• Alyssa Rivera is the daughter of Nicky Jam, a famous American singer and actor
• She was born in the US in 2002, and grew up in Los Angeles, California, studying in a local high school and matriculating in 2021
• Alyssa is believed to be either lesbian or bisexual, and is currently believed to be unattached; she is active on Instagram, with 80,000 followers
• She has brown hair and eyes, is 5ft 4ins (1.63m) tall, and weighs 120lbs (54kgs)
• Nicky Jam has a net worth of over $6 million and has appeared in several films • his Infinity Tour began in February 2022

Who is Alyssa Rivera?

Alyssa was born in the USA in 2002, but her exact place and date of birth remain undisclosed. She’s probably only known for being a daughter of Nicky Jam, a famous American singer and actor.

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Education and early life

Alyssa was raised in the US by her father, and her mother whose name hasn’t been disclosed; she has three half siblings: Luciana Rivera, Joe Martin and Yarima. Her father married Angelica Cruz in February 2017, after the two had dated for two years, but divorced a year later. He and American model Cydney Moreau became engaged on 14 February 2020, but called it off less than a year later.

Alyssa grew up being interested mostly in singing, looking up to her father and wanting to become famous worldwide. She studied at a local high school in Los Angeles, California, and was into a couple of activities during her four years there, including dancing, singing and playing several instruments.

Alyssa matriculated in 2021, and it’s believed that she’s currently attending a college, from which she should be graduating in 2025.

Love life and relationships

Alyssa keeps away from the media’s attention, and hasn’t been seen in public with any boys, or perhaps girls, to whom she might be romantically linked.

Some of her father’s fans believe that Alyssa might be either lesbian or bisexual, and that this is why she hasn’t talked about the people whom she’s perhaps dated.

A fan has also claimed that Alyssa’s today in a long-term relationship with her high school sweetheart, and that she had seen them spending time together on a number of occasions, but Alyssa hasn’t addressed these rumors, nor has any evidence been provided to support them.

She seems to be unattached as of December 2022.

Interesting facts and hobbies

Alyssa’s quite active on Instagram, and there are over 80,000 people following her today, although she’s uploaded only 12 pictures onto the social media network – it’s believed that she’s quite close to her fans and often responds to their messages.

She’s passionate about singing, and her father uploaded a video onto his YouTube channel on 13 April 2020, which featured him and Alyssa singing together; people were quick to notice that Alyssa’s quite talented, and that she might have a chance at succeeding in the music industry.

She spends a lot of her spare time outdoors, as she likes to go on long walks, and enjoys checking out clothes at various boutiques.

Alyssa loves Hollywood movies, and her favorite actresses are Anne Hathaway and Emma Stone, while some of her favorite films are “Rachel Getting Married”, “Becoming Jane” and “Ella Enchanted”.

Height, eyes and wealth

Alyssa is either 19 or 20 years old. She has brown eyes and hair, her weight is 120lbs (54kgs) and she’s 5ft 4ins (1.63m) tall.

Alyssa doesn’t have an independent net worth as of December 2022, but her father’s net worth’s been estimated at over $6 million.

Who is Nicky Jam?

Nick Rivera Caminero was born in Lawrence, Massachusetts USA, on 17 March 1981, meaning that his zodiac sign’s Pisces. He’s probably known best for his hit songs “El Amante”, “Hasta el Amanecer” and “Travesuras”, while he’s also known for his collaboration with many popular singers and rappers, such as Anuel AA, Ozuna and Daddy Yankee.


Posted by Nicky Jam on Sunday, December 11, 2022

Nicky was raised in Lawrence by his Puerto Rican father and Dominican mother. He was around eight years old when he became interested in rap, and a fan of LL Cool J, and Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch. When Nicky was 10, the family moved to San Juan, Puerto Rico; he later revealed that his father was involved in a drug case and escaped bail, leading to the family’s relocation.

It wasn’t easy for Nicky to find friends in Puerto Rico, as he spoke no Spanish when they arrived there, but he succeeded after his peers became interested in his rap verses. He was 11 when he started working at a grocery store; a customer heard him rapping, and invited him to record a song. Nicky was 14 when his debut extended play (EP) was released, entitled “Distinto a los Demas”; he tried cocaine for the first time in the following year.

He steadily became popular in Puerto Rico, and then met his role model Daddy Yankee, with whom he then formed the duo Los Cangris, and released songs “Guayando”, “Donde Estan Las Gatas” and “En la Cama”. In 2001 and 2004, Nicky released his solo albums “Haciendo Escante” and “Vida Escante”, respectively.

As Nicky became addicted to both cocaine and alcohol, he and Daddy Yankee began dissing each other, and their duo fell apart in 2004; Nicky then fell into depression, and gained a lot of weight, reaching 300lbs (135kgs). The year 2007 saw him move to Medellin, Colombia wanting to stop using drugs and create new music; he was able to stop drinking and using cocaine, but only for a short while, as he overdosed in 2010 and nearly died.

It was the near-death experience that led Nicky to entirely stop using drugs; he began leading a healthier life, and lost around 100lbs (45kgs). He met Daddy Yankee on a plane in 2014, after the two hadn’t seen each other for around 10 years; the rappers apologized to each other, and began touring together in the same year.

Nicky’s hit song “Travesuras” was released on 27 January 2014, and reached the top 10 on the Billboard Hot Latin Songs Chart; the following year saw Nicky collaborate with famous Spanish singer-songwriter Enrique Iglesias on the single “El Perdon”, which won Nicky a Latin Grammy for Best Urban Performance. His album “Fenix” was released on 20 January 2017, and on 2 March 2018, Nicky and J Balvin released their single “X”, which reached #41 on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart.

Most recently, on 3 February 2022, Nicky embarked on his Infinity Tour.

He’s also a bit of an actor, having made his debut appearance in the 2017 action thriller movie “XXX: Return of Xander Cage”, while the same year saw him appear in the drama film “The Keys of Christmas”. In 2018, Nicky starred in the biographical series “Nicky Jam: El Ganador”, which follows his childhood, struggles with drugs and success in the rap industry. He’s had only two other roles: Nicky played Lorenzo ‘Zway-Lo’ Rodriguez in the 2020 crime action movie “Bad Boys for Life”, and voiced Butch Cat in the 2021 computer animated comedy movie “Tom & Jerry”.

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