• Nahla Ariela Aubry is the daughter of Academy Award-winning actress, Halle Berry and French-Canadian model, Gabriel Aubry
• She was born on 16 March 2008 in Los Angeles, California and is of mixed English, African-American and French-Canadian descent
• Her parents had a highly publicized custody battle in 2010
• Halle and Gabriel have put their differences aside for the sake of their daughter and are now often seen together
• Nahla has a half-brother, Maceo Robert Martinez, from her mother's marriage with Olivier Martinez

Who is Nahla Ariela Aubry?

As with most celebrity children, being the daughter of an Academy-winning actress is to Nahla Ariela Aubry both a blessing and a curse. People want to know all about her life, so the paparazzi often follow her where ever she’s going, despite the wish of her parents to keep her away from the media’s attention. If you are one of those who want to know more about this youngster, keep on scrolling and you’ll find out some interesting facts about her life.

Nahla Ariela Aubry was born under the zodiac sign of Pisces on 16 March 2008, in Los Angeles, California USA; she holds American nationality and her ethnicity is of mixed English, African-American, and French-Canadian descent, so it isn’t surprising that she has brown eyes and light-brown curly hair, which makes the look of this 14-years-old very exotic and quite different.

In March 2022, on her 14th birthday, her mother, Halle Berry, shared on her Instagram a photo featuring the two of them, with the description saying: ’14 years ago, I was blessed to give birth to an ‘Earth Angel’ and I named her Nahla Ariela! Humbled by your presence and overjoyed at the same time. Happy Birthday, Nahla boo!’ Her father, Gabriel Aubry, also posted a photo of himself and Nahla, with the caption saying: ‘Happy Birthday to the most amazing (not so little anymore) girl in the world ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥’; these are some of the rare photos which her parents shared online.

Speaking of her parents, the two met in 2005 when shooting for Versace, since Gabriel is also a model, so they began dating soon after they met, and three years later, they became parents. However, when Nahla was two years old, Halle and Gabriel parted ways, and then in April 2010, one of the most highly publicized celebrity custody battles of all time started.

Nahla’s father, Gabriel asked for joint custody, but Halle wanted full custody of their daughter, since she was planning to move to France with her then-fiance, Olivier Martinez;  in the end, the two were granted joint custody.

In early 2012, Gabriel demanded $50,000 from Halle for Nahla’s expenses, and asked the court to increase the amount of child support to $20,000 – the court ruled in his favor.

The two then returned to the courtroom to settle a disagreement over their daughter’s hair – apparently, Gabriel had Nahla’s hair dyed blonde and had her naturally curly hair straightened, which made Halle believe that Gabriel was trying to ‘mask’ her African-American heritage, however, the court didn’t find that Nahla’s best interests were at risk.

In 2014, Halle was ordered to pay $16,000 per month in child support, and also $300,000 for Gabriel’s attorney fees, however, later on, the child support that Halle was paying was reduced to half of the settled amount, apparently as Gabriel’s income increased.

According to court documents, the reason why Halle is paying child support is based on her income compared to Gabriel’s, which during 2012 she reported as being over $4.5 million, while Gabriel totaled around $190,000.

Although the custody battle was lengthy and hard for both of them, it seems that Halle and Gabriel put all that behind them for sake of their daughter, thus in May 2018, they were spotted with Nahla at a carnival in Los Angeles.

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Nahla now has a half-brother, Maceo Robert Martinez, from her mother’s marriage with Olivier Martinez.

Who is her mother, Halle Berry?

As mentioned, Halle Berry is an Academy Awarded-winning actress, and still the only African-American woman to win an Oscar. The role which brought her this prestige award was her portrayal of Leticia Musgrove in the 2001 romantic drama “Monster’s Ball”, also starring Billy Bob Thornton and Taylor Simpson.

Halle Maria Berry was born under the zodiac sign of Leo on 14 August 1966, in Cleveland, Ohio USA, thus she holds American nationality, and she comes from a family of African-American descent on her father, Jerome Jesse Berry’s side, and English descent from her mother Judith Ann Hawkins, by whom Halle was raised alongside her two sisters, Renee and Heidi.

With over 60 acting credits to her name, besides the mentioned role, Halle is perhaps known best for her roles in movies such as “Catwoman”, “Gothika”, and “Die Another Day”, having made her acting debut as Emily Franklin in the television series “Living Dolls“ back in 1989.

Speaking of her personal life, there have been various rumors concerning both her love life and her sexual orientation; before she met Nahla’s father, Halle was married twice. Her first husband was a baseball player, David Justice (1993-1997), and her second was singer-songwriter Eric Benet (2001-2005).

After she ended her relationship with Gabriel Aubry, Halle married Olivier Martinez in 2013, and although their divorce hasn’t been finalized yet, since 2020, Halle has been in a relationship with musician Van Hunt.

Who is her father, Gabriel Aubry?

A French-Canadian model who rose to prominence through his relationship with Halle Berry, Gabriel Aubry was born under the zodiac sign of Virgo on 30 August 1976, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

He’s today signed to Wilhelmina Models, and works with numerous popular brands, including Gianni Versace, Trussardi, Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger, among others. In 2012, when the custody battle over Nahla was in the spotlight, Gabriel was on People Magazine’s ‘Most Beautiful People List’, and one of the top-earning male models.

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Gabriel was the only male model to appear on the cover of L’Uomo Vogue while concurrently in four designers’ campaigns – evil tongues suggested that he achieved his success was thanks only to his relationship with the famous actress.

Talking of his personal life, after he broke up with Halle Berry, it was rumored that he had an encounter with Kim Kardashian, a popular reality TV star, and some rumors were saying that he dated the famous “Friends” actress, Jennifer Aniston. However, as of June 2022, according to usmagazine.com, Gabriel was seen in the company of another famous actress, Charlize Theron, but neither Charlize nor Gabriel have confirmed these assumptions

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