Elizabeth is an American musician, recognized for being a bassist and a vocalist in the band “Loomis and The Lust”, as well as the only daughter of Vince Neil, the renowned lead singer of Mötley Crüe, and his first wife, Beth Lynn.

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Early life, family and education

Born on 29 October 1983, in the United States, the bassist, Elizabeth Ashley Wharton, who goes by the nickname Elle, remains a somewhat mysterious figure regarding her upbringing. Her parents, married for four years before parting ways, paved the way for her musical journey. Embracing the bass guitar from an early age, she immersed herself in the world of modern rock culture, greatly influenced by her father’s career. Despite her parents’ divorce, Vince Neil, her father, played a crucial role in mentoring her musical development, frequently sharing his expertise during visits. With a supportive and music oriented family behind her, Elizabeth was propelled towards success in this realm.

Elizabeth has an older brother named Neil Jason Wharton, and she also has step-siblings from her father’s previous relationships.


Growing up in the music oriented environment and being inspired by her father’s artistic success, Elizabeth has followed his steps and is now a musician who serves as both a vocalist and bassist. She collaborates with the independent pop-rock band, “Loomis and the Lust”, based in California. The band was co-founded by Elizabeth and her husband, Will Loomis, who acts as the band’s front man.

“Loomis and the Lust” is an indie electro-pop band, known for its catchy tunes, energetic performances, and electro-pop sound. They gained attention for their singles through “Bright Red Chords” and “In Your Face.” Their music often incorporated elements of dance, pop, and electronic music. While they were active, “Loomis and the Lust” built a following through live performances and online platforms, releasing music independently. Recently there hasn’t been much going on with the band; it’s suspected that the band is on indefinite hiatus.

Husband Will Loomis

Elle is married to Will Loomis, a widely recognized musician. Their wedding ceremony took place in Santa Barbara, marking a significant celebration. The couple first met in 2010 and officially tied the knot on 18 October 2014. A beautiful picture from their wedding was shared by Elizabeth’s father on his Instagram account. The lavish event unfolded at the magnificent Four Seasons Biltmore, surrounded by close family, friends, and notable personalities. The couple frequently indulge in travel adventures to various tourist destinations during vacations and holidays. However they like to keep their lives as private as possible.

Social media presence, hobbies and interests

Elizabeth maintains a relatively low level of activity on her Instagram account. However, a glimpse into her posts on the platform reveals her interests in makeup, cosplay, as well as an affinity for grunge and goth fashion. Her profile serves as a window into her diverse tastes and hobbies, showcasing her passion for these creative and expressive outlets. It’s apparent that Elizabeth not only finds joy in literature, art, and makeup, but also has a profound appreciation for spending time outdoors with her husband. Engaging with nature seems to hold a special place in her heart, as her most recent posts showcase the loving couple on a fishing adventure.

Appearance and body stats

Elizabeth is approximately 5ft 6ins (170cms) tall and weighs about 132lbs (60kgs). Her striking appearance includes tattoos covering her arms and shoulders. She boasts bleached blonde hair paired with captivating blue eyes.

Net worth

Elizabeth Ashley’s current estimated net worth as of 2024 stands at $500,000; Elizabeth has maintained privacy regarding her specific wealth and income. Her primary earnings come from her prominent roles as a singer and bassist. Additionally, she generates revenue from business ventures, commercial projects, and endorsements. Given her ongoing active career, it is anticipated that her net worth will likely increase in the coming years. It’s apparent that she is most likely to inherit a part of her father’s wealth as his net worth currently stands at around $50 million.

Father Vince Neil

Vincent Neil Wharton was born on 8 February 1961, in Hollywood, California and is famous for being front man of the prominent rock band Mötley Crüe. His journey to stardom is a tale of rock ‘n’ roll excess, musical talent, personal challenges, and enduring resilience. Neil’s rise to fame commenced when he joined Mötley Crüe in 1981, alongside Nikki Sixx, Tommy Lee, and Mick Mars. The band rapidly gained both fame and notoriety for their electrifying performances, rebellious attitudes, and chart-topping hits. Neil’s distinctive voice and stage presence contributed significantly to the band’s success, propelling them to become one of the most influential and commercially successful rock acts of the 1980s.

Under Neil’s leadership, Mötley Crüe released several groundbreaking albums, including “Shout at the Devil,” “Theatre of Pain,” and “Girls, Girls, Girls.” These albums solidified the band’s status as icons of the glam metal era and spawned classic rock anthems that remain popular decades later.

Despite the band’s meteoric rise, Neil faced personal tragedies that tested his resilience. In 1984, a car accident resulted in the tragic death of Hanoi Rocks drummer Nicholas “Razzle” Dingley, leading to Neil’s arrest and a brief incarceration. This event cast a shadow over Neil’s life and career, shaping his perspective on responsibility and the consequences of his actions.

In 1992, Neil left Mötley Crüe to pursue a solo career, releasing albums by the names of “Exposed” and “Carved in Stone.” However, his solo acts didn’t achieve the same level of success as his work with Mötley Crüe, and the early 2000s marked a significant reunion for the band, with Neil rejoining for multiple successful tours, and the release of the album “Saints of Los Angeles” in 2008. The band’s global “The Final Tour” in 2015 bid farewell to their fans, marking the end of their touring career.
Beyond music, Neil ventured into various business endeavors, including opening restaurants and launching a tequila brand. He also explored television appearances, showcasing his personality on reality shows like “The Surreal Life” and “Celebrity Apprentice.”

However, Neil’s personal life has been marked by both triumphs and tribulations, including multiple marriages, divorces, and the tragic loss of his daughter Skylar in 1995 due to cancer.
He remains active in the music industry, occasionally performing live shows and participating in music-related events. He has also been known to make appearances at rock festivals and concerts.

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