Introducing Delfina Suarez, football legend Luis Suarez’s oldest child. Born in the beautiful city of Barcelona, Delfina is a 13-year-old with a notable presence on social media, captivating audiences on platforms like TikTok and Instagram.

Growing up as the daughter of a globally acclaimed sports figure brings both excitement and occasional challenges, as recognition is a constant in public spaces. Despite the spotlight, many are intrigued to learn more about Luiz’s only daughter and discover the young person behind the name. Join us as we delve into getting to know Delfina a little better.

Early Personal Life

Delfina Suarez was born on 5 August 2010 in Barcelona, Spain, as the cherished eldest child and only daughter of Luis Suarez, the esteemed Uruguayan footballer, and Sofia Balbi. Delfina shares her family with two brothers who are younger than her, Benjamin and Lautaro.

The union of Luis and Sofia began in 2001. The fated couple met in Uruguay’s capital, Montevideo when Luis, then 15, worked as a street sweeper, earning a bit of money to take Sofia on dates.

Despite the initial differences in their social status—Luis coming from a humble background and Sofia from a wealthier family—Sofia’s family warmly embraced the young man. However, after two years, challenges arose as Sofia’s family relocated to Spain.

In pursuit of a reunion, Sofia encouraged Luis to achieve something with great monetary potential, such as a breakthrough in soccer. After three years of unwavering dedication, Luis secured a contract with the Dutch team Groningen in 2006. As his career progressed, Luis married his teenage sweetheart on 26 December 2009, during his time with Ajax Amsterdam.

Subsequently, Luis’s professional journey led him from the Premier League club Liverpool to the La Liga team Barcelona, where he joined his wife and her family in Spain.

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Their enduring love story reached a significant milestone in 2019 when it was time for their 10th wedding anniversary. The pair, seemingly still madly in love, renewed their vows at a fancy five-star hotel in Punta del Este, which is located in their home country, Uruguay.

Sofia often shares videos and pictures of herself, her children, and her husband on their social media accounts, depicting a happy family


Delfina, in the bloom of her youth, currently attends a private school in Spain, showcasing exceptional dedication and proficiency in her academic endeavours.


At her tender age, Delfina is actively dedicated to her schooling journey and the pursuit of her hobbies. Despite being so young, she has already made a mark as a notable celebrity child and emerging star on various social media platforms.

With an Instagram following exceeding 269,000 intrigued individuals, Delfina captivates her audience with delightful video clips and photos, often showing her family, rarely focused on only herself.

Delfina’s charismatic presence extends beyond social media, as she has been seen on TV shows and featured in prominent magazines and similar media, such as Hola! Magazine and ESPN Deportes.

Actively participating in diverse events with her family, Delfina graces prestigious award ceremonies, engages in charitable galas, attends awesome fashion shows, and adds lives the kind of life most little girls dream of.

Interesting Facts

During her free moments, Delfina engages in a variety of creative endeavours, such as drawing, singing and dancing.

Maintaining a close bond with her extended family, including grandparents, uncles, aunts, and cousins who frequently visit from Uruguay, adds a cherished dimension to her life.

A keen traveller, Delfina delights in exploring beautiful destinations, further enriching her experiences and perspectives.

Adding to her vibrant life, Delfina has a beloved pet white dog, featured on her TikTok account, on which she commands a substantial following of 962,000 fans.

In 2018, a noteworthy moment unfolded for Delfina when she and the son of football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo, Cristiano Ronaldo Jr., kissed, which attracted a lot of attention from the public.

The kiss happened at a ceremony in Paris, and Cristiano and Luis were nominees at the event. The captured kiss swiftly became a viral sensation on various social media platforms, sparking a myriad of reactions from both fans and the media.

Public opinions on the kiss varied widely. Some interpreted it as nothing more than a pure and simple friendship between two children who happen to share a love and passion for football. After all, the two of them are growing up in similar environments.

On the other hand, some folks felt it was a sign of disrespect towards Luis, given his well-known rivalry with Ronaldo. Wild rumours even emerged, speculating that Ronaldo organised the whole thing just to get a reaction out of Luis.

Despite the divergent opinions, Luis and Sofia decided to not address the situation in public. They want their daughter to navigate her childhood without any interference from the adults in her life. Since then, Delfina and Ronaldo Jr. have not been seem together in public, but it’s believed that the two maintain a friendly relationship, occasionally talking over the phone.

Later Personal Life

Delfina is still very young and if she’s dating anyone, she’s not letting the world know about her early adventures in romance.

Physical Characteristics

Delfina is still growing, but at this point she’s 4ft 8ins (140cms) tall and she weighs about 90lbs (41kgs). She has beautiful long brown hair and brown eyes.

Net Worth

Delfina doesn’t have a net worth of her own yet, living off the money her father has earned. He has an estimated net worth of an amount that sounds almost unreal when you think about it: $70 million as of late 2023.

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