• Christina Haack is an American businesswoman, real estate investor, and TV personality with a current net worth of over $25 million.
• Her wealth is mainly from her TV shows, such as "Flip or Flop" and "Christina on the Coast," her real estate investments, and her other business activities.
• She had to rebuild her wealth after a stock market crash in 2008, and eventually succeeded with her first show "Flip or Flop" in 2013.
• Her other sources of income include books written, luxury cars owned, furniture and flooring lines created, as well as endorsements of brands on her social media platforms.
• She and her third husband, Joshua Hall, have also started their own production company, “Unbroken Productions.”

If you are someone who loves reality TV series about home improvement, restoration, decorating, and the buying and selling of properties, you’ve most probably viewed some episodes of Christina Haack’s TV series. Many of you are great fans, and try not to miss an episode when a series is being aired.

When you are viewing an episode of one of her series, or any other real estate reality show, like many other viewers over the world, you might wonder what such successful TV presenters are earning, and to what amount their current net worth has been accumulated over the years. If you want some answers regarding Christina’s income and net worth, keep on reading.

Christina Haack, star of HGTV's “Flip or Flop” and “Christina On the Coast,” is known for putting her design vision to…

Posted by Spectra Home on Friday, April 30, 2021

Christina is an American business lady, who is by profession a real estate investor, but has become famous all over the world as a TV personality with her popular series such as  “Christina in the Country,” “Christina on the Coast,” and her original and very popular series “Flip or Flop.”’

Interestingly, although she’s usually referred to as Christina Haack (her maiden name), some of her TV work has also been done under the surname of her husband at the time. Thus, she was officially known as Christina El Moussa when married to Tarek El Moussa (2009-2018), Christina Anstead when married to Ant Anstead (2018 -2021), and is now using the name Christina Hall because she’s been married to Joshua Hall since 2022.

Current Net Worth

With what is known about Haack’s financial endeavors and assets, experts calculate that her current accumulated net worth is over $25 million, as of early 2023. When you look at the estimates published since 2017, it’s clear that her net worth is growing from year to year, as at the end of 2017, it was estimated at $15 million.

Part of her net worth is coming from her $5 million+ annual TV salary, but her fans almost always forget that she is a professional real estate investor and also owns several properties worth millions of dollars, plus other businesses activities..

In this article, we’ll have a look at why and how she started as a business lady, the reasons why she became (and still is) a TV personality, and look at the other sources of her income. The most important ups and downs in her businesses are also looked at.

However, you must remember that because celebrities’ net worth and other financial and career information can only be calculated by using data found in the public domain, as well as ‘selected’ information provided by the celebrities themselves or their agencies, the actual amounts might be slightly different.

What will also become clear in this article, is that Christina has worked very hard to achieve all her financial and other goals, and is still moving the goalposts every year. Her dedication to each of her projects is what makes her so successful; when she is busy with a task, she focuses hundred percent on it to ensure success.

The Beginning of Christina’s Story – the Ups and Downs before the TV Series

Christina was born and raised in Anaheim, California. After she had completed her College studies, she directly entered a career in the real estate industry, accepting a position as a real estate investor with Tarek El Moussa.

Later, Christina and Tarek married and both were very successful property investors, earning a good income and living a luxurious life, for instance, affording to move into a house where they paid $6,000 per month on the mortgage.

However, the stock market crash in 2008 had a devastating influence on their business. They lost nearly everything, had to give up their prestigious home and were forced to move to a smaller apartment where they paid $700 per month for rental.

Luckily for them, their business recovered when the world economy started to recover. Unfortunately, after their divorce, the company was dissolved in 2018, so isn’t part of her net worth anymore, as she’s no longer a stakeholder in the company.

In 2010, while financially recovering, Tarek and Christina partnered with Pete De Best to invest in property, starting by buying a property for $115,000 in Santa Ana, California They then renovated the house and made a profit of $34,000 when it was sold. The three of them also started to buy properties and invest in property in Arizona and Nevada, and carried on with their winning formula of buying old houses and renovating them to be sold at a profit.

Success and Wealth Creation with TV Series

In 2011, Tarek made an audition tape for HGTV, showing the process of how he and Christina could renovate a home. The tape covered the whole process from the stage where the purchase took place, through the redesigning and renovating period, up to the selling of the property. The executives of the company “Pie Town Productions” saw the tape, and immediately liked the ‘flip-or-flop’ concept. The idea was accepted by HGTV, in 2012 an official contract was signed with Tarek and Christina, and the first episode of “Flip or Flop” was aired in April 2013.

The series continued until 2017, and originally had seven seasons with 92 episodes. The concept was that Christina and Tarek would look for cheap homes in the middle-income bracket in Orange County, buy the property, and then spend time and money upgrading it; when the renovation was completed, they sold (flipped) the property at a profit. Christina and Tarek complimented each other, because while Tarek was involved with the demolition and renovation of the house, Christina did all the redesigning, and was also the one who ensured that the projects were on schedule.

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In May 2019, Christina proposed to start her own new HGTV show. This reality series, called “Christina on the Coast,” shows step-by-step how Christina remodels homes in various parts of Southern California. Her remuneration was now much better than when she had started with the first season of “Flip or Flop”, during the first two seasons of which she earned about $10,000 per episode. In season three, HGTV raised her pay per episode to $40,000. When she started her “Christina in the Coast” series, her salary increased to $50,000 per episode. The series had 38 episodes, and thus Christina earned close to $2 million just from one series, not including the actual profits she made from flipping the properties.

With her newest six-episode docu-series,  she will most probably add another $1 million plus to her net worth, plus creating excellent renovations for clients in Tennessee.

Wealth-building through Acquiring Real Estate

Apart from the income as a TV presenter, she also makes money with the actual buying, remodeling and selling of real estate for the show. For instance, in the first season of “Christina on the Coast,” she remodeled the backyard of her own Newport Beach home which she had originally purchased in 2018 for $4.1 million; in April 2021 after the remodeling, she sold the property for $5.4 million.

In August 2021 Christina expanded her net worth by buying new properties – a home in Nashville, Tennessee for $2.5 million and a property in Dana Port, for $10.3 million.

Wealth-building through Writing and Publishing Books

Christina is also earning money from her books. For the one book, she partnered with celebrity nutritionist Cara Clark, and in March 2020, they published “The Wellness Remodel: A Guide to Rebooting How You Eat, Move, and Feed Your Soul.”

Her other book “Flip your Life” which she and Tarek El Moussa published in 2017, is another source of income. In the book, readers can see how the couple flipped their own lives to achieve success.

Wealth-building through Launching Furniture and Flooring Lines

She is also making money with her furniture line, known as “Christina @ HOME”, created in partnership with Spectra Home. Furniture from this range which was launched in 2020, can be bought at Spectra Home. The range includes more than 35 pieces such as sofas, end tables, accent chairs and more. Christina describes the style as ‘California Contemporary.’

Another income-adding stream for Christina is her new “Christina Collection” Flooring Line, launched in November 2020, which features 21 colors and styles of flooring; she was actually invited by a trusted business person to be part of the design of a new flooring line. Because flooring is very important to her when renovating homes, she immediately accepted the invitation. The line offers beautiful budget-friendly flooring for her clients, and is adding to her annual income.

Wealth-building through Establishing Own Production Company

Recently, Christina and her third husband, Joshua Hall, started their own production company, “Unbroken Productions”  – another possible stream of income – working alongside Glass Entertainment.

The first new series produced by “Unbroken Productions” is “Coastal Crazy Rich Agents,” which features Keven Stirdivant whose family owns “KASE Real Estate” in Southern California. Christina and Joshua are the executive producers of the series.

Wealth-building through Endorsements

Christina earns an income from the products she endorses on her social media channels, which include brands such as “Pink Dust Cosmetics,” and “Like to Know It.”

Summary and Last Word

Although Christina Haack has earned a large income from her popular TV series’ which have been aired worldwide, and will most likely continue earning money with new series, a portion of her total net worth will always be coming from her other businesses and activities. For your convenience, we remind you again of the most important other sources contributing to her net worth:

  • Real estate – several residential properties bought as investments.
  • Her collection of expensive, luxury cars.
  • The actual profits made on the houses flipped for clients.
  • Royalties on books she’s written.
  • Income from her furniture and floor lines.
  • Commission on her endorsements of brands on her social media platforms.

We trust that this article has answered most of your questions regarding Christina Haack’s current personal and business situation, income and net worth.

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