Sofia Bevarly first gained public attention in 2014 by sharing captivating lingerie and swimsuit photos on her Instagram account. However, her fame skyrocketed when she entered into a relationship with Dan Bilzerian, a notable Armenian-American figure, known for his roles in acting, business ventures, amateur poker, and social media influence.

This association brought Sofia into the spotlight, where she is recognised not only for her individual accomplishments but also as an admired bikini model.

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Apart from her connection with Dan, Sofia’s life and achievements extend far beyond her role as his former partner. Join us as we delve into their relationship and take a closer look at Sofia’s unique life story, shedding light on the multifaceted aspects that define her beyond the public perceptions associated with her past connections.

Early Personal Life

Born on 16 April 1996, Sofia Bevarly hails from Louisville, Kentucky, USA, but spent her formative years in Fort Myers, Florida, where she attended school and had many of her childhood experiences.

Sofia maintains a degree of privacy regarding her family life. On a special occasion, she once shared a heartfelt Instagram post featuring her mother, expressing gratitude and admiration without divulging specific details.

While Sofia didn’t disclose her mother’s name, she expressed thanks for the inspiration and support she received. Additionally, Sofia has a younger sister, but that is all the public really knows.


Sofia successfully concluded her time at South Fort Myers High School in 2014. She then went on to begin her academic journey at Florida International University.

After a few years, she made the decision to leave the university to chase her dream of becoming a professional model. Despite this detour, Sofia later returned to FIU and successfully completed her education in 2019, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication, showcasing her commitment to both her professional aspirations and academic pursuits.


Since she kicked off her journey as a bikini model in 2014, Sofia has achieved notable success, becoming a staple in the Hooters Bikini Calendar, consistently featured in every edition since then.

Her online presence has flourished, boasting a highly successful Instagram account with over 2.1 million subscribers as of late 2023. This substantial following has not only garnered Sofia widespread recognition but has also proven advantageous for her numerous commercial contracts and product endorsements showcased on her profile.

Sofia proudly served as the ambassador for the renowned brand Fashion Nova and did modelling work for Bang Energy products.

Among her regular sponsors are reputable names such as Oh Polly Swim, Knock Out Watches, and Montce Swim. Sofia’s modelling ventures extend beyond the static realm of social media, as she frequently graces catwalks, showcasing her talent in bikini shows at prestigious venues like Rain Nightclub, a well-known spot at The Palms Las Vegas, among others.

Her encounter with Dan Bilzerian in 2017 marked a turning point, and the duo effectively utilized their social media platforms to mutually promote their respective services. Sofia, listed on Model Mayhem, actively engages in paid shoots and shoots for prints, primarily based in Las Vegas

As Sofia diversifies her portfolio into fitness modelling, she’s introduced an online store featuring fitness gear and selected technical gadgets integral to her workout routine. Visitors to her website can explore and purchase items such as wireless ear pods, a smoothie maker, and various muscle stimulators, reflecting her commitment to a well-rounded and engaged audience.

Interesting Facts

Sofia embraces a vegan lifestyle, and among her favorite foods are pancakes adorned with bananas, powdered sugar, and chocolates.

While she occasionally indulges in pasta with pesto sauce, Sofia predominantly adheres to a nutritious diet as part of her commitment to maintaining a healthy physique.

She finds joy in various outdoor activities, including swimming, surfing, scuba diving, skating, and snorkelling.

Beyond her dietary and adventurous lifestyle choices, this social media sensation is not only a vegetarian but also a passionate advocate for animal rights. Her love for animals extends beyond words, as she actively protects their rights and serves as an advocate for several charity foundations. At home, she shares her space with a black cat, embodying her dedication to animal welfare.

One of the causes close to Sofia’s heart is the Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation, which has its main branch in Sherman Oaks. This organization is devoted to rescuing abused and neglected animals on a global scale. Through her support and activism, Sofia contributes to making a positive impact on the lives of animals in need.

Later Personal Life

Dan Bilzerian and Sofia Bevarly first crossed paths at a marquee pool party. While their connection didn’t spark love at first sight, they began spending time together as Dan recognized a distinct quality in Sofia. According to Dan, she stood out due to her intelligence, setting her apart from other individuals he’d encountered. Sofia’s appreciation for Dan’s unconventional interests further fuelled their connection.

In the ensuing period, Sofia became not only Dan’s romantic partner but also his right-hand companion, starting their relationship in 2017.

Despite attempts at monogamy, the duo decided to part ways around 2019, and the reasons for their separation remain undisclosed, Dan’s history suggests a preference for a less conventional approach to relationships, as evidenced by his prior experiences. Before meeting Sofia, he had passionately engaged with three other women on the same day. Additionally, Dan has openly shared claims of being romantically involved with 17 girls within a week at another point in time. The dynamics of his relationships reflect a distinct approach to (very) temporary romantic connections in his life.

The revelation of Dan Bilzerian being in a committed relationship with one girl came as a surprise to many of his followers and fans, given his well-established reputation as a man known for his diverse romantic involvements with numerous models. In an effort to address the astonishment among his followers, Dan candidly shared his perspective on his relationship with Sofia saying that what they had wasn’t exactly a storybook ‘love at first sight’ thing. They spent more time together, and he realised that she wasn’t like the other women he’d previously spent time with, adding that he thought Sofia was smart and cool, and he was happy that she liked many of the same ‘weird’ things as him.

Before Sofia, Dan had a previous girlfriend, a rather unfortunate lady whom he openly admitted to cheating on daily. Despite being in an apparently committed relationship, he acknowledged engaging in intimate ‘relationships’ with multiple other individuals each week. Notably, his previous girlfriend seemingly had no objections to his actions. While not explicitly named, it’s suggested that Dan may have been talking about Lindsey Pelas, also a model and seen with him on several occasions.

Sofia and Dan shared a relationship that spanned approximately eight months before she decided to remove all their mutual photos from her Instagram account. Dan, in turn, also deleted some of their shared pictures, although several shots from their time together remained accessible.

Dan, born on 7 December 1980, is widely recognised as a poker star, gun collector, owner of a cannabis farm, and a millionaire. His prominence, however, is often associated with his extensive history of relationships with models.

Beginning his professional poker career in 2009, Dan gained substantial success, particularly in 2014 when he allegedly won an eye-watering $50 million. This financial achievement led him to retire from professional poker, redirecting his winnings into various entrepreneurial ventures.

Throughout his life, Dan has found himself entangled in several controversies, including his association with the Bradley Ruderman fraud scandal, and the illegal gambling allegations involving Alex Rodriguez.

Rather disappointingly for his fans, Dan faced accusations of throwing Janice Griffith from the roof of his villa in Florida. Despite the intended aim into the swimming pool, the incident resulted in a lawsuit for $85,000, as Griffith landed at the pool’s edge, breaking her foot and hitting the water’s surface hard.

In another incident in 2014, Dan was alleged to have physically assaulted model Vanessa Castano during a nightclub gathering. However, the case was dismissed in March 2015 for undisclosed reasons.

As of 2020, Dan boasts 32 million subscribers on his Instagram account, on which he regularly shares photos featuring models, asserting that up to 10 of them accompany him in his bedroom every night.

As of late 2023, Sofia is seemingly not in a relationship. Following her involvement with Dan, the social media icon has chosen to maintain a level of privacy regarding her personal life, keeping it away from the public spotlight, but continuing to share alluring and gorgeous snaps on Instagram, showing that she can be happy without a romantic partner.

Physical Characteristics

Sofia has hazel eyes and long light brown hair. She’s is quite short at 5ft 3ins (160cms), weighs about 102lbs (46kgs), with vital statistics of 34-23-34.

Net Worth

Sofia has worked hard to make a name for herself as a model, and that hard work and dedication has paid off – she has an estimated net worth of $2 million, as of late 2023.

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