Ila Kreischer is a 17-year-old social media personality, who periodically discusses her life on her mother’s Wife of the Party Podcast.

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Early life

Ila Grace Kreischer was born on 19 July 2006 in the USA; she was named after an aunt who reportedly enjoyed smoking and drinking alcohol. Ila has several nicknames, including “Brownie,” “I Bay,” and “Baby I,” which her mother coined. Her father calls her by her name or its first letter. Ila has an older sister, Georgia, who was born on 8 June 2004 in Los Angeles, California, USA. Ila’s last name is of German origin, and according to, has been an habitational nickname for people from Kreischau, a place in the North Saxony district of the Saxony state in Germany.


Ila’s father, American stand-up comedian, reality TV host, actor and podcast host Albert Charles “Bert” Kreischer Jr., was born on 3 November 1972 in St. Petersburg, Florida, USA. His career started in 1997, when Rolling Stone magazine published an article that named him “the top partyer at the Number One Party School in the country’, referring to the Florida State University in Tallahassee, Florida, which Bert attended.

After performing at venues as a stand-up comedian for several years, his first comedy special, “Bert Kreischer: Comfortably Dumb,” aired in 2009. He released the comedy special “Bert Kreischer: The Machine” in 2016 through Showtime, and three through Netflix, “Bert Kreischer: Secret Time” in 2018, “Bert Kreischer: Hey Big Boy” in 2020, and “Bert Kreischer: Razzle Dazzle” in 2023.

Bert hosts Bertcast, a podcast dedicated to his life experiences and wisdom, and co-hosts 2 Bears, 1 Cave with his best friend and fellow stand-up comedian, Tom Segura. He has two other podcasts, Something’s Burning and Open Tabs, and is a recurring guest on podcasts such as The Joe Rogan Experience and FLAGRANT.


Ila’s mother, LeeAnn, was born on 19 August 1971, in Bowdon, Georgia, USA. After graduating with a journalism degree from the University of Georgia in Athens, LeeAnn worked as a producer, writer and actress. Ila’s mother met her father in Los Angeles, where she worked as a writer, and he started performing. They began dating in 1998, and married in December 2003 in a one-room church in Bowdon.

On top of continuing with previous activities, this time as part of Bert’s media company, Berty Boy Productions, LeeAnn became an environmentalist. She is particularly interested in planting milkweed to sustain monarch butterflies at home. Her Wife of the Party Podcast premiered in 2018, and she eventually began broadcasting new episodes every Thursday.

Grandparents, uncles

Ila has a maternal grandfather named Jimmy “Papa J” Kemp and paternal grandparents Albert “Al” Kreischer Sr., a former real estate attorney, and Gege, who worked in early childhood development. She has three maternal uncles: Chris, Keith, and Wade.

Disorder, early behavior

Ila was diagnosed with a sensory processing disorder in her youth, so her body has trouble interpreting and responding to information from senses such as hearing, vision, movement and touch. Consequently, Ila sometimes felt severe fear and anxiety and had problems wearing socks, shoes, and underwear as a child. Moreover, she had difficulties adjusting the volume of her voice.

Georgia said that their mom had given up pursuing a time-consuming career in Hollywood to raise them, and that their father had spent most of his free time with her and Ila. LeeAnn said that she wanted to give them a childhood that she never had, as she had a dysfunctional relationship with her mother.

Bert said that Ila inherited LeeAnn’s tendency to talk to animals using a silly voice. They also share a way of apologizing, and stubbornness. LeeAnn said that Ila has always pointed towards things or made facial expressions instead of talking. That was unusual, as everyone else in the family has been verbal from birth. Ila also responded to nagging with, ‘If you say it again, I won’t do it!’ Consequently, she admitted to never doing things outside her comfort zone, as she didn’t have to. In the YouTube video, “Georgia and Ila on Their Dad’s Success,” Bert said that once Georgia and Ila understood his career, they didn’t find him as funny as other comedians due to their bond.

Early education

A few online sources said that Ila attended Walter Reed Middle School in Studio City, Los Angeles. Ila attended Louisville High School in Woodland Hills, California, which her sister matriculated from. While she never disclosed that fact, LeeAnn mentioned on the podcast in 2022 that her daughters went to an all-girls Catholic school.

Her mom also explained that Ila wore braces on both rows of teeth to correct her jaw position and suppress speech impediments. Ila confessed that in eighth grade she started following YouTube tutorials to alleviate her speech impediments, because she felt that ‘attending high school with them would be embarrassing.’

Ila has dyslexia, an eyesight disorder that causes difficulty in reading. Her father also has it, and both struggled to fall in love with reading books, which slightly irks her mother, who loves reading. At her mother’s suggestion, Ila listens to audiobooks to get around her dyslexia. Unfortunately, she often gets distracted, and has to combine listening to audiobooks with simple activities such as playing video games on her smartphone.

Ila revealed that her least favorite school subject is chemistry, only because she dislikes how her teacher organizes classes, and that her favorite is history. She also said that she visualizes things while listening to music, so she never listens to it while doing homework or studying. Ila also frequently got into fights with her sister, so she wasn’t bothered when Georgia moved to Oregon State in 2023 to study at university.


Bert’s comedy routines and specials provided the majority of early information about Ila. The best-known story is likely about Baby Walrus, a nickname that Ila coined for him. She said in the Wife of the Party Podcast’s episode 272 that it came to her when the family was in Italy, and Bert was in a cheerful mood. He skipped down the street, then sat and excitedly began drinking watermelon juice using a straw, resembling a baby walrus to Ila. She, her sister, and their mother used the nickname behind Bert’s back for about two years.

Bert also shared many of Ila’s shocking, sometimes sex-related remarks to evoke laughter from the audience. For instance, Ila randomly revealed that she found the sight and sound of cats having intercourse terrifying. Similarly, she told him that she had heard a story about a guy who tried to have intercourse with a horse, but the horse killed him with one leg kick.

Bert also mentioned that he struck a deal with Ila to test jokes about her during unfilmed routines, and then ask permission to use the funniest ones. According to Cracked, she only forbade him from using one joke so far, which he planned to use in “Bert Kreischer: Razzle Dazzle.” She held firm even after he offered her $10,000, $20,000, and finally, $100,000.

Ila debuted on television in the 2020 episode of “The Cabin with Bert Kreischer.” She returned three years later as a contestant in the “Celebrity Family Feud” TV game show.

Distinctive opinions, personality

Ila shared many of her beliefs and passions in several episodes of her mother’s podcast, starting in 2020. She replaced a guest who couldn’t make it to LeeAnn, but the audience loved hearing about her likes and dislikes, and her mother’s hosted her several times since.

Ila expressed interest in learning to ski, and admitted to being scared of bears, alligators, and bees, as well as visits to the zoo. Ila clarified that Los Angeles Zoo placed caimans, cousins to alligators, under a small bridge, and that bridge somehow snapping in half was all she could think about. Her mom jokingly concluded that Ila and her sister have ‘catastrophe-level paranoia’ and wondered how Ila would raise children. Ila replied that she would hand them over to her mother’s care, then suddenly realized that she would likely adopt children, as she felt that pregnancy would ravage her body.

Her mother also shared that Ila was ungrateful for some gifts. For instance, Ila unapologetically ruined the pants that she received for Christmas. Moreover, she refused to pay a $10 parking permit twice; that would be fine if paying wasn’t the only thing her sister requested in exchange for driving her to the orthodontist’s office. Similarly, whenever her parents text Ila and Georgia some instructions, Ila ignores them and assumes that Georgia will get things done.

Sports and driving worries

In November 2022, Ila revealed that she had started taking jiu-jitsu classes and found them fascinating. She joked that knowing that she could break the attacker’s neck comforted and empowered her.

In the 206th episode of her mom’s podcast, aired in January 2022, Ila said she began taking her driving tests. However, she admitted that having the driver’s seat on the left confused her. According to Ila, despite not having to, she feared driving on the left-hand side of the road in countries such as the United Kingdom and Australia. Consequently, she concluded that she would be most comfortable if the driver’s seat were in the middle.

Alleged arrest

Allegations that Ila was arrested were a misrepresentation of the episode of the 2 Bears, 1 Cave podcast, which aired on 23 June 2022. It all started when LeeAnn called Bert’s phone, interrupting his conversation with Tom. She told him that ‘their daughter got busted for gambling at school, that Ila was caught playing dice for money.’ Both parents and Tom burst into laughter and seemed unbothered.

However, they realized that she ‘would be in a bit of trouble, as she was detained in the principal’s office.’ Thankfully, since Bert and LeeAnn never mentioned the consequences except to clarify that Ila didn’t know that gambling was illegal, the information about Ila’s court date on the Internet is false. Therefore, the principal probably warned Ila or sent her to detention, i.e., ordered her to stay in a designated classroom after school as punishment.


In the 206th episode of her mom’s podcast mentioned above, Ila admitted that she doesn’t have a boyfriend. Bert revealed in September 2023 that Ila had a crush on stand-up comedian Jason Michael “Big Jay” Oakerson – she reportedly asked him if Big Jay was a cheater or in an open relationship when she learned that he had a girlfriend.

Interesting facts, favorite things

  • Ila has trouble picking comfortable shoes. She feels that her heels are smallin proportion to her ankles, so her feet tend to slip, forcing her to tie her shoelaces tightly.
  • Ila prefers to wear baggy shirts rather than stylish, tight-fitting ones, as oversized clothing doesn’t trigger her sensory disorder.
  • Ila plays the Minecraft sandbox video game.
  • She eats a vegan diet.
  • Ila is a night owl,and admis to having a chaotic sleep schedule.
  • As a child, Ila told her parents that ‘she couldn’t wait to turn 16to be allowed to curse.’ They didn’t have such a rule; it made sense to her for some reason.
  • Ila distrusts womenwho demonstrate agriculture-related activities in the media while wearing fancy clothes and make-up.
  • She dislikes telling stories, unlike her entire family.
  • The dresser in Ila’s room contains a window.
  • She prefers Izzyover other family dogs, two of whom were named Mac and Priscilla. The family also has cats named Shirley, Gus, and Franky.

  • Her mom once approached Ila, who was petting Franky, to take a picture of the cat. Ila thought that her mom wanted a photo of her handand began posing it.
  • She sometimes howls with the dogs for fun.
  • Ila never eats the pizza crust.
  • She rarely throws up, and only remembers one instance when she ate an airline meal.
  • Ila’s favorite restaurant is Shakey’s.
  • Her last meal in prison would be fast food from McDonald’s.
  • Ila enjoys brushing her teeth when her toothpaste is tasty, and uses a mint-based one.
  • She started watching the “South Park” cartoon series in early 2022, and immediately found it funny; her favorite character is Eric Cartman.
  • Ila was fascinated by interviews with people who have schizophrenia or multiple personalities.
  • An animal that she compares LeeAnn to is a squirrel,because her mom tends to make to-do lists and procure and organize things at home.
  • She would ‘hate to haveobsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)’ because her father has it. However, researching it helped her understand Bert’s quirky habits.
  • Ila finds Stephen King’s books scary.
  • She prefers to have a break between outings with friends because every get-together feels more special that way. Consequently, she wouldn’t want her best friends to be her roommates.
  • Ila is an Extroverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Prospecting (ENFP) person, according to her self-administered Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) personality test.
  • Despite knowing that nearly all humans do it, she rarely badmouths people, even if they treat her poorly.

Physical characteristics

Ila has dark brown hair, sometimes dyed blonde, and dark brown eyes. She dislikes her eye color: in the 272nd episode of her mom’s podcast, she compares them to ‘black holes on her face that suck souls.’ Ila is 5ft 2ins (1.57m) tall and weighs about 110lbs (50kgs). She has no tattoos, but has said that she would never consider tattoo removal if she got one.

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