Breckie Hill is a 20-year-old social media personality, best known for her TikTok account @breckiehill, on which she’s accrued over three million followers.

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Early life and education

Breckie Hill was born on 18 April 2003, in Edina, Minnesota USA. She was a cheerleader growing up, and continued with the practice as a squad member at Edina High School. In 2017, she played tennis at the Gustavus Adolphus College court in St Peter, Minnesota State, but it’s unclear if she studied there. In August 2021, Breckie enrolled at the University of Miami, a private research university in Coral Gables, Florida, US.

Breckie showed her mother in a TikTok video, and she seemed okay with her career. However, she later revealed that her parents were strict, and even joked that her mom had discovered her content, so the post would be her last. Breckie’s father was in her life until 2018, then reappeared in July 2023 when he sent her an email containing screenshots of videos with explicit content to confront her. She labeled him as a hater, and presumably cut contact.


Breckie began her online career in June 2017 by creating her Instagram account, breckiehill. She exclusively posted pictures of herself and her best friends, many of whom were part of her high school cheerleading squad. In 2019, concurrent with creating accounts on other social media, Breckie began posting pictures from her trips to the Philippines, France, and Mexico. She infrequently posted until 2022, when she started uploading pictures and videos of herself in risqué outfits, primarily bikinis and costumes. She combined those with captions containing open-ended questions to boost engagement and promote her OnlyFans and Snapchat accounts. Doing so helped Breckie amass a million Instagram followers by 5 May 2023 and 1.7 million by December 2023.

TikTok in her room

Breckie posted her first TikTok video on 13 October 2019, in which she danced in her room to the “Jay” song by AdriXSavage, posting dancing videos filmed in her room and the classroom for the next eight months, roughly once a month. In June 2020, Breckie responded to another user’s video and agreed to that user’s statement that ‘God gave her small breasts and three brain cells and asked her to make things work.’

Ironically, after about nine months of infrequently posting content about her time at school and outings with friends, Breckie began flaunting her much bigger breasts. She acknowledged the attention and on 17 June 2021 made a video celebrating her three-year transformation. She also mentioned that some guys who previously overlooked her added her as a friend on social media after her appearance changed. Shortly afterwards, Breckie started wearing more revealing outfits, and modeling swimwear and activewear.

In 2022, she collaborated with Rachel Brockman and Breese Maroc to discuss her life more, such as announcing that she’d moved into a new apartment for her second year at university in August of that year.


Breckie eventually earned the nickname ‘Livvy with cannons’ from her TikTok audience. It referenced the gymnast and model Olivia “Livvy” Dunne, Breckie’s look-alike, with the notable difference being Olivia’s smaller breasts. The two had an online feud centered on Breckie imitating her, while mocking her for the lack of charisma and even calling her ‘a b*tch’ at one point. Breckie also posted a video in which she sent a red heart to Olivia’s boyfriend, Major League Baseball (MLB) player Paul Skenes, trying to provoke her. She even responded, ‘I don’t kiss and tell’ when someone asked why she was wearing Paul’s jersey. reported that Olivia disliked the comparison, and indirectly accused Breckie of chasing relevance by saying that ‘she can’t keep her name out of her mouth. Moreover, another look-alike and fellow OnlyFans creator and social media personality, Corinna Kopf, accused Breckie of imitation. In November 2023, Corinna noticed that Breckie ‘stole over 90% of her poses for photographs and copy-pasted captions from her Instagram posts.’ She added several comparisons as proof, according to

OnlyFans and leaked videos

Breckie began promoting her OnlyFans account, @breckie, in early 2023, has posted over 120 pictures and amassed over 580,000 likes, mainly containing suggestive content. Around that time, Breckie also responded to TikTok comments mentioning her ‘shower video‘ that leaked online and had a sexual scene. Breckie acknowledged that it was genuine by saying that she tried to protect her identity by hiding her face and using a fake name. She then accused an unspecified person of recognizing her, and sending the video to her absent father.

Breckie seemed unbothered afterwards and collaborated with wot of the most-followed TikTok stars, Josh Richards and Bryce Hall, in March 2023, gaining even more renown. Unfortunately, on 28 April, she suddenly realized that her future children and their friends would one day view her sexual content. Things worsened two days later ,when Breckie announced via TikTok that a hacker logged into her Snapchat account, @breckiehill, on which she has attracted an audience of over 1.7 million subscribers. She asked the person not to expose the pictures in her Memories, a feature that allows users to save images and videos that would disappear after the recipient views them, but regained access.

Until December 2023, Breckie almost exclusively posted images and videos taken behind the scenes on producing her lewd content to market its sales. To do so, she expressed interest in working with Johnny Sins, one of the best-known male adult actors. In July, she said that she wanted to work with Adam22, a YouTuber and podcast host who films adult content with his wife, Lena The Plug.

Another Snapchat hack

On 2 June 2023, Breckie publicly asked the Snapchat hacker and asked them to stop trying to gain access, as their activity logs her out after every attempt. Although she tried to gain sympathy by mentioning private content in Memories again, on 23 July, the hacker leaked more of her confidential content. She admitted to crying for three days, but said that she wouldn’t let the person ruin her life.

In November, Breckie accused one of the people who leaked her content, including the shower video that she reportedly didn’t plan on sharing, of being her scorned ex-boyfriend, saying that he did it in retaliation for her breaking up from him, according to Dexerto. Breckie previously said that he cheated on her emotionally by looking at pictures of Corinna.


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Dating preferences

Although Breckie’s never identified publicly of dating anyone, she revealed much about her ideal partner, initially saying that it could be ‘any decent-looking guy taller than her.’ Over time, she clarified that he has to share her sense of humor, be ideally a foot (0.3m) taller, and be interested in girls who look younger than their age, as people frequently asked her if she was 15 when she was 19 and 20. Breckie also mentioned being into a guy who never texted her back, signifying that she takes a long time to get over a crush.

Furthermore, she preferred hockey players and guys with a Minnesotan or Canadian accent. Breckie then tried to attract the attention of Connor Bedard, a centre for the Chicago Blackhawks of the National Hockey League (NHL). She even wore a Chicago Blackhawks jersey and pretended to be his girlfriend in a few posts, according to

On 26 January 2023, Breckie explained her dating rules. She said that she prefers having access to her boyfriend’s location via applications such as Google Maps or Snapchat. However, she doesn’t want to exchange passwords with him, and wouldn’t like it if he had a female best friend. Breckie is fine with him partying, clubbing, and visiting bars, but would wish for her to be present. On the other hand, she wouldn’t date a guy who goes to strip clubs. Another deal-breaker is a guy who doesn’t defend her when his friends badmouth her, because she would want him to befriend her friends and vice versa. Despite all her comments referring to a male, Breckie admitted to kissing a girl for work in May 2023.

Interesting facts, favorite things

  • A drunk driver hit Breckie’s car in late August 2023, smashing into her passenger side while she was driving, an accident known as a T-bone collision. Thankfully, an airbag saved her from incurring severe injuries.
  • Her favorite songis “Softcore” by The Neighbourhood.
  • She prefers cold weather.
  • Breckie loves pickles.
  • She takes cold showers.
  • She had an appendectomy in November 2023. The appendix is a dead-end organ attached to the large intestine prone to inflammations and infections.
  • Breckie splits her time between Minnesota and Los Angeles.

Physical characteristics

Breckie has naturally light brown hair, often dyed blonde, and green eyes. She’s 5ft 3ins (1.6m) tall, weighs about 114lbs (52kgs), and has a curvy physique.

Net worth

Breckie has an estimated net worth of $3 million. According to Daily Star UK, in one episode of the One Night with Steiny podcast, Breckie revealed that she earns over $500,000 monthly and once earned more than $300,000 in a day. However, many listeners and viewers doubt her claims and suspect that she inflated the numbers to spark curiosity. Breckie has promoted Bloom Nutrition, and expressed interest in advertising for the Raising Cane’s chain of restaurants.

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