• Jesaaelys Ayala González is the daughter of the famous singer Daddy Yankee and his wife Mireddys Gonzalez
• Jesaaelys gained fame through her videos on Instagram featuring her make-up tips
• She is in a long-term relationship with her fiancée Carlos Olmo
• She has an estimated net worth of over $500,000
• Daddy Yankee has a net worth estimated at over $40 million

Who is Jesaaelys Ayala González?

She’s actually a social media star, and the creator of a make-up line, however, Jesaaelys Ayala González is perhaps known best as the daughter of the famous singer Daddy Yankee and his wife Mireddys Gonzalez. Jesaaelys came into the spotlight thanks to her videos on Instagram featuring her make-up tips.

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Early life, parents, and education

Born Jesaaelys Maria Ayala González on 18 June 1996, in San Juan, Puerto Rico, the second daughter of her parents, she was raised alongside her elder sister Yamilet, and younger brother Jeremy.

Their father, known as Daddy Yankee, but whose real name is Ramón Luis Ayala Rodríguez, is a singer-songwriter often referred to by critics and fans as the ‘King of Reggaeton’. One of his global hits, “Despacito” was number one on the Billboard Hot 100.

Daddy Yankee and his wife Mireddys González married in 1995, and are still married today. She was his manager and accompanied him on his tours, and he described her as one of his biggest supporters. Currently, Mireddys is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and manager of the record label called El Cartel Records, founded by Daddy Yankee.

There isn’t much information about Yesaaelys’ early life, because her parents kept their children’s lives out of the public eye, leaving it up to them to decide if they wanted to be in the limelight when they grew up.

Jesaaelys attended a local high school, and upon matriculating in 2018, enrolled at the University of the Sacred Heart, from which she graduated with a BA degree in 2021.

Instagram and YouTube

Jesaaelys began posting photos and vlog videos featuring her travel adventures on her Instagram account, and day by day became quite popular among the Latino community. As an Instagram model, Jesaaelys gained an avid number of followers – today, her Instagram account is followed by over 1.5 million people.

When she started posting her make-up tips videos and her followers liked what she was doing, she launched her own make-up line, which she promotes on another Instagram account called ‘jesaaelys beauty,’ which has over 55,000 followers.

Jesaaelys launched her eponymous YouTube channel on 23 September 2016, and it’s been subscribed to by nearly 60 people, as there’s only one video uploaded, so it’s assumed that she decided to focus on her Instagram account, promoting herself and her work on this social media platform.

Love life and boyfriend

Jesaaelys is in a long-term relationship with her boyfriend (now fiancée) whose photos she often shares on her Instagram. His name is Carlos Olmo, and the two began dating sometime in 2018. He’s a non-celebrity, however, he gained some fame being the boyfriend of Jesaaelys. According to his Instagram, he’s a photographer.

On 8 August 2021, Jesaaelys posted several photos featuring the two of them, and showed her engagement ring, while in the description she thanked Carlos for loving her so much, and wished him a happy 25th birthday, naming him her fiancée. Carlos proposed to her on her 25th birthday, but they celebrated their engagement again on Carlos’ birthday. As of late 2022, they’re still a couple.

Age, height, and net worth

Jesaaelys is 26 years old; she enjoys changing her hair color, having been blonde but now has red hair. Her eyes are brown. Many of her fans comment that she looks stunning at 5ft 8ins (1.73m) and 140lbs (65kgs), but they may be unaware that Jesaaelys used to weigh around 225lbs (102kgs) – Jesaaelys had surgery after she began to feel ill, and lost her self-esteem. Her family encouraged her to achieve her goal and lose weight. She began exercising and eating healthier after surgery, and she lost nearly 90lbs, over 40kgs.

When it comes to her net worth, it’s been estimated at over $500,000, and since you must have wondered how rich her father is, we will tell you that according to sources, Daddy Yankee has a net worth estimated at over $40 million.

More about her famous father

Daddy Yankee was born and raised in Rio Piedras, near San Juan, and celebrates his birthday on 3 February; he was born in 1976, which makes him aged 46 as of 2022. He prefers to keep his personal life private, so he rarely speaks about his childhood; in one of his interviews, he stated that details about his early life are not for public consumption, and that he prefers to keep them to himself as a ‘little treasure’.

Daddy Yankee and his wife met as children and married when they were 17 years old. Their first daughter was soon born, and he stated that it was difficult to raise children at such a young age; however, that he and Mireddys overcome all problems because, above all, they are friends.

When it comes to his music career, his debut studio album was “No Mercy” released in April 1995, however, he rose to prominence only with the 2004 hit song “Gasolina” from his album “Barrio Fino”.

Actually, the entire album was highly anticipated in the reggae ton community, and Daddy Yankee fulfilled the expectations of his fans, as the album won the Luestro Award for Album of the Year, and sold over two million copies worldwide.

In 2017, in collaboration with Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee released the single “Despacito” which gained over one billion views on YouTube in less than 100 days, and Daddy Yankee become the most listened-to artist on Spotify in June 2017.

During his career, Daddy Yankee released six albums. In March 2022, his seventh, and as he announced final album entitled “Legendaddy” was released. Daddy Yankee announced that he plans to retire from music after completing his ‘La Ultima Vuelta World Tour”, which began in August 2022 and should last until December 2022.

Speaking of his non-music projects, Daddy Yankee is also an actor, and made his debut in the Puerto Rican movie “Vampiros” in 2004, while he starred in the 2008 movie “Talento de Barrio”, which was partially based on his growing up in a poor neighborhood. He’s also known for his collaboration with Reebok, as the first Latin artist to sign a deal with this brand.

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