• Sabine Moussier is a Televisa's actress with 30 acting credits to her name
• She is known best for her role as Lorenza Torres in the 1998 television series El Privilegio de Amar, which earned her the Premios TvyNovelas Award for Best New Actress
• She is of mixed Spanish and French descent and attended Televisa’s education center to build her career in the film and television industry
• She has starred in numerous popular telenovelas and has earned a net worth of $1.5 million
• She is in a long-term relationship with a man whom she’s never seen, which has been ongoing for six years

Who is Sabine Moussier?

Perhaps one of the most famous Televisa’s villains, Sabine Moussier has 30 acting credits to her name, but is still possibly known best for her role as Lorenza Torres in the 1998 television series “El Privilegio de Amar”. This was her first major role and she made an appearance in 143 episodes of this romantic drama.

Many critics say that her role as Lorenza Torres, a sympathetic model, was her best to date – for her performance, Sabine won the Premios TvyNovelas Award for Best New Actress.

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Early life, family, and education

Diane Sabine Moussier was born on 23 August 1966, in Leverkusen, then West Germany, but when she was a child, she moved with her mother to Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico, where she spent her childhood. Sabine holds both German and Mexican nationality, although her ethnicity is of mixed Spanish and French descent.

Speaking of her educational background, she attended a local high school, and after she matriculated in 1984, Sabine enrolled at Centro de Education Artisitica, an institution run by the Mexican major media conglomerate, Televisa, that provides a three-year program for talented youngsters who wants to build their career in the film and television industry.

Acting career

After she graduated from Televisa’s education center, Sabine was a co-host of “Al ritmo de la noche”, and eventually made her acting debut in the 1996 series “Morir Dos Veces”, followed by her role in “Luz Clarita”, in the same year.

In the following year, she made her movie debut portraying Lucy in the comedy “Tres Huasnacos”, starring Luis de Alba, Rosita Bouchot and Jose Natera., and Sabine followed with her role as Mireya in 20 episodes of the telenovela “Maria Isabel”, also in 1997.

Her breakthrough role as Lorenza Torres in “El Privilegio de Amar” came in 1998, with the series airing until 1999. During 1999 and 2000, Sabine portrayed Diana in “Mujeres Enganadas”, and then in 2002, she was cast to play Frida de Villareal in “Entre el Amor y el Odio”.

This historic crime drama followed the story of a lonely man who finds the love of his life after his uncle’s death, but also he discovers hate that threatens to spread in his world. You can guess who portrayed the main villain in the series, and who wanted to gain control of this man’s property – of course, it was Sabine, and the stars beside her were Cesar Evora and Susana Gonzalez.

Three years later, Sabine guest-starred as Fabiola Mendizabal in “Stepmother”; her character was a mentally unstable villain. In the same year, Sabine landed the role of Rebeca Franco, an ambitious businesswoman who was having an affair with the heroin’s husband, in “Piel de Otono”.

From 2006 until 2007, Sabine was seen in “Amar Sin Limites” as Eva Santoro, a mafia boss, which was a change for Sabine, since she didn’t play an unfaithful wife, terrible mother, or a husband-stealer. For the first time, Sabine’s character was more favorable than the heroin; for her performance, Sabine was nominated for the Premios TvyNovelas Award for Best Actress in 2007.

Next, in 2008, Sabine was seen portraying Marissa de la Parra in 138 episodes of “Las Tontas No Van Al Cielo”, and this character was also loved by the viewers, especially after it was revealed that Marissa was left at the altar while she was carrying her fiancée’s child.

In the following years, Sabine starred in numerous series, and some of her most notable roles were in “With You, Without You” (2011), “Abyss of Passion” (2012), “La Malqeurida” (2014), and “Sueno de Amor” (2016), among others.

Most recently, Sabine was seen as Olinka Cohen in “La Mexicana y el Guero” (2020-2021), and in the 2021 movie “The Waiter”. Her fans can now enjoy watching her play Victoriana Peñalver de Ruiz Montalvo in the series “Corazon Guerrero”, which premiered in March 2022.

Love life and husband

Speaking of Sabine’s love life, we could say that she had quite interesting love stories. It is known that she dated Rodrigo Santos back in 1999, with whom she lived, and people assumed that they would marry, however, they separated in 2002.

Soon after, Sabine began dating Jorge Peralta, a businessman from Chile, and their first child, a daughter Camila was born on 15 July 2003, while their son, Paulo was born on 3 July 2006. Although Jorge was referred to as her husband, the two didn’t officially marry, and separated in January 2008.

Shortly afterwards, Sabine announced her relationship with a man known only as Juan, but this love story was short-lived, and the two parted ways in 2009. During 2013, Sabine was in a relationship with Mexican model, and actor Erick Sabater.

Sometime in 2020, Sabine revealed that she is in a long-term relationship with a man whom she’s never seen, which was quite confusing for her fans. She explained that the two have only telephone contact; apparently, her make-up artist gave her number to this person, and since then, it has been six years of talking every day. She said that his name is either Leonardo Demian or Demian Leonardo, and admits that although these calls sometimes complicate her life, he makes her happy occasionally, although quite how…..?

Health issues

In late 2009, Sabine felt that something was wrong – she couldn’t remember her lines and was more tired than before, so she visited a doctor, who diagnosed that she has developed so-called Guillain–Barré syndrome, which is a disorder in which her body’s immune system attacks her nerves.

The illness spread from her spinal cord to her brain and that was the reason she felt pain and fatigue. Additionally, doctors warned that she might be left paralyzed.

In the following year, Yolanda Miranda, mother of Sabine’s fellow actress Thalia, called Sabine and told her that Thalia had the same symptoms as Sabine, and that her diagnosis was Lyme Disease. Yolanda gave Sabine the numbers of two doctors who later confirmed that Sabine did suffer from Lyme and that Guillain–Barré syndrome was an incorrect diagnosis.

When she began using medicine to treat Lyme, Sabine soon felt much better.

Age, height, and net worth

This 56-years-old actress has long blonde hair and piercing blue eyes which is her trademark; speaking of her height, she is 5ft 5ins (1.64m) tall, while she weighs around 120lbs (53kgs), and has an hourglass figure with vital statistics of 33-25-33.

Sabine has starred in numerous popular telenovelas, and during her more than 25-year-long career, has earned a decent wealth thanks to her talent. As of September 2022, her net worth has been estimated at $1.5 million.

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