• Madelyn Grace is a 13-year old Caucasian actress born in Los Angeles, California.
• She has had 15 credited roles in her career since 2016, including "Don't Breathe 2".
• She is an animal lover, loves traveling, and is a fan of the "Harry Potter" franchise.
• Her net worth is estimated to be over $100,000 in mid-2022.
• She is 5ft (155cm) tall and weighs approximately 100lbs (45kg).

Who is Madelyn Grace? What is her age?

Born under the sign of Sagittarius on 17 December 2008, in Los Angeles, California USA, Madelyn Grace is a 13-year old Caucasian actress. She’s widely known across the globe thanks to playing characters in multiple popular titles, the most significant being “Don’t Breathe 2”, the sequel to a very successful one-of-a-kind horror film. She has also had several other successes over the course of her young but often well-remunerated acting career since 2016.

Early life: Who are her parents?

Grace was raised in her birthplace, apparently an only child, by an accountant father and gardener mother of unknown names. She had a strong interest in acting from a very young age, gracing the local auditions as early as six years old. She has been enrolled in an unspecified Los Angeles elementary school, and is set to attend high school in September 2022.

Career: An early bird

Madelyn’s screen debut took place in 2016, in Timur Saylan’s short musical entitled “Princess”, in which she starred in the eponymous role alongside award-winning actress Angela DiMarco, who played Mother. With a great acting start at only seven years of age, Madelyn continued the year by portraying Juniper June in “One Step Too Far” – an eight-minute-long comedy film by Ben Rapson, also alongside Angela DiMarco. She rounded-off 2016 playing Lucy in two episodes of the action comedy drama entitled “Z Nation.”

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The next year went by smoothly for her, with another two short film appearances: Sally in “The Real Santa”, and Girl in “Rendezvous Dogs”, again with the aforementioned colleague. 2018 marks her second performance in a TV series – Madelyn in the episode “Portlandia” of comedy TV series entitled “Long Way Back.” Interestingly, that same year Angela DiMarco made her own short drama film, having Madelyn star as Grace in “Always.” 2019 was by far Madelyn’s most successful year, with six realized parts. She made her full-length film debut as Grace in “Anniversary Nightmare”, as well as two short film appearances and one recurring role as Olivia in an episode of “The Orville.”

Breaking through

Grace’s most important role of 2019 was that of Mary Rose Hawkins-Garrett in the episode of world-renowned “Grey’s Anatomy”, entitled “Whistlin’ Past the Graveyard”, which contributed a great deal to her exposure. On top of that, she also gave her voice to Emily in the videogame entitled “Gylt.”

2020 went quietly for her career, but 2021 definitely made up for that. Madelyn landed her thus far most significant role when she got to portray Phoenix in Rodo Sayagues’ action crime horror “Don’t Breathe 2”, alongside the great Stephen Lang. Her latest project to date is the role of Sophie Lang in Abel and Burlee Vang’s horror thriller “They Live in the Grey” in 2022. In the middle of said year, it doesn’t look like Madelyn’s working on anything new yet. She has 15 credited roles so far.

Madelyn’s thoughts on “Don’t Breathe 2”

Grace was interviewed in April 2021 by screenrant.com regarding her role in “Don’t Breathe 2”, at which point she explained how it was to work on the set during the COVID-19 pandemic, and various other details. She plays a young girl who is taken under the wing of the notorious blind old man from “Don’t Breathe”, which came as a shock to many fans of the first film, considering the ruthlessness of Stephen Lang’s character. Regarding her part, Madelyn said ‘Yeah. Phoenix is a strong, independent little girl. She’s trained by Norman in survival skills, and she’s just super resourceful. We’re both artistic, which is cool because I’m very artistic myself. I love her character.’ Since the film has many action elements, the young actress had to walk the treadmill every day, and eat a balanced diet to stay in shape, which helped her do most of her own stunts, although the more dangerous were performed by a stunt double. She also praised Rodo Sayagues’ directing skills, explaining how he would always dedicate time to tell her exactly what he wanted in the scenes. Overall, Madelyn had a lot of fun playing the part.

Love life: Does she have a boyfriend?

Madelyn is not only a child, but also very private about her life outside the spotlight. If she does have a boyfriend – doubtful at 13 – he’s a very well-kept secret. No one has thus far been romantically associated with the young actress, even through rumor or speculation.

What does she do for fun?

Madelyn is privately a big-time animal lover, having two pet dogs; she cites penguins and polar bears as her favorite wild animals. She also loves traveling, and plans on visiting Reykjavik in Iceland as soon as her career allows it. Her favorite acting duo are Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) and Emma Watson (Hermione Granger), from her favorite eight-film franchise “Harry Potter.” She also loves Eddie Redmayne’s performances in the newer films built on the story of the mentioned movie series – “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” and “Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald.”

What is Madelyn Grace’s net worth?

The 13-year old actress’ net worth is estimated at over $100,000 in mid-2022, which has been amassed thanks to her involvement in a number of lucrative projects. For example, “Always” from 2018 had a budget of $25,000 and only three cast members. “Don’t Breathe 2” had a $15 million budget, grossing over $11 million in its first week of release, and subsequently more than $47 million worldwide.

Body measurements: What is her height?

Madelyn Grace is 5ft (155cm) tall as of mid-2022. She weighs approximately 100lbs (45kg), is of slim build, with deep blue eyes and dark brown hair.

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