• Tristan Tate is a former kickboxer and businessman, brother of Andrew Tate
• Tristan and Andrew own a Lamborghini, Ferrari, Bugatti, McLaren 765LT and McLaren 720S collectively worth around $4 million
• Tristan was a contestant on the reality show "Shipwrecked: The Island"
• Tristan is physically active and enjoys travelling; he's also active on Instagram with over 300k followers
• Andrew is a three-time ISKA World Champion, Enfusion Champion and competed in the show "Big Brother"

Who is Tristan Tate?

Tristan Tate was born in the UK, on 15 July 1988 – his zodiac sign is Taurus, and he holds both British and American nationality. He’s a former kickboxer and businessman, who’s today perhaps known best for being the brother of Andrew Tate, a famous British-American kickboxer, businessman and commentator.

Early life and education

The two boys were raised alongside their sister Janine in Luton, England, by their father Emory Tate who was an International Chess Master, and their mother who prefers to stay away from media.

Tristan became interested in kickboxing at a quite an early age, and he and his brother eventually started practicing it together.

The family moved to the US when Tristan was a teenager, and he attended a local high school there. He was interested in various other sports during those four years, and played both football and basketball.

Tristan matriculated in 2006, and because he hasn’t spoken of his further education, most of his fans believe that he hasn’t attended college.

Tristan’s career

Tristan initially planned to become a successful kickboxer, and won the majority of his amateur matches, however, he was involved in a car accident which injured his shoulder, and had to give up on his dreams.

He went on to state that perhaps the accident was a good thing, as he then focused on becoming a successful businessman – Tristan moved to Romania and founded a business there, which seems to be doing quite well today, judging by his car collection.

Tristan and his brother have a Lamborghini Huracan in their collection, of which the estimated worth is $300,000; they also own a Ferrari 812 Superfast worth more than $400,000, and a Bugatti Chiron worth close to $3 million. The two men also own a McLaren 765LT and a McLaren 720S, together worth around $700,000.

TV appearances

Tristan was one of the contestants in the reality show “Shipwrecked: The Island”, which has been airing since 2011. It follows a group of people who have to survive on a desolate island, while one of them is being eliminated every week, with the last one remaining being declared the winner. Tristan wasn’t liked by the audience, mostly because he stated how he was ready to do whatever it takes to win, including lying and sabotaging other contestants.

Love life and girlfriend

Tristan prefers to keep the details of his love life hidden from the media’s attention, but there’s been some controversy surrounding him and a woman whom he has dated.

The famous Romanian model and TV presenter Bianca Dragusanu apparently cheated on her husband Victor Slav with Tristan in 2014; it was only a year into their marriage, and she then divorced Victor so that she could spend more time with Tristan. It’s been reported that Bianca and Tristan have since broken up. It’s believed that he’s been with many women, but isn’t ready to commit.

Tristen loves to throw lavish parties, and these can be seen featured in his Instagram pictures and videos;

As of February 2022, he seems to be single, hasn’t married and doesn’t have children.

Hobbies and other interests

Tristan is physically highly active, and has five to six training sessions at the gym every week, thus his muscular body. Although he’s no longer a kickboxer, in 2016, he served as a replacement for a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) kickboxer, but lost in the first round to Adrian Preda.

He’s quite active on Instagram, and apparently enjoys the attention which he’s receiving from his more than $300,000 followers. Tristan has uploaded close to 1,000 pictures onto the network, most featuring his expensive cars, suits and watches.

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He’s into travelling, and has been to various European countries and US states, mostly on business; his dream travel destination is Hawaii.

Tristan likes to watch movies, and his favorite actor and actress are Vin Diesel and Angelina Jolie, while a couple of his favorite films include the franchise “Fast and Furious”, “Mr. and Mrs Smith”, and “Lara Croft: Tomb Raider – The Cradle of Life”.

Age, height and net worth

Tristan’s age is 33. He has short brown hair and brown eyes, his height is 6ft 3ins (1.9m) and he weighs around 190lbs (85kgs).

As of February 2022, his net worth has been estimated at more than $10 million.

Who is his brother Andrew Tate?

Emory Andrew Tate III was born in Washington, DC USA, on 1 December 1986 – his zodiac sign is Sagittarius, and he holds both American and British nationality. Andrew is known as the three-time International Sport Karate Association (ISKA) World Champion, as well as an Enfusion Champion (Dutch kickboxing).

He was around 20 years old when he began kickboxing, and gained a lot of attention after he beat the super cruiserweight champions Mo Karbo and Ollie Green. He then faced Paul Randle, beating him in the fifth round in Derby, England, thus becoming the ISKA Light Cruiserweight Champion. In 2009, Andrew beat Daniel Hughes with a knockout in the first round, becoming the International Kickboxing Federation (IKF) Cruiserweight Champion.

He lost against Jean-Luc Benoit in France on 19 March 2011, but Andrew beat him in the rematch in Luton.

He lost to Sahak Parparyan in Kortrijk, Belgium on 12 May 2012, but Andrew reached the finals of Enfusion 3: Trial of the Gladiators in the same year, but lost to Franci Grajs, who knocked him out in the first round. He became the ISKA World Full-Contact Light Cruiserweight Champion on 9 March 2013, and defended his title a year later by winning against Cyril Vetter in the first round.

He became the Enfusion 90kg World Champion on 28 June 2014, after having knocked out Wendell Roche in the second round, but Andrew lost his title to Ibrahim El Boustati two years later, after he was knocked out in the first round.

He then took a four-year break from kickboxing, returning in 2020 for KO Masters 7, when he knocked out Miralem Ahmeti in the first round.

Most recently, on 15 December 2020, Andrew challenged the social media star and professional boxer Jake Paul to a boxing match, which Jake refused.

He’s also a reality TV star, as he competed in the show “Big Brother” in 2016; Andrew was removed from the show because of a video made prior to him entering the house, which showed him hitting a woman with a belt. Andrew then stated that the belt was made of felt and that the actions were consensual, but that the producers wanted him removed from the show anyway, because they didn’t like the plan that he had for his time in the show.

Andrew’s today living in Bucharest, Romania, where he and his brother are running their business together.

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