• Cameran Eubanks is a reality star best known for her appearance on the show “Southern Charm”.
• She left the show in 2019, with rumors of her husband’s infidelity as a contributing factor.
• Drama and controversy have featured heavily in “Southern Charm” since its premiere, with Kathryn Dennis being a key source.
• Shep Rose has been the show’s resident playboy, with a fear of commitment and a 15-year age gap with his current girlfriend.
• Thomas Ravenel has been a center of controversy since the show began, with his relationship with Ashley Jacobs ending after a year of dating.

Who is Cameran Eubanks?

Cameran is a reality star who was born in November 1983, in Anderson, South Carolina, USA. In April 2014, she married her long-term boyfriend, a doctor named Jason Wimberly; the couple share a daughter they named Palmer.

Cameran made her TV debut in 2004, by appearing in the MTV reality series “The Real World”, which is still going strongly after over three decades. She returned in 2014 as a regular cast member of Bravo’s “Southern Charm”, and has also made a handful of cameos in “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen”.

Compared to most reality stars, Cameran is refreshingly down-to-earth and has been described as the “resident normal person” of “Southern Charm”. Her interests include boating and reading a good book on the beach; she shops at TJ Maxx, Ross Shop For Less, and consignment stores.

Despite her relatability, some people were confused as to what Cameran could bring to a reality show, given her calm demeanor. Well, her family has been in South Carolina for ten generations, which certainly helped her land a spot in “Southern Charm”, a show based around socialites living in the state. However, Cameran didn’t have many memorable moments in the series, and when she left in 2019, she was soon replaced by other, apparently more vibrant cast members.

Some thought that Cameran left to dedicate more time to her daughter; others believed that her husband had an affair with a make-up artist and that the glamorous blonde preferred to say goodbye to “Southern Charm” rather than address the rumors on national TV; she first addressed the matter in an Instagram statement which she issued in May 2020. – “I was going to make a kind statement about why I decided to leave the show tomorrow, however, it’s come to my attention that insidious rumors are now spreading, and fake articles being written”, adding “I can’t get too upset though because this is what you sign up for when you put your life on reality TV, and why I’m getting out of it now,” she concluded.

Cameran delved into further detail in her book, “One Day You’ll Thank Me: Essays on Dating, Motherhood, and Everything In Between”, which was published in February 2021. Apparently, the real estate agent’s priorities changed after giving birth to Palmer in 2017, and she slowly lost interest in filming for the show. She was also dealing with social media hate, and coming to terms with the drastic shift in her lifestyle.

Fellow cast member Kathryn Dennis was called out for reportedly spreading the rumor about Jason’s infidelity, for the sake of a juicy storyline. When Cameran left the show, so did her close friends Naomie Olindo and Chelsea Meissner; Chelsea was particularly blunt when she said in an Instagram story: “To all those asking why Cameran, Naomie and I (and anyone with a life they want to protect), quit the show, it’s s**t like this. Shame on you Kathryn Dennis for this and many other things.”

“Southern Charm”

The reality series “Southern Charm” premiered on Bravo in March 2014 and followed both the personal and professional lives of Charleston-based socialites. The show focuses heavily on Southern culture and the area’s political history, and has featured Mikell House, Lewisfield Plantation, and other local places of note.

Although some naysayers doubted that the show would last, Bravo has ordered various spin-offs over the years. The first one, “Southern Charm Savannah”, premiered in May 2017 and is produced by Haymaker Productions. Two more spin-offs were ordered a month before “Savanna” was released: “Southern Charm New Orleans”, and “RelationShep”.

Yet another spin-off, “Southern Hospitality”, was ordered by the network in May 2022; the latest series has an expected premiere date of 28th November 2022, and will follow main cast member Leva Bonaparte as she runs her restaurant, Republic Garden & Lounge.

Relationship Drama

Drama and controversy have featured heavily in “Southern Charm” since its premiere, with Cameran being an outlier compared to her messy castmates. Over the years, the cast has undergone many changes; as of season eight, the main members are Shep Rose and his girlfriend Taylor Ann Green; up-and-coming entrepreneur Craig Conover; Naomie Olindo, who returned after leaving in 2019; social media influencer Venita Aspen; beer connoisseur Austen Kroll; drama queen Kathryn Dennis; the mother-and-son duo Patricia Altschul and Whitney-Sudler Smith; the restauranter Leva Bonaparte, and many of their new and old flames to add some spice and confrontation.

First on the list is Kathryn Dennis, who joined the cast at the young age of 21 and has since become a mother of two. During the first seasons, she fell head over heels in love with Thomas Ravenel, who is 30 years older and comes from an influential Southern family. Their relationship was controversial and full of ups and downs, and they finally broke up in 2016. Since then, they’ve been embroiled in various custody battles over their two children. Currently, Kathryn has supervised weekend visits, while her ex- has custody.

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Kathryn has been romantically involved with many cast members since season one, when she hooked up with Shep. Craig was understandably upset, as he had a crush on Kathryn and accused his friend of breaking the unspoken bro code. In season six, it was revealed that Kathryn had hooked up with Whitney before falling in love with the father of her children; however, Whitney denied the rumors, to which an outraged Kathryn replied: “I’ve had people lie that they’ve had sex with me, but I’ve never had anyone deny that they’ve had sex with me.”

Craig, who is a beloved cast member thanks to his affable personality and goofy charm, moved in with his then-girlfriend Naomie in season three of “Southern Charm” but would break up with the glamorous brunette a few years later. They argued frequently while together, with their most memorable war of words coming in season five, when she criticized his sewing hobby, to which Craig famously replied: “What’s wrong with my sewing?”.

It appears that there was nothing wrong, as Craig has since opened his own retail pillow business with a flagship store in Charleston. His book, published in March 2022, is aptly-named: “Pillow Talk: What’s Wrong with My Sewing?”, showing that if nothing else, Craig is a marketing genius.

The reality star found love again in 2021 with Paige DeSorbo of “Summer House” fame, but before the couple made things official, he and Naomie hooked up after a chance encounter in Las Vegas. Naomie confirmed it in an interview with People magazine, and called it a “one or two-off situation, but nothing more than that”.

This led to people calling Craig and Paige’s relationship timeline into question. In June 2022, the handsome entrepreneur set the record straight and confirmed that he and Naomie hooked up before he and Paige were exclusive, and that he hadn’t hidden the truth from Paige. He did, however, wait to tell his friend Austen, who was rather displeased.

Austen has been in a rollercoaster on-and-off relationship of his own, namely with his costar Madison LeCroy. After torturing viewers with their doomed romance for what felt like forever, both of them finally moved on in season eight, when Madison became engaged to her boyfriend Brett Randle and Austen began seeing Olivia Flowers.

Reality show season premieres would be nothing without awkward encounters between exes, and that’s precisely what happened when Austen and Madison bumped into each other at Kathryn’s birthday bash. The pair had a tense conversation, but he told Olivia that she had no reason to be concerned. Olivia claimed that she had no problem with him saying hi to Madison, but added in a confessional: “We shouldn’t be going on our first date and talking about homegirl.”

Olivia’s remarks didn’t go down well with Madison, who wrote on Instagram: “I’d rather be a homegirl than a homely girl”, to which Olivia replied via her Instagram stories: “Homely? More like homebody.”

Austen Kroll BREAKS SILENCE on Madison LeCroy’s engagement. 😮👀 #SouthernCharm

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After ending things with Austen, Madison was rumored to be seeing the Major League Baseball (MLB) star Alex Rodriguez while he was set to marry Jennifer Lopez. During the season seven reunion, she denied ever meeting Alex but admitted to having communicated with him via social media. More speculation arose when eagle-eyed netizens noticed Alex had liked a few of Madison’s sultry Instagram snaps.

Whatever the case, Alex and Jennifer broke up shortly after his alleged flirtation with Madison became public. Although the couple had pushed their nuptials back several times, some thought that the situation with the “Southern Charm” star was the straw that broke the camel’s back. According to Page Six, “The Madison LeCroy scandal was the reason they finally broke up.” Shep added his two cents by telling US Weekly that Madison had signed an NDA, non-disclosure agreement.

Shep is the show’s resident playboy, who seems to be deadly afraid of committing to just one person. In season seven, he introduced viewers to his girlfriend, Taylor Ann Green, when they’d just started dating. Taylor was unphased by Shep’s worrisome dating history, or the 15-year age gap and was eager to start a family with the handsome reality star.

Just days after Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez officially called it quits, #SouthernCharm's Madison LeCroy replied to a fan's comment about him with an interesting relationship update. 👀

Posted by E! News on Sunday, April 18, 2021

Although things were going well for the couple during their honeymoon stage, a pregnancy scare in season eight made it clear that Shep and Taylor weren’t looking for the same things. Shep was horrified by the thought of becoming a father, whereas Taylor was already making wedding plans. His reaction to the news made Taylor rethink their relationship, but she’s determined to hang on… for now.

Relationship Drama – Part Two

Going back to Kathryn, she introduced her boyfriend, the former soccer player Chleb Ravenell to the show in season seven. The pair broke up just one season and a few episodes later, as she believed he was emotionally unavailable and not supportive enough. “I haven’t seen you taking the steps to fulfill the role that I would like someone to fill,” she told him.

Kathryn and Chleb began dating in July 2020 just weeks after a local radio DJ called the blonde bombshell out via social media for sending racist DMs which included monkey emojis. The DJ was a black woman, and Kathryn wrote during their online back-and-forth: “stop using Charleston and ur minority claim as a platform to harass people.”

Although Kathryn eventually apologized, her relationship with Chleb raised many eyebrows, as he’s also black. Leva and other co-stars considered it a strategic move to prove that she wasn’t racist after all. Chleb, who was reportedly heartbroken after the split, was also criticized for dating Kathryn, with many thinking he was desperate for publicity, after fading out of the limelight.

Naomie, who practically had to grovel to return to “Southern Charm” after burning bridges during her dramatic exit, has had her own share of relationship problems. In season five, she broke up with Craig and found love again with Matul Shah, a med student. The pair dated for three years after she left the show, but broke up after moving to New York City when Naomie went looking through her boo’s laptop and found incriminating messages between him and his ex-.

As for Thomas, Kathryn’s ex-, he has been a center of controversy on “Southern Charm” since the beginning. During six seasons, his behavior was relentlessly questioned and criticized, while his failed political career was mocked no end. In 2018, he was arrested for assaulting his children’s former nanny, then bowed out of the show once and for all.

In season five, Thomas found love with Ashley Jacobs, a young nurse with no prior TV experience. However, this relationship was almost as disastrous as his previous one, as Ashley argued with everyone – especially Kathryn – and ended things after a year of dating. Shep asked Ashley how she felt about Thomas and their relationship, to which she bitingly replied: “How do we sum up the worst year of my life?”

Thomas became engaged to Heather Mascoe in 2020, six months after the couple welcomed a child. Things were looking more promising, given that Heather was a much more age-appropriate partner for the sixty-something, but the relationship ended abruptly in 2021, for so far unknown reasons.

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