Rob Morgan:
• American actor born on 24 February 1973
• Known for his performance in the 2017 war movie “Mudbound”
• Has appeared in nearly 100 movies and TV series
• Won six of his 17 award nominations
• Estimated net worth of more than $3 million

Who is Rob Morgan?

American actor Rob Morgan was born in New Bern, North Carolina USA, on 24 February 1973 under the zodiac sign of Pisces. He’s appeared in nearly 100 movies and TV series, and is probably best known for his playing of Hap Jackson in the 2017 war movie “Mudbound”, written and directed by Dee Rees, and which starred Jason Mitchell, Carey Mulligan and Jason Clarke. It follows two men who’ve returned to their farms in Mississippi following the Second World War, and the movie won 36 of its 158 award nominations, which include four Oscar nominations.

Early life and education

Robert Morgan and Mildred (nee Martin) raised their son Rob in New Bern, alongside his brother Jamal Mixon; Rob respects his parents’ privacy, thus not a lot about them is known.

Rob studied at a local high school in New Bern, and although he appeared in several plays during his four years there, his initial plan wasn’t to pursue a career in the film industry. He played a couple of sports as a teenager, excelling in basketball; he matriculated in 1991.

Rob hasn’t shared whether or not he then continued his education, but many of his fans believe that he attended college, from which he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in 1995; he spent the following 10 years working various jobs to financially support himself, prior to launching his acting career.

Roles in movies

Rob’s debut film appearance was in the 2004 short drama “Yes Madame”, and the same year saw him appear in three other short dramas: “The Reunion”, “A Good Day” and “Innocence Lost”.

He played Cinque in the 2006 drama “Sorry Ain’t Enough”, directed by Emily Emmy Blake, and in which he starred alongside Victoria Cartagena and Cynthia Brown. It follows several black lawyers as they’re suing the government.

A couple of Rob’s following roles were in the 2009 crime comedy drama “Pro-Black Sheep”, the 2010 crime drama “Conspiracy X”, and the 2010 short drama “As It Is”.

He portrayed Cuffed Man Curtis in the 2013 action “The Inevitable Defeat of Mister & Pete”, directed by George Tillman Jr., and which starred Jordin Sparks and Ethan Dizon. It follows two boys whose mothers have been incarcerated – the movie was nominated for 10 awards.

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The year 2014 saw Rob play DeVaughn in the family comedy drama “The Bicycle”, as well as Franklin in the drama “Shelter” and Gerry in the comedy “Other Plans”.

He portrayed Will in the 2018 crime thriller drama “Monsters and Men”, which Reinaldo Marcus Green wrote and directed, and which starred Kelvin Harrison Jr, Anthony Ramos and John David Washington. It follows the life of a bystander who filmed a police officer killing a black man – the film won five of its 14 award nominations.

Rob’s three most recent film roles have been in the 2021 crime drama “The Unforgivable”, which won five of its nine award nominations, the 2021 science fiction comedy “Don’t Look Up”, which was nominated for four Oscars, and the 2022 horror “Smile”.

Roles in TV series

Rob’s debut TV series appearance was in the 2009 episode “Audition Day” of the comedy “30 Rock”, and he then appeared in the 2011 episode “Black and Blue” of the mystery crime drama “Blue Bloods” and the 2012 episode “The Sunday Morning Slasher” of the crime drama “Evil, I”.

The year 2014 saw him play Joshua Carpenter in the fantasy science fiction drama “Believe”, created by Mark Friedman and Aifonso Cuaron, and which starred Jake McLaughlin, Jamie Chung and Johnny Sequoyah; it follows a former convict as he’s protecting a young girl from those who want to steal her special powers.

In 2015 and 2016, Rob played Turk Barrett in the critically acclaimed action crime drama “Daredevil”, written by Drew Goddard, and which starred Deborah Ann Woll, Vincent D’Onofrio and Charlie Cox. It follows Matt Murdock, who’s an attorney during the day and a vigilante at night – the series aired from 2015 to 2018 and won nine of its 57 award nominations.

Rob’s three most recent TV series roles have been in the 2020 episode “Screen” of the comedy drama “High Maintenance”, 10 episodes of the 2022 biographical sports drama “Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty”, and four episodes of the critically acclaimed 2022 fantasy horror drama “Stranger Things”.

Other credits

Rob sang the song “Comfortable” in the 2013 action comedy movie “Full Circle”.

He’s been a guest in a couple of talk-shows, most recently in “Today”, “The Official Winning Time Podcast”, and “Monday Morning Critic Podcast”.

Awards and nominations

Rob’s won six of his 17 award nominations. Some of his wins include a 2017 Black Film Critics Circle Award for Best Ensemble, for his and his colleagues’ performance in “Mudbound”, a 2019 Black Reel Award for Television for Outstanding Guest Actor, Drama Series for “This is Us”, and a 2020 SXSW Film Festival Lone Star Award for his performance in “Bull”.

Relationships and girlfriends

Rob’s amongst the most secretive of actors, as he hasn’t spoken of the women and/or men whom he’s perhaps dated, which is probably why most of his fans believe that he’s today single.

However, some netizens (citizens of the internet) believe that he’s perhaps gay, and is unready to come out of the closet; it’s been speculated that Rob’s perhaps even in a relationship with a fellow actor, and that the two are successful at keeping their relationship hidden, but no evidence has been provided to support any of these claims.

Some even believe that he’s married, but this is unlikely to be true, as Rob hasn’t been spotted spending time with his wife and/or the children whom he might have.

Rob seems to be single as of September 2022, hasn’t married and doesn’t have children.

Hobbies and interesting facts

Rob enjoys uploading pictures and videos onto his Instagram account, and it today counts exactly 500, while he’s followed by over 5,500 people on the social media network.

He works out five to six times at the gym every week, mostly because of his acting career, but also for his health.

Rob enjoys being close to the ocean, which is mostly why summer’s his favorite season.

He’s a huge fan of baseball, and often watches Major League Baseball (MLB); he’s also keen on watching the National Basketball Association (NBA) and National Football League (NFL).

Rob’s favorite actors are Chris Rock and Will Smith, and some of his favorite movies are “Down to Earth”, “Good Hair” and “Head of State”.

Height, eyes and net worth

Rob’s age is 49. He’s bald, his eyes are brown, his height’s 6ft (1.83m) and his weight is about 175lbs (79kgs).

Rob’s net worth’s been estimated at more than $3 million, as of September 2022.

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