• Stephanie Cayo is an international singer-songwriter and actress from Peru.
• She is best known for her roles in series such as “Besos Robados”, “La Marca del Deseo”, “Dona Bella”, and “Club de Cuervos”.
• She has received numerous awards including the Cartagena Film Festival Award for Best Actress in 201•
• She is currently single but was married once, and has a net worth of over $1 million.
• Stephanie also has a music career, with her first single in English “Let Me Go” released in 2016.

Who is Stephanie Cayo?

Singer-songwriter and actress Stephanie Cayo gained international fame starring in the series “Besos Robados”, and besides her role in this telenovela, she is perhaps known best for her roles in series such as “La Marca del Deseo”, “Dona Bella”, and “Club de Cuervos”.

Stephanie has over 20 acting credits to her name, and her most notable, to date is her portrayal of Antonia ‘Toni’ Fontalvo in the romantic drama series “El Secretario”, which brought her the Cartagena Film Festival Award for Best Actress (Mejor Actriz Principal) in 2011.

Early life and education

Stephanie Christina Cayo Sanguinetti was born under the zodiac sign of Aries on 8 April 1988, in Lima, Peru, where she was raised by her parents, about whom nothing is known, but she has two sisters, Barbara and Fiorella, who are also actresses.

Stephanie developed an interest in performing at an early age, so studied dance, singing and acting, landing her first role on television aged 10. Speaking of her educational background, she attended a local high school, and upon matriculating in 2006, she didn’t enroll at college, but moved to Columbia to pursue her acting career.

Roles in series

After making her acting debut as Cinthia in the series “Travesuras del Corazon” in 1998, thanks to her versatile acting, Stephanie was next cast to play Gabriela Aquirre Gonzalez in the 1999 series “Maria Emilia: Querida”, also starring the famous Coraima Tores and Ana Patricia Rojo.

Stephanie’s next role came in 2004, portraying Paloma Velacochea in “Besos Robados”, a musical romantic drama that was aired until 2007. She followed with her role as Maria Valentina in “La Marca del Deseo” in the same year.

In 2010, Stephanie was seen as Evangelina Rosales in “Dona Bella”, followed by being cast as Toni in “El Secretario” in 2011. Four years later, Stephanie had the recurring role as Mary Luz in “Club de Cuervos” until 2019.

Concurrently, she was seen as Milena in “La Hermandad” (2016), and her most recent television role was her portrayal of Meg Williams in “Los Pacientes del doctor García” in 2022.

Roles in movies

Stephanie made her big-screen debut in the 2005 movie “Polvorita”, and then waited for 13 years before she was cast to play Veronica in the romantic comedy “Yucatan”, written and directed by Daniel Mozon.

In the following year, Stephanie made her first appearance in the US movie production entitled “Bad Impulse”, followed by her role as Samantha in “Como Caido Del Cielo”, also in 2019.

Her most significant role to date, is her portrayal of Jess Pena in the 2020 movie “Force of Nature”, starring Mel Gibson, Emile Hirsch and David Zayas. The same year, Stephanie was seen as Elena Duran in “Amalgama”.

Her most recent movie role was in “Backpackers” (original title “Hasta Que Nos Volvamos a Encontrar”) also starring Maxi Iglesias and Carlos Carlin, in 2022.

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Love life and relationship with Maxi Iglesias

There have been various rumors concerning both Stephanie’s love life and her sexual orientation, however, she hasn’t commented on most of these rumors, although she did hide her relationship with Juan Alfonso Baptista, a Venezuelan actor, whom she met on the set of the series “La Marca del Deseo”. Back in 2007, according to model Natalia Paris, who dated Juan for more than seven years, their relationship ended because he cheated on her with Stephanie. Juan and Stephanie neither denied nor confirmed this story, however, today many people believe that they had an affair.

In 2013, Stephanie met her future husband, American businessman Chad Campbell. They met in New York City and eventually began their relationship. Although at first their romance was long-distance, in 2015 the two became engaged and began living together.

Three years later, Stephanie and Chad married in Cartagena de Indias, Columbia and the two seemed happy and in love. However, the couple separated in early 2021, and Stephanie shared with her Instagram followers that the decision to divorce was joint.

In March 2021, Stephanie began filming the movie “Backpackers” opposite Maxi Iglesias, a Spanish model and actor, and rumors about them soon started, and in December 2021, the two confirmed what was an open secret The two fell in love during the filming, and Stephanie posted a photo featuring the two of them kissing, and wrote a tender caption addressed to Maxi.

The couple seemed happy and in love, as they did at the beginning, however, in March 2022, rumors about their separation began circulating on the internet and in tabloids. Some rumors were saying that Stephanie was seeing a Turkish actor Kerem Bursin, and when Maxi Iglesias was absent from her birthday party in April, the rumors escalated.

On 19 April, in an interview for an international media outlet, Stephanie confirmed that she is no longer in a relationship with Maxi. On the other hand, she avoided speaking about her relationship with Kerem, saying that she prefers to keep silent about this topic.

As of August 2022, it seems that Stephanie is single, has been married once, but doesn’t have children.

Other interests

As mentioned, Stephanie is a singer, and she launched her music career in 2011, releasing her debut album “Llegare”, and her first single in English entitled “Let Me Go” was released in 2016 – the song can be heard on Spotify, YouTube, and Itunes.

Stephanie is active on her social media platforms, and mostly posts on her Instagram, which has been followed by over 1.5 million people. She also has an official Facebook page, which has gained nearly two million fans; you can also keep track of her life and work through her Twitter account, which has been followed by over 750,000 people.

Age, appearance, and net worth

Stephanie’s age is 34, and she has long blonde hair and green eyes. She weighs around 110lbs (51kgs) and is 5ft 6ins (1.68m) tall, with vital statistics of 32-25-35.

This young Peruvian actress has managed to earn a decent amount of money starring in numerous telenovelas, and recently several popular Netflix movies. According to sources, as of August 2022, her net worth has been estimated at over $1 million.

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