlem”, and the 2022 thriller movie “Vanished: Searching for My Sister”.

She has won six of the 10 awards for which she has been nominated.

Jasmine is also a singer, and she released her debut self-titled album in 1990, while it spawned three hits: “Just Want to Hold You”, “Another Like My Lover” and “Try Me”.

She’s interested in politics, and voted for Bernie Sanders in the 2016 presidential election.

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