Born under the sign of Gemini on 16 June 1988, in Manitoba, Canada, Dannie Riel is a 35-year-old Eurasian adult model, YouTuber, and Instagram celebrity, of French and Chinese descent. She’s perhaps best known across the globe thanks to her considerable social media presence, with a hefty following on Instagram first and foremost, though her YouTube is also quite popular. Her content is spread across multiple niches, involving short-form humorous videos, fitness, physical aesthetics, makeup, fashion, and of course, nudity. She has enjoyed undeniable success over the course of her career in social media entertainment since 2012.

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Early life & education: An unanswered question

Dannie was raised with her brother in their birthplace, by their French mother and Chinese father, both of unknown names and professions. Although she’s posted pictures with her parents on several occasions, nothing besides their appearance was shared with her audience, leaving the details about her origins particularly scant. She has spoken about her childhood, however, and it’s known that she’s always had an interest in looking her best, frequenting the gym and paying close attention to what she eats so as to maintain a desirable appearance. This seems to be what most of her early childhood and teenage years were spent focusing on, which proved crucial for her professional engagements later on.

As for her education, Dannie attended a local high school in Manitoba, from where she matriculated in 2006. The model herself has never spoken about a college education, much less her own, so fans remain of the mind that she chose to pursue earnings over lectures as soon as she had the option to, around the time she turned 18.

Career: A patient grind

Aside from Myspace, the phrase ‘social media’ didn’t really exist in public consciousness at the time when Dannie was ready to show all of her virtues to the world, meaning she had to find other means of making money through her appearance. Naturally, the modeling industry was alive and well, even more so than today, so she took to finding any such jobs that she could, but was unsuccessful at the outset. Riel ultimately ran into a few professional engagements in collaboration with lesser brands and organizers, gracing minor events in visually appealing outfits to increase their prestige. Minor contracts like these were the only source of Riel’s livelihood for at least a couple of years, allowing her to further invest in her appearance.

It apparently became time to dedicate herself to YouTube after having breast augmentation in early 2010’s with her first upload gracing the platform 2012’s Valentine’s Day. It was a trailer an entire music video featuring Dannie’s version of rapper Tyga’s “Rack City,” on which she collaborated with another model, entitled “Cat City – Ifht X Dannie Riel [Official Trailer].” Although it seemed that the future star was about to launch a successful music career, the full video never materialized. What did appear three years later was a rendition of Nicki Minaj’s “Only,” featuring Riel’s vocals and visuals, as well as three other obscure rappers called Dpryde, Raphik and Andrew Garcia. Dannie’s third musical installment came six months later, on 15 October 2015, featuring her fully nude and covered in gold sprinkles, posing at a lavish pool with “Do I Wanna Know” by Arctic Monkeys in the background. To the surprise of those who found her YouTube content interesting, this video marked the end of her artistic attempts on the platform.

Instagram was an entirely different story though, since all she had to do to achieve significant growth was post pictures in provocative outfits. Dannie was 24 years old at the time of her first and apparently most innocent upload onto the platform. It didn’t take long before she realized that the number of likes and followers gained per post is inversely proportional to how much clothes it contains. Her outfits became noticeably skimpier as time went on, and her poses much more provocative.

Offers from clubs and sponsors began pouring in, thanks to the outreach she’d managed to develop, and in September 2015 she went on a full tour, indirectly inviting all of her followers to the four clubs featured in the post. It looks like Dannie really took to club touring after that, even though it was just another stepping stone in her career. Whereas most models just do what is necessary to advance their online standing, Riel continues to tour clubs even at the end of 2023, regardless of the fact that she can live very comfortably from her chair at home.

Are there any leaks of her?

Finally, the crowning jewel in her career appears to be her OnlyFans page, whose existence is mentioned in the descriptions of all her other social media profiles, and which is linked through a webpage, listing it as the first option. She enjoys over 200,000 likes there, with over 1,800 photos and more than 1,400 videos. One would think that with this much exclusive content there’s bound to be some full nudity, but this is not the case with Riel, as she’s never publicly shown the areas of her body that must always be censored on other social media websites. As a result, there don’t appear to be any leaks of her entire birthday suit. Seeing as she’s been doing this for a while, and not one such picture is publicly available, fans assume that she will likely never cross that line.

That said, it wouldn’t be hard to leak anything from her OnlyFans page either, since the subscription is completely free to all users. Her supporters have thus theorized that this is the reason she doesn’t fully reveal herself there, as it’s most literally not worth it. The problem with this idea is that it overlooks the fact that her is linked there as well, leading thousands upon thousands of spectators to her other profiles, most prominently Instagram. It’s normally assumed that a model needs visibility on censored social media prior to attempting a career on OnlyFans, but due to the sheer popularity of the site, attractive women have become much easier to discover there. Riel’s business model is to drive as much of an audience as possible to her Instagram, and then use the popularity to keep making money from sponsors. With all that said, the chance of her full nudity being leaked are quite slim.

Love life: Does she have a boyfriend?

Riel has kept quiet about most aspects of her private life, including her romantic involvements. Even so, it’s known that she dated a certain Ken Nguyen for over six years, as revealed on her YouTube channel, which she appears to only use to talk about her life after a failed music career. The upload in question touches on her interests in the dating sphere, clarifying that she’s very comfortable being single as of mid-2023, and aims to continue that trend for the foreseeable future. Therefore, according to the model’s own words, she isn’t dating anyone until further notice. She does live alone though – her two Yorkshire Terriers named Ares and Kira, both of whom she considers her children.

Net worth: How rich is she?

Some of the most reputable media outlets on the matter have estimated Dannie’s total accumulated wealth at over $2 million, garnered over more than a decade of exposing herself online and using the outreach to find various sponsors and club owners willing to invest for the attention of her audience. It’s believed that Instagram is still indirectly her main source of income, with the cash flow coming from her collaborations as an advertiser of places and products.

Body measurements: What’s her height?

Dannie is 5ft 2ins (158cms) tall, weighs 103lbs (47kgs), with vital statistics of 34-24-33, and a body shape generally described as curvy. She wears shoe size 6.5. She has dark brown hair and eyes, most often with a well-tanned complexion.

Social media presence

Riel’s Instagram has over a million followers, her Twitter almost 80,000, her TikTok over 30,000, and her YouTube more than 200,000 subscribers.

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