Who is Noelle Leyva?

American social media star, YouTuber and model Noelle Leyva, was born under the zodiac sign of Capricorn on 6 January 2001, in New Jersey USA. She’s probably known only for her social media accounts, including her self-titled YouTube channel, which she created on 29 October 2015, and which is today subscribed to by close to 190,000 people. Noelle’s posted 163 videos, and all of these combined number more than 35 million views; most featuring her during her everyday life, whether she’s trying on the clothes that she’s bought, showing off her sexy body or taking on some of the most popular internet challenges.

Noelle quit YouTube in January 2023 but then in September returned to making videos.

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Early life and education

Noelle was raised in New Jersey by her parents who want to be left out of media, and Noelle thus doesn’t talk about them on the internet; her mother’s believed to be an accountant and her father a real estate investor, but this is yet to be addressed by Noelle. She’s also yet to talk about having siblings and so is believed to have none.

Noelle became interested in multiple activities while still attending a local elementary school as she began taking dance lessons aged eight, was a member of her school’s drama club and appeared in a couple of plays performed there. Noelle became more interested in being physically active upon enrolling at high school in 2015, and went on to run track and play various sports with her peers, excelling in soccer; she was 17 when she began going to the gym.

Noelle matriculated in 2019, and then focused on her career on the internet, thus choosing not to attend college.

Most watched YouTube videos

Noelle’s mostly popular on YouTube for the videos in which she’s showing off her sexy body, while her fans also like her for giving them tips on working out and dieting, for her personality and for keeping her social media accounts updated. We’ll cover Noelle’s three most popular videos as these have helped her expand her internet fanbase.

Her #1 video “Booty Series Episode 2 with Fit Twins” has been watched more than 650,000 times since 26 February 2021 and features Noelle working out at the gym together with social media stars and YouTubers Fit Twins.

Noelle’s second most popular video “Booty Series Episode 3 At Alphalete” has been viewed close to 570,000 times since 13 March 2021, and features Noelle working out at the gym while also teaching her fans about exercises for various parts of their body.

Her #3 video “My Side of The Story | What Happened to Us” has been watched more than 500,000 times since 19 March 2021 and features Noelle talking about what had happened between her and her now-former boyfriend Isaiah.

Presence on the internet

Noelle’s active on all of today’s popular social media networks and her fanbase also represents her primary source of income.

Her Instagram account numbers over 730,000 followers and Noelle’s posted close to 550 pictures and videos, with most featuring her spending time with friends, showing off her attractive body and working out at the gym.

Noelle’s become a TikTok star thanks to more than 1.1 million people following her on the network, while all her videos combined number over 30 million likes; most show her lip syncing to her favorite songs, showing off her sexy body, and working out at the gym.

Noelle’s tweeted only 15 times since the creation of her Twitter account in August 2022, which is why she’s followed by only close to 5,000 people on this network; most of her tweets are the same pictures that can be found uploaded onto her Instagram account.

Noelle also has a Facebook page, today followed by close to 10,000 people, while all her posts combined number nearly 9,500 likes; she tends to update the account at least once a month and most of her Facebook pictures and videos feature her showing off her cosplay costumes and working out at the gym.

Love life and relationships

Noelle rarely speaks about her love life on the internet but it’s known that she was in a relationship with American social media star, YouTuber and actor Isaiah Miranda; he’s today followed by over 360,000 people on Instagram, while his YouTube channel numbers more than three million subscribers.

Noelle and Isaiah were together in 2020 and 2021; they often featured each other in their YouTube videos and other internet content during those two years, and split on good terms. It’s widely believed that the two still occasionally spend time together but this hasn’t been addressed by Noelle.

There are no other men whom she’s maybe been with, that we know about; Noelle seems to be single as of December 2023, doesn’t have children and hasn’t married.

Hobbies and interesting facts

Noelle works out at the gym nearly every day, sometime multiple times a day, and is mostly into working on her abs and glutes.

Some of her fans claim that Noelle’s recently enhanced her breasts, but no evidence has been provided to support these claims.

She likes summer the most, as she enjoys sun tanning at the beach, wearing bikinis and showing off her slim figure.

Noelle likes fast cars and her favorite brand is Mercedes.

She likes to listen to pop and rap music while she’s working out – some of her favorite singers are Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift and Rihanna.

Noelle’s two favorite actresses are Keira Knightley and Emma Watson, and some of her favorite films are “The Perks of Being a Wallflower”, the franchise “Pirates of the Caribbean”, and “Berlin, I Love You”.

Age, height and net worth

Noelle’s age is 22. She’s 5ft 5ins (1.65m) tall, weighs around 115lbs (53kgs), and has brown eyes and hair, although she often dyes her hair blonde.

Noelle’s net worth’s been estimated at over $400,000, as of December 2023.

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