Megnutt02, also known as Megan Nutt, is a 21-year-old TikTok social media personality and singer, probably best known for her TikTok account, @megnutt02, on which she’s accrued over 12 million followers.

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Early life

Megan “Megnutt02” Guthrie was born on 14 February 2002, in Miami, Florida USA. She shared a photo in which she held a baby alligator, and hinted that she grew up in Broward County, Florida, US. Megnutt02 also posted a picture of her father, who notably didn’t share her eye color, but didn’t provide details about him. She also offhandedly revealed that her sister was named Peyton when sharing an anecdote; her father told her that ‘parenting was challenging with her, but that raising her sister was pure joy.’ Megnutt02 introduced her sister to her TikTok audience in November 2023 without mentioning her name, suggesting that she wanted to protect her identity.

She also mentioned a fellow social media personality, Aaron “Ac7ionMan” Travis, born on 6 September 1989, as her ‘big bro’ in September 2023. However, it’s unclear if they are related by blood; in the 20th episode of TheSync podcast from October 2020, she mentioned having a step-brother. Megnutt02 has a younger brother or half-brother, Christian, born in December 2018.

Early education, source of career

Megnutt02 attended a Catholic school and said that she suffered from depression for a period as a student, mainly because of the circumstances at home. She described herself as ‘an angsty teen who had an emo phase in middle school.’ Megnutt02 was also a tomboy, i.e., she had masculine interests and traits. Consequently, she was excellent at debates but hated shopping, and never developed a remarkable fashion sense or amassed an extensive wardrobe.

She added that she never followed influencers growing up, and was never a big fan of a celebrity. To demonstrate the extent, Megnutt02 mentioned that all she remembered about “Jonas Brothers,” a music band founded by three brothers, Nick, Joe and Kevin, who were popular during her school days, was that Nick had diabetes. Megnut02 is a professional face painter and said that she initially tried to become renowned through that skill but got few likes on her social media accounts.


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Megnutt02 started her career on TikTok in mid-2019, posting lip-syncing, dancing, and point-of-view (POV) videos and comedy skits. Creating the account was an accident resulting from boredom on the day that her parents grounded her. Megnutt02 explained that they were right to do so; they caught her drinking vodka shortly after doctors discharged her from the hospital for an attempted suicide. Shortly afterwards, a photo set of her topless leaked, showing her large natural breasts – her accounts went viral online.

In TheSync podcast, Megnutt02 said that her now-deleted subreddit on the website ‘became the fastest-growing subreddit on the platform’ afterwards. Moreover, she quickly gained two million TikTok followers and over 2 billion views. Megnutt02 was largely unbothered, as ‘her breasts were worth the hype, and she knew that because of self-love.’ She explained that she didn’t leak the photos, and only took two nudes. Therefore, she believes that someone edited others, potentially by adding her face to another girl’s body. Megnutt02 praised Charli D’Amelio, the most-followed TikTok creator then, for reaching out and offering emotional support. She also mentioned that she rarely watched adult entertainment content before the leak. Thus, Megnutt02 was surprised when people commented that she resembled an adult actress, Lana Rhoades. Although she never saw the resemblance, she took it as a compliment.

TikTok stardom

Megnutt02 continued to post after her rise to renown, and primarily filmed recreations of real-life situations. However, she attracted the most attention by modeling swimwear that showed her voluptuous physique, which she acknowledged and openly highlighted in cosplays, i.e., wearing costumes associated with a person or a character. Megnutt02’s most celebrated cosplays were of Princess Leia from the “Star Wars” movie franchise, various characters from the “Naruto” anime series, Lindsay from the “Total Drama” cartoon television series, and Princess Peach Toadstool from the “Super Mario” multimedia franchise.

Megnutt02 said that her life drastically improved during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020; she developed confidence and found true happiness when she moved to Los Angeles, California, noting that she finally saw beauty in the world around her, which made her cry for the first time.

While her original account, @megnutt, exists, she deleted all videos except one posted in February 2023. The oldest video on her secondary and most-followed account dates to late September 2023.

Megnutt02 hinted that her videos in revealing outfits might be the reason in TheSync interview. She said that while she cannot deny that not all videos rigorously follow the TikTok Community Guidelines, she made accommodations. For instance, she switched to wearing button-up shirts, whereas she previously sported bikinis. Megnutt02 also argued that she uploaded quality content – one example is the Hall Monitor character that she developed for TikTok, portraying an annoying woman who takes her job of checking for a hall pass too seriously. She was also disappointed that male TikTok creators find fame more quickly and easily, yet in her opinion receive fewer penalties.

Other social media

Megnutt02 also has a substantial following on her Instagram megnutt02 of over 1.2 million. She used it to post photos from her trips, such as visiting New York City, US, and Japan, or attending Comic-Con, an annual convention for fans of comic books, video games, television, and other multimedia. Megnutt02 also revealed some of her hobbies: snowboarding, skateboarding, swimming  and riding quad bikes. Instagram also showed her followers that Megnutt02 was a religious Christian who followed football, cheered for the Miami Dolphins, and wanted a cat.

Megnutt02 also shares her life with her followers via X, formerly Twitter, a platform on which her @megnutt2 account has accrued over 438,000 followers. She previously announced plans to become a YouTuber and streamer on the platform.


On 22 September 2023, Megnutt02 premiered the music video to her debut song, “In Broward.” The lyrics are primarily comedic, referring to men who might ‘catch a case,’ or get in trouble with the law by swiping right on an underage girl who looks older. Swiping to the right side is a motion associated with most dating mobile applications, used instead of pressing a button to like a user’s profile.

However, that song wasn’t Megnutt02’s debut, and it highlighted the fact that she released her first song, “Cake,” in February 2022 and another, “I Just (Not Ok),” in July 2023. Megnutt02 previously appeared in the music video for “Incompatible” by Johnny Valentine in February 2021, but did not perform. Moreover, she demonstrated her ability to imitate voices. Megnutt02 considers her impression of Stich from the “Lilo & Stitch” 2002 movie ,and the unique laugh of singer Ariana Grande among her best.

Modeling and acting

In July 2022, Megnutt02 modeled for Krissy King Label at the Society Fashion Week, one of her first public events as a runway model. She followed that with photoshoots for Sway Season and The Dahl House LA. She then walked the catwalk at The Bureau Fashion Week and Miami Swim Week in July 2023, and Paris Fashion Week in early September.

Megnutt02 will launch her acting career in 2024; according to her IMDb profile, she will play Liz Allan in the “Marvel Adventures: Spider-Man and the Monsters of Manhattan” television series. She revealed that she filmed her segment in August 2020, meaning that the series had production issues.

Megnutt02 will also appear in nine episodes of the “Ghost Show” TV series as Clover, for which she was the executive producer and for the “Why You Listen” movie, in which she will play McKenna. Finally, the “Take Me to Banaue” movie, in which she will appear as Scarlett, is also in post-production.

Dating history

Megnutt02 hasn’t dated anyone publicly, however, she said that she had a boyfriend when her nudes leaked. He tried to gain fame through her after they broke up, and even posted a video of her kissing her male best friend at a party to ruin her reputation. Megnutt02 was unfazed, and found it ironic that he badmouthed her on the social media account that she created for him.

She also mentioned that several well-known TikTok creators were interested in her, but that she was only interested in collaboration. Megnutt02 revealed that she’s into funny guys with visible arm veins and admitted that, despite her nickname, no one ‘made her nut through sex,’ i.e., brought her to orgasm through sexual intercourse.

Physical characteristics

Megnutt2 has dark brown hair, which she previously dyed blonde, and hazel eyes that are predominantly green and sometimes appear blue. She is 5ft 7ins (1.7m) tall, weighs about 128lbs (58kgs), has a curvy figure and prominent facial freckles and dimples. After a break, Megnutt02 returned to weightlifting in the gym in early November 2023.

Net worth

Megnutt02 has a net worth of about $500,000, primarily earned through modeling, acting, and subscriptions on her @megnut account on the OnlyFans platform. She sells access to her explicit content for $12 monthly, and Creators Inc. represents her career. Megnutt02 also released the Hall Monitor clothing line in collaboration with Stache Co. in July 2021, primarily selling hoodies.

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