21-year-old Sofia Gomez is an American social media sensation and influencer, who earned fame for posting lip sync and dancing videos on the popular social media platform TikTok. Her videos have earned Sofia an enormous following on TikTok, and act as the backbone of her career as a beauty influencer on Instagram.

Follow us as we explore the life of Sofia and learn that there is more than just a pretty face and vibrant personality behind the young beauty’s videos. We will discover everything there is to know about Sofia and learn exactly how and why she’s so famous on the web.

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Early Personal Life

It’s safe to say that Sofia enjoys her privacy, and clearly so does her nearest family. As of yet, Sofia has never spoken about her family or her early childhood, and remains adamant about keeping her personal life quiet and out of the media.

It seems that Sofia’s privacy might be inherent with her family, as the only rumours on the internet suggest that Sofia was born on 30 June 2002 to a wealthy Florida family. However, this remains unconfirmed and it’s also not commonly known if Sofia might be an only child.


As with her personal life, Sofia’s educational background remains a mystery, and nothing can be found about where she possibly matriculated and graduated from, or what qualifications she earned. However, as with her family, it is rumoured that Sofia attended a prestigious school, though no details have been shared, and it remains unconfirmed.

It is also not known if Sofia enrolled in a college for further education, but judging by the success she’s earned as a social media personality and influencer, it might be safe to assume that Sofia will continue pursuing a career in social media, and might not have any intentions to further educate herself.


Sofia started her career on TikTok, as have many other famous social media personalities, and was a simple teenager looking to entertain herself. However, her lip sync and dancing videos quickly grabbed the world’s attention, and in no time Sofia became an internet sensation.


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Unfortunately, it is not known when precisely she started her account, though she’s continued to manage it into the present, having attracted over five million followers on TikTok.

With her exposure growing, it seemed only natural that the beautiful and young TikToker take her image onto Instagram, and begin a career as an influencer. Of course, Sofia hasn’t been disappointed and she continues to grow her popularity as an Instagram model.

To date, the TikTok star has also amassed 770, 000 followers on Instagram and earned endorsements from various famous brands. However, her main focus seems firmly placed on her TikTok career.

Interesting Facts

Once again, we must apologise for the lack of information, as no trivial information can be discovered about Sofia. All that is known about the beautiful influencer is that her vibrant personality which is so popular on TikTok, comes from her natural charm as a social butterfly.

When not out making new content for TikTok, modelling, or pushing her influencer career, Sofia likes to spend time socialising with friends and family, and is a very outgoing person.

Later Personal Life

Sofia keeps all of her personal details extremely private, and this naturally includes her romantic life. As of yet, it’s unknown if Sofia has ever been in a relationship, at least, not publicly. No information can be found about previous romances, though for the time being, it appears that Sofia is single.

Physical Characteristics

Sofia is quite short as she stands at 5ft 3 ins (160cms) tall, and weighs approximately 127lbs (58kgs). Sofia has long dark brown hair, and attractive brown eyes, and is considered among Tik Tok’s most beautiful content creators.

Net Worth

Sofia has earned most of her wealth and fortune from TikTok and Instagram, and it’s estimated that she has a net worth of over $1 million. Sofia hasn’t publicly revealed all of her income sources.

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