• Milly Shapiro is an American actress and singer known for her portrayal of Charlie Graham in the horror movie “Hereditary”
• She attended tuition-free Community Montessori School and began voice training at age 3
• She debuted on stage in 2013, and her breakthrough role was in the 2018 horror movie “Hereditary”
• She founded the band AFTERxCLASS in 2021 and released the EP “Sunshower Daydreams” in 2022
• She has a net worth of approximately $1.5 million

Milly Shapiro is an American actress and singer, perhaps known best for her portrayal of Charlie Graham in the horror movie “Hereditary”. She is also a famous TikToker, acquiring wide recognition thanks to her artistic and distinctive videos.

Early life, family, educational background

Amelia Lee Shapiro was born on 16 July 2002, in Tampa, Florida USA, to parents Michelle and  Eric Shapiro. Lily seems to have a great relationship with her mother who supports her every endeavor, sharing her new projects on her Instagram account. According to Michelle’s Twitter, she’s the business owner. Information about her father remains undisclosed.

Milly has an older sister, Abigail Monterey otherwise known as Abigail Shapiro, who is also a successful actress, possibly known best for her role as Dorothy Spinner in the TV series “Doom Patrol”. She also appeared in the 2022 Netflix movie “The Curse of Bridge Hollow”, playing the role of Ramona.

When Shapiro was one and a half years old, she attended the tuition-free Community Montessori School, which concentrates on raising children as independent individuals. When she was only three years old, she started voice training to become better at singing, and began performing at the age of five. She began pursuing an acting career seriously when she was 10. In 2020, Milly matriculated from high school, but didn’t continue her studies at a higher education institution.


Career as an actress

Milly debuted on stage in 2013, when she was chosen for the role of Matilda Wormwood in the Broadway musical “Matilda” by Royal Shakespeare Company. For her performance, the actress won her first award, Tony Honor which she shared with Sophia Gennusa, Oona Laurence and Bailey Ryon. Milly was the youngest person in history to receive the Honor. During the same year, she was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Musical Theatre Album.

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After her debut on Broadway, Milly started creating cabaret shows with her sister Abigail. They performed at 54 Below under the name Shapiro Sisters, to support the Anti-Bullying Movement. In 2016, Shapiro even appeared in the short video “Broadway Kids Against Bullying: I Have a Voice” in which Broadway actors united to carry the anti-bullying message. During the same year, the actress played the role of Sally Brown in the off-Broadway musical “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown”, performing opposite Joshua Colley as Charlie Brown, Aidan Gemme as Snoopy, and Gregory Diaz as Schroeder.

In 2018, Milly landed her breakthrough role, when she was chosen to portray Charlie Graham, a 13-year-old daughter of the main characters Annie and Steve Graham, in the horror film “Hereditary”. The movie centers around the Graham family that gets haunted following the death of Ellen – a secretive grandmother who had helped raise Charlie. The movie received positive feedback, with some calling it ‘one of the best horror movies ever made’.

Concurrently, Milly debuted on television, when she appeared in an episode of the sitcom “Splitting Up Together”.

In 2020, she had her first voice role as Princess Jezebel ‘Goldilocks’ in the animated horror TV series “JJ Villard’s Fairy Tales” on Cartoon Network.

Career as a singer

Milly’s career in singing began in 2021, when she founded the band AFTERxCLASS with Spencer Arjang. Their first singles were “Honey”, “Nice To Be With You”, and “Roses and Thornes”. In 2022, they released the EP “Sunshower Daydreams”; their music can be streamed on Spotify and Apple Music.

AFTERxCLASS is actively holding shows in various locations; they gave their most recent performance at Heaven Can Wait in New York City on 21 September 2022.

Personal life

Milly Shapiro identifies as lesbian, and goes by the pronouns she/them. She is an openly-queer artist, choosing to speak loudly about her orientation to empower queer youth to be honest to themselves and find people who’ll accept them for who they are. At one point, she revealed that it wasn’t easy to come out, but she knew it was crucial to be true to herself. Seeing other celebrities who were openly queer made the process less stressful and lonely.

As of late 2022, she doesn’t seem to be in a relationship.

Similar to her mother and sister, Milly has a disease called cleidocranial dysostosis – or CCD – which affects bone and teeth development. Affected people are usually shorter, have abnormal teeth, and big foreheads. Fortunately, CCD doesn’t affect intelligence, and doesn’t have any serious complications.

Hobbies, favorite things, and interesting facts

  • In 2022, Milly Shapiro was featured in the list of “GLAAD: 20 Under 20” which was exclusively shared by Teen Vogue and sponsored by Delta;
  • She is the co-host with Izzy Levy of the podcast “Cartoon GAYze”;
  • She has a large following on social media, particularly on TikTok on which she has more than 400,000 followers and over 14 million likes. She has more than 67,000 followers on Instagram. On her social media, she usually shares fun TikTok trends while promoting her songs.
  • She loves reading books and watching Anime during her free time. She attends conventions quite frequently;
  • Her favorite hot drink is English tea;
  • One of her favorite movies is “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone”;
  • Milly was featured as a model in Haley’s About Face Beauty make-up campaign because, according to Haley, she loves Milly and admires her make-up talents;
  • The actress travels frequently through the US to attend various professional or fun events.

Appearance, clothing style

Milly Shapiro is 20 years old. She has short hair that she wears in different styles and colors; as of now, it’s blonde. The actress has blue eyes. Due to her disease, she is just 4ft 10ins (147cm) in height, and weighs about 88lbs (40kgs).

Milly usually wears distinctive and unique styles, sporting statement pieces. She is frequently seen in casual clothes such as shirts, tops, and baggy trousers. Milly has a septum piercing on her nose, and loves other accessories as well, such as chains, chokers, necklaces, and earrings. Milly wears expressive make-up looks with bold eyeliner. She also has tattoos on her body.

Net worth and salary

As of late 2022, Milly Shapiro’s net worth is estimated close to $1.5 million, most of which she’s accumulated through her acting and singing endeavors. Reportedly, her annual income amounts to over $200,000. The information about her cars or real estate properties remains undisclosed.

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