Jenna Shea is a model and influential social media personality based in the United States. Recognised for her notable interactions with prominent figures, Jenna has established herself in the modelling industry.

If you’re curious about who Jenna is when she’s not keeping her fans happy with her social media content, stick around. We are going to get to know her better by taking a closer look at her life and career.

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Early Personal Life

Jenna Shea was born on 8 September 1985, in Ohio – Jenna has chosen to keep details about her parents and family private, leaving her hometown and upbringing shrouded in mystery, and her focus on privacy extends to any potential siblings, as such details remain undisclosed.


After completing high school, Jenna embarked on her academic journey, enrolling in university to pursue a bachelor’s degree in the arts. It was during her high school years that she unearthed her passion for modelling, setting the stage for her decision to venture into a career in the industry.


Jenna kicked off her modelling journey by showcasing her captivating photos on social media platforms, particularly Instagram. Her dynamic and alluring posts quickly garnered significant attention, leading to a substantial following on her social media accounts. She has an impressive seven million followers on Instagram.

Her modelling career expanded to feature in renowned publications like SHOW and CRAZY.

Additionally, Jenna ventured into the realm of celebrity companionship, offering escort services to notable personalities. During this phase, she had the opportunity to spend time with various celebrities in exchange for compensation.


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Making the most of her social media presence, Jenna used her platforms to promote her products, engaging her followers as loyal customers. She transitioned to producing adult content on OnlyFans.

Jenna shares her expertise through workshops, guiding enthusiasts in establishing a successful OnlyFans account, cultivating a compelling Instagram presence, and enhancing content creation skills.

Interesting Facts

Jenna embraces her love for animals, proudly caring for a delightful doggo.

A culinary enthusiast, Jenna indulges in a diverse palate, relishing the flavours of Mexican, Spanish, and Italian cuisines.

In her leisure time, Jenna immerses herself in a variety of hobbies, including reading books, crafting blogs, singing, dancing, photography, cycling, driving vehicles, and the art of cooking – Jenna enjoys indulging in the classic delight of pizza as her favourite meal.

Jenna admires Leonardo DiCaprio as her favourite actor, and has a penchant for the colour blue. Emma Watson holds the position of her favourite actress.

Paris tops the list as her preferred destination.

Later Personal Life

Jenna is currently single and hasn’t been publicly involved in a serious relationship. Over the years, she’s been linked to various well-known figures, especially in the realm of rap. Notable names include Soulja Boy, Mack Maine, Lil Wayne, Tyga and Austin Daye.

There were also rumours of her dating Aaron Carter, a renowned actor, producer, rapper, and dancer. Aaron’s second album, released during the same period of their alleged relationship achieved significant success, selling three million copies in the United States.

Throughout her life, Jenna has had several brief romances with notable individuals. Among her reported ex-boyfriends are James Harden, French Montana, Juelz Santana, and Andre Drummond.

Physical Characteristics

Jenna is quite short at only 5ft 4ins (162cms) and weighs about 125lbs (57kgs). She has long blonde hair and bright blue eyes.

Net Worth

Thanks to her hard work and dedication, Jenna’s net worth as of early 2024 is estimated to be as high s $1 million.

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