Anastasia Karanikolaou, widely recognised by fans as Stassie Baby, is a prominent American model, Instagram star, YouTuber, and influential presence on social media platforms. Renowned for her captivating Instagram content, which includes both photos and videos, Anastasia boasts an impressive following of over 11 million devoted fans on the platform alone.

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Notably, she has gained significant popularity as the close companion of the renowned model and actress Kylie Jenner, making her a notable member of the Kardashian-Jenner extended universe. Beyond her association with the high-profile social circle, Anastasia has carved a unique identity for herself in the realm of fashion and social media.

To delve deeper into the life and career of this captivating personality, join us as we explore the multifaceted world of Anastasia Karanikolaou and gain a closer understanding of her journey and accomplishments.

Early Personal Life

Born on 9 June 1997, Anastasia Karanikolaou was raised in the vibrant and fabulous city of Los Angeles, California, within the embrace of an upper-middle-class family.

Her family includes her father Periklis and her mother, Nicolette Nikolaos; Anastasia shares a close bond with her elder sister, Alexia, who is also an esteemed figure in the modelling industry. It’s unknown if she has any other siblings.

From a young age, Anastasia harboured aspirations of becoming a renowned model and actress in the American entertainment industry, a dream she has admirably pursued through her career.


We don’t know specifics about Anastasia’s educational journey. What we do know is that it began at a local high school in Los Angeles, where she laid the foundation for her academic pursuits.

Subsequently, Anastasia continued her education at a local private college in Los Angeles, successfully earning her degree. This academic background, coupled with her determined spirit, has contributed to her well-rounded persona in the dynamic world of modelling and entertainment.


Anastasia made a name for herself in the professional sphere as a notable Instagram personality and YouTuber, achieving virtually overnight fame as her Instagram account quickly garnered widespread recognition. Her online presence boasts a substantial following, with more than 760, 000 subscribers on YouTube and an impressive 10.7 million followers on Instagram.

In addition to her success on social media, Anastasia has made significant strides in the modelling industry, undertaking various assignments and gracing the runways for esteemed companies and renowned fashion designers.

As a cherished member of the Kardashian inner circle, Anastasia is particularly renowned for her close friendship with Kylie Jenner. The two of them are best friends and their collaborative venture, the Stassie x Kylie beauty line, launched in June 2022, symbolizing the commercial synergy between the two influencers, with products available on

Despite growing up alongside the Jenner sisters and enjoying heightened visibility through their association, Anastasia carved her own distinct career path, initially making a mark in the modelling realm.

Her first modelling venture started in 2014 with Nation A-List Magazine, followed by subsequent features in publications such as Teen Vogue. Notably, she professionally modelled for Pretty Little Thing and Good American, affiliated with Khloé and Kourtney Kardashian, respectively, and actively collaborates with Kylie’s brands.

Anastasia expanded her digital footprint in 2017,  by launching her YouTube channel, offering viewers a personal glimpse into her opulent lifestyle through vlog-style content. She’s encountered both triumphs and challenges throughout her journey, gracefully navigating the ups and downs of her career as a model and influencer. Anastasia actively addresses criticism with resilience, showcasing her commitment to authenticity in her online presence.

Her tenacity and dedication bore fruit in the form of lucrative brand partnerships and modelling opportunities, including a notable project for Rihanna’s lingerie brand, Savage x Fenty. Anastasia’s story reflects a compelling narrative of perseverance, success, and the ability to evolve in the dynamic landscape of modelling and social media influence.

Interesting Facts

Kylie openly acknowledges the depth of her friendship with Anastasia, revealing that she uses the Find Friends app to keep track of her whereabouts, underscoring their exceptionally close bond. Kylie has also expressed deep gratitude for Anastasia, acknowledging her as the most consistent and loyal friend in her life, and emphasising that Anastasia has played a pivotal role in her current success.

Online, Anastasia has garnered comparisons to Kylie, with several netizens affectionately dubbing her “Kylie Klone,” a testament to their striking resemblance and inseparable connection.

Beyond her high-profile friendships, Anastasia’s body bears meaningful tattoos, each telling a unique story. The first, adorned in Greek lettering on her hip, pays homage to her Greek heritage, translating to “Crazy Beautiful Life” in English.

Another, featuring a Roman date with a heart, commemorates her sister Alexia’s birth date, 4 February 1996.

In July 2018, she added a butterfly on her upper arm, and shares a matching ‘Stormi’ tattoo with Kylie, honouring her friend’s child.

Notably, Anastasia maintains close friendships with Hailey Bieber and Sofia Richie, reflecting her presence within influential social circles.

Open about her experiences, Anastasia has undergone plastic surgeries, including lip injections and breast augmentation, sharing these details candidly with her audience.

Despite a deep and serious initial awkwardness, she overcame reservations about vlogging in front of the camera, embracing transparency about her personal journey.

In a very surprising turn of events, rapper Kanye West publicly revealed having a crush on Anastasia, sparking widespread discussions on various social media platforms. He ranted on Instagram and made the unexpected revelation in a post. While the sincerity of this announcement remains unclear, it has undeniably thrust Anastasia into the spotlight, becoming a hot topic of conversation among fans and followers alike.

Later Personal Life

Anastasia’s romantic endeavours have attracted public attention, a natural consequence of her fame. In the months between 2016 to 2017, she was in a relationship with songwriter Sammy Wilkinson. While details surrounding their break-up are not extensively disclosed, some sources suggest an amicable parting.

Anastasia and Sammy maintained a friendly connection after their romance fizzled out, evident when they shared a vacation in Mexico together in 2019, and she received an invitation to Sammy’s sister’s wedding.

Following this, rumours circulated about a potential romantic connection between Anastasia and Nash Grier, fueled by their frequent sightings together. Despite their longstanding friendship since Nash’s rise to fame on Vine, neither party confirmed nor denied the speculations surrounding their relationship.

After that, the dating rumour mill continued to churn when Anastasia was spotted in comfortable proximity with Rob Kardashian at Kendall Jenner’s birthday party. However, the nature of their connection remains uncertain, with the rumour neither confirmed nor debunked, leaving the status of their relationship open to interpretation—whether it’s purely platonic or potentially romantic.

Concurrently, another rumour circulated involving Anastasia and Tyler Cameron. Their shared presence at the same events and mutual Instagram follows fuelled speculation, yet the exact nature of their relationship remained speculative and unconfirmed.

In 2018, speculation arose about Anastasia’s romantic involvement with rapper YBN Almighty Jay, fuelled by their shared appearances and mutual photo postings on social media. Despite the public interest, neither publicly addressed the nature of their relationship, leaving it shrouded in uncertainty.

Anastasia was linked to reality TV star Scott Disick in 2019. The speculations emerged from circulating photos of the two together, yet the nature of their connection remained unconfirmed, leaving the status of their relationship—whether platonic or romantic—in question.

Also in 2019, Anastasia found herself at the centre of dating rumours once again, this time with actor Noah Centineo. The speculation gained traction as they were frequently seen together and shared photos on social media. However, the rumour persisted, as neither party officially confirmed nor denied their alleged relationship, leaving room for ambiguity surrounding the nature of their connection.

A noteworthy development occurred in October 2022 when reports surfaced that Noah had proposed to Anastasia at a beach club, sparking rumours of a secret wedding. Yet, by the end of 2022, the two officially parted ways, and the reason for their breakup remains unspecified. Despite the attention their relationship garnered, Anastasia and Noah opted to keep the details of their personal lives private.

In the latter part of 2022, speculation arose regarding the romantic involvement of Anastasia and JXDN, real name Jaden Hossler, following their frequent public appearances together in November and December of that year. Their connection deepened when, in January 2023, the duo embarked on a vacation to the Turks and Caicos tropical archipelago, joined by a group of friends, including Kylie’s former assistant, Victoria Villarroel.

In February 2022, Jaden shared a photo with Anastasia on his Instagram account, providing tangible evidence of their official relationship. Further affirming their connection, both Anastasia and Jaden have posted images engaging in couple-themed cosplays, such as her portraying a siren and him a sailor she lured.

Anastasia’s social media post referring to Jaden as ‘her man’ solidified public perceptions of their romantic involvement.

As of late 2023, it appears that Anastasia and Jaden continue to be in a relationship, with their social media updates and public appearances offering glimpses into their evolving connection.

Physical Characteristics

Anastasia is a tall beauty at 5ft 7ins (170cms) and she has an impressive physique, weighing 132lbs (60kgs), with vital statistics of 33-24-35. She’s been spotted with blonde hair before, but has dyed her long hair brown in recent times. Her stunning blue eyes add to her undeniable appeal.

Net Worth

Anastasia has worked hard to achieve success in life and as a result has accumulated an impressive wealth. Reports on her income are conflicting, however, her net worth as of late 2023 could be close to $4 million.

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