• Nadia Hilker is a German actress and model born in Munich on 1 December 1988
• She began her modelling career and then transitioned to acting in films and TV series
• Her most notable roles include Louise in the film “Spring”, Luna in the series “The 100” and Magna in the series “The Walking Dead”
• She is currently in a long-term relationship with Mark Herbig and has no children
• She has an estimated net worth of over $1 million

Who is Nadia Hilker?

German actress and model Nadia Hilker was born in Munich, Germany, under the zodiac sign of Sagittarius on 1 December 1988. She’s appeared in over 20 movies and TV series, while she’s probably best known for her portrayal of Louise in the 2014 romantic science fiction horror movie “Spring”, written and directed by Justin Benson, and in which she starred alongside Lou Taylor Pucci and Francesco Carnelutti. It follows a man who’s moved from the US to Italy, and has fallen in love with a woman harboring a terrible secret; the movie won five of its 18 award nominations.

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Education and early life

Nadia and her brother were raised in Munich by their mother who was employed at Lufthansa airline, and their father who worked at an IT company; not a lot else is known about Nadia’s parents, because she respects their privacy.

Nadia was mostly interested in dancing while growing up, and attended a ballet school; she was noticed by a talent agent while practicing ballet, and then launched her modelling career, appearing in numerous German and international magazines, as well as a couple of commercials.

Nadia matriculated from a local high school in 2007, and continued modelling for the following a couple of years, until she grew bored of it and turned to acting.

Roles in movies

Nadia’s debut film role was her portrayal of Marie-Luise ‘Malu’ Seelig in the 2010 family comedy drama “Zimmer mit Tante”, and the same year saw her play Xenia in the drama “The Route”.

She was cast to play Luca in the 2011 comedy “Für immer 30”, and Nadia then starred in the 2013 short drama “Achttausend”; it was written and directed by Simon-Niklas Scheuring, also starred Ariane Erdelt and Lara Krenn, and follows Nessi and her boyfriend Jens who’ve begun arguing because they have no money.

A couple of Nadia’s following roles were in the 2014 short romantic drama “In the Gallery”, the 2015 thriller drama “Breed”, and the 2016 action mystery adventure “Allegiant”.

Her most recent film role has been her portrayal of Wrong Juliette in the 2016 action crime thriller “Collide”, written and directed by Eran Creevy, and which starred Nicholas Hoult, Anthony Hopkins and Felicity Jones. It follows an American backpacker who’s begun working as a driver for drug smugglers; the movie won one of its two award nominations.

Roles in TV series

Nadia’s debut TV series appearance was in the 2010 episode “Schmarotzer” of the crime drama “SOLO München”, then the year 2012 saw her appear in the episode “Ich Sag’s Nicht Weiter” of the crime drama “Der Letzte Bulle” (“The Last Cop”).

Also in 2012, Nadia played Gemma Kendall in both episodes of the romantic mini-series “The Other Wife”, which starred Rupert Everett, Natalia Worner and John Hannah, and follows a woman whose husband’s just died in a plane crash, and who’s learned that he had another wife and a child.

A couple of her following roles were in an episode or two of the romantic drama “Rosamunde Pilcher”, the crime comedy “München 7”, and the action crime adventure “Alarm für Cobra 11 – Die Autobahnpolizei”.

Nadia played both Carmen Grothe and Tatjana Marquardt in the crime drama “SOKO Stuttgart”, and the year 2015 saw her appear in the episode “Endlich Fruhling” of the drama “Fruhling”, and the episode “Cannstatter Kurve” of the crime comedy “Huck”.

In 2016 and 2017, she portrayed Luna in the popular mystery science fiction drama “The 100”, which Jason Rothenberg created, and starred Marie Avgeropoulos, Bob Morley and Eliza Taylor. It follows 100 juvenile delinquents who’ve been sent to Earth nearly 100 years after a nuclear war made it uninhabitable, the series aired from 2014 to 2020 and won 11 of its 56 award nominations.

Since 2018, Nadia’s been playing Magna in the horror thriller drama “The Walking Dead”, which Frank Darabont created, and which starred Melissa McBride, Norman Reedus and Andrew Lincoln. Set in a world overrun by zombies, the series follows Sheriff Deputy Rick Grimes as he’s trying to rescue as many people as he can; it has won 82 of its 319 award nominations.

Other credits

Nadia was featured in the 2016 short documentary video “The Next Chapter: Cast and Characters of ‘Allegiant’”, and in the 2019 episodes “Omega” and “Silence the Whispers” of the talk-show “Talking Dead”.

Awards and nominations

Nadia’s won two awards: a 2015 Fright Meter Award for Best Actress, for her performance in “Spring”, and a 2020 CinEuphoria Merit – Honorary Award for her and her colleagues’ performance in “The Walking Dead”.

Love life and husband

Even though Nadia’s highly secretive when it comes to revealing the details of her love life, it’s still widely known that she’s today in a long-term relationship with Mark Herbig.

Mark’s quite sensitive about his privacy, and thus not a lot about him is known; it’s believed that he’s an entrepreneur, while he’s about to launch a career in the film industry, as he’s currently shooting for the upcoming crime movie “Grayport”. He and Nadia both love to travel, and they’ve been all around the world together; their Instagram accounts are filled with pictures which feature them together in Asia and the US.

Nadia hasn’t mentioned any men whom she had perhaps dated prior to meeting Mark, with whom she’s in a long-term relationship as of September 2022, hasn’t married, and doesn’t have children.

Interesting facts and hobbies

Nadia’s currently followed by nearly 450,000 people on Instagram, and seems to be enjoying running her account; she’s posted 69 pictures and videos, most of which feature her spending time with her friends and family members.

She’s a dog-lover, and her pet dog Pacho can be seen featured in many of the pictures which she’s uploaded onto the internet.

Nadia’s a fan of tattoos, and has shown off some of hers in her Instagram pictures.

She’s physically highly active, mostly because her modelling and acting career requires her to stay in shape.

Nadia loves all kinds of art, with architecture and painting being her two favorites.

Her favorite actresses are Emma Watson and Meryl Streep, and some of her favorite movies include “Little Women”, “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” and “The Bling Ring”.

Height, eyes and net worth

Nadia’s age is 33. Her hair and eyes are brown, her height’s 5ft 8ins (1.73m) and her weight is about 140lbs (63kgs).

Nadia’s net worth’s been estimated at over $1 million, as of September 2022.

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