• Canadian screenwriter and actress Diana Bang was born on July 3, 1981 in Vancouver, Canada
• She is known for her roles in "The Interview," "The Astronauts," "Y: The Last Man," and "Resident Alien"
• Her sister Andrea is also a writer and actress, most known for her role in "Kim's Convenience"
• Diana has been nominated for a Leo Award for her work in "Entanglement"
• When not filming, Diana enjoys traveling and her favorite color is white, food is pizza, and place is Oslo

Early life, family, educational background

Canadian writer and actress Diana Bang, was born on 3 July 1981 in Vancouver, Canada, making her a Cancer, she attended the Burnaby North Secondary School which is located in British Columbia, Canada. She has a younger sister named Andrea who is also a writer and actress, most well-known for playing Janet Kim in “Kim’s Convenience.” Diana and Andrea’s parents were Korean immigrants who moved to Canada; at first, they were worried about their daughters’ choices to pursue acting, but after they proved their passion and talent, the parents supported them.

She is famous for appearing in 2014’s “The Interview” as Park Sook-yin, 2020’s “The Astronauts,” 2021’s “Y: The Last Man,” and “Resident Alien.”

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Who is Andrea Bang?

Canadian screenwriter and actress Andrea Bang was born in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada, on 2 May 1989,  making her a Taurus. Like her sister, Andrea attended Burnaby North Secondary School, and was in the school’s production of “Bye Bye Birdie” – Andrea was part of the chorus. After matriculation, she enrolled into the University of British Columbia to study Psychology, while also taking acting classes. She earned her Psychology degree in 2012, and in an interview with the Vancouver Sun in 2017, she reflected on her university years. ‘For the longest time, I kept my interest in acting a secret. Minus a select few, no one really knew. I played around with so many different non-acting career paths. Finally, one day I said ‘screw it.’ I got an agent and a job that allowed me to audition – and the rest is history.’

In 2015, Andrea won her first award for her work as an actress. The Asians on Film Festival awarded her with a best actress summer award for her debut film role as Francesca in the short film “Playdate”. The following year, she was cast as the main character, Janet Kim in “Kim’s Convenience,” a CBC comedy series that also stars Jean Yoon, Andrew Phung and Paul Sun-Hyung Lee. The series ended in 2021, after season five’s release because the show’s co-creators wanted to move on to other projects, and the remaining crew felt that the series would not be the same without their input. In 2020, Andrea was nominated for a Best Supporting Performance in a Web Program or Series award at the Canadian Screen Awards, for her portrayal of Samantha in the web series “Running with Violet.”


Diana’s acting career began when she joined Assaulted Fish, a comedy sketch group in Vancouver. She played Harriet in the 2008 short film “Ripples,” and appeared in one episode of “Aliens in America” as a student. The following year, she played Lauren in the television film “Sorority Wars” which starred “Pretty Little Lies” star Lucy Hale. Diana was then Betty in another television film, “Dandy Lions,” Kate in a short film entitled “Misplaced,” “Keiko” in “The Troop” episode entitled “Lost in Translation,” and Lab Tech #1 in two episodes of the series, “Alice,” which follows a police detective investigating a murder, but stumbling across time travelers.

In 2010, Diana portrayed Nora in two episodes of “Fringe,” and a Barista in “Miracle in Manhattan.” 2011 was a quiet year for her, as she only appeared in one episode of the series “The Killing,” but the following year was packed. She acted in two television films, one being “Abducted: The Carlina White Story”; three films including “Lost Lagoon”, and one episode of a television series.

Diana played AJ in the 2013 television film, “Tom, Dick and Harriet,” starring Steven Weber as Tom Burns, Andrew Francis as Dick Varnett, and Michelle Harrison as Harriet Fellows. She was then a market cashier in “Guess Who’s Coming to Christmas,” a coffee shop waitress in “No Clue,” Ida Suki in the short film, “RocketShip Misfits,” and Alicia in “That Burning Feeling.”

She booked some impressive roles in 2014, marked by her playing a North Korean chief propagandist named Sook-yin Park in the film “The Interview” which starred Seth Rogen and James Franco. In an interview for the movie, she spoke about her role – ‘Sook is very strong and feisty, and I think I have that in me. That’s very much tied to me being small and short and wanting to put up a fight.’ The most challenging part of the role for her was when new lines in Korean were added to the script last minute; because she is an immigrant, she needs to practice her Korean beforehand to ensure it sounds genuine, ‘I’m sure there is tons of footage of me speaking gibberish rather than Korean.’

She was then Jiao in four episodes of “Bates Motel” starring Freddie Highmore as Norman Bates and Vera Farmiga as Norma Louise Bates. This was followed by playing control room scientist in “Eve of Destruction,” and in one episode of “Rush” as Mistress Kang.

Diana appeared in four films in the following year, one of which was a short entitled “The Price is Precise,” as well as having played Olivia in eight episodes of the series “Paranormal Solutions INC.” In 2016, she played Emma in four episodes of “Second Chance,” Tabby Song in the 2017 film “Entanglement,” and Suki Price in an episode of the popular Netflix series starring Toms Ellis as the titular character – “Lucifer” – entitled “Stewardess Interruptus.”

She spent some of her time in 2019 acting in short films, and appearing in television series such as “Fast Layne” in which she recurringly portrayed Dr. Jessica Kwon, in four episodes of “Unspeakable” as Ruby Kim, three episodes of “Michelle’s” as Linda, and in two episodes of “You Me Her” as Dr. Maria Bhang; the series is considered a ‘polyamorous romantic comedy’ and follows a married couple whose sex life is rather disappointing, so the husband, Jack (played by Greg Poehler) steps outside of the marriage and sleeps with an escort named Izzy (played by Priscilla Faia). However, their relationship soon grows into something intimate and personal and Jack’s wife, Emma (played by Rachel Blanchard) joins the mix until the three develop a romance and even become financially committed to one another.

The following year she played Salvador Grant in seven episodes of Netflix’s “The Order,” starring Jake Manley as Jack Morton and Sarah Grey as Alyssa Drake; Ms. Chu in the film “Coffee & Kareem,” Freddie in five episodes of “Away,” Molly Wei in nine episodes of “The Astronauts,” and Kimiko Kishi in two episodes of the comedy drama series “The Baby-Sitters Club,” which is based on the eponymous book series following five young girls who start a babysitting service in their suburb; the series also features Alicia Silverstone as Elizabeth Thomas-Brewer.

In 2021, she played Dr. Allison Mann in the series “Y: The Last Man,” appearing in six episodes, and that year she also began portraying Nurse Ellen in the series, “Resident Alien,” appearing in 12 episodes for now. Her only project for 2022 so far is as Cherry in the short film, “A.T.A.C.K.”

In 2018, Diana was nominated for a Leo Award in the category of Best Lead Performance by a Female in a Motion Picture for her work in “Entanglement”.

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Personal life

She keeps her personal life private, so not much is known about her relationships or family life. However, she does appear to be single for the time being, and some fans suspect she has an ex-, but there’s no evidence supporting this assumption.

Hobbies, favorite things and interesting facts

When she’s not filming, Diana enjoys traveling, either alone or with loved ones.

Her favorite:

  • Color is white.
  • Food is Pizza.
  • Place is Oslo.


Andrea has black hair and black eyes. She stands at 5ft 1in (155ccm) tall, weighs about 132lbs (60kgs) and has a slim build with vital statistics of 30-25-32. She wears a US size 8 dress.

Net worth and salary

As of October 2022, her net worth is estimated at close to $600,000.

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