• Jack Ferver is an American actor, film writer, dancer, professor, and choreographer, born on 1 February 1979.
• Jack is gay and uses they/them pronouns.
• Jack has close to 20 acting credits to their name and is best known for their portrayal of Jabez’s Assistant in the 2003 movie “Shortcut to Happiness”.
• Jack is currently in a long-term relationship with American moviemaker, actor and artist Jeremy Jacob.
• Jack’s net worth is estimated to be over $800,000.

Who is Jack Ferver?

Jack was born in Prairie du Sac, Wisconsin USA, on 1 February 1979 – their zodiac sign is Aquarius, and they hold American nationality. They’re an actor, film writer, dancer, professor and choreographer, with close to 20 acting credits to their name, while they’re probably still known best for their portrayal of Jabez’s Assistant in the 2003 fantasy comedy movie “Shortcut to Happiness”. It was directed by Alec Baldwin, starred Virl Andrick, Ray Aranha and Kaniel Arocho, and follows an author who’s sold his soul to the Devil.

Early life and education

Jack was raised in Prairie du Sac by their parents, about whom not a lot is known as Jack respects their privacy; it’s believed that their father was a car mechanic, and their mother a nurse. Because they haven’t spoken about their siblings, most people believe Jack to be an only child.

The family eventually moved to Sauk City, Wisconsin, where Jack was bullied by his peers because he was a ‘little gay kid’; they’ve since revealed that they’re indeed gay, and that they use pronouns they/them. They were 13 years old when they were taught by a dancing teacher influenced by the late American modern dancer and choreographer Martha Graham, and it was around this time that Jack knew they wanted to become a professional dancer.

They studied at a local high school and for their senior year, attended Interlochen Arts Academy, from which they matriculated in 1997.

Roles in movies

Jack made their debut film appearance in the 1999 romantic comedy drama “Outside Providence”, written and directed by Michael Corrente, and which starred Shawn Hatosy, Amy Smart and Alec Baldwin. It tells the story of a frustrated father who’s sent his troublesome teenager to a prep school, and the movie was nominated for a Las Vegas Film Critics Society Sierra Award for Best Supporting Actor (Alec Baldwin).

Jack starred as Jesse Milton in the 2001 short comedy “Mean People Suck”, and then played Phil in the 2001 drama “Way Off Broadway”. They portrayed Oscar in the 2008 short comedy “Doghouse”, and then played the supporting character Jamie in the 2012 romantic comedy drama “Gayby”; it was written and directed by Jonathan Lisecki, starred Jean Harris, Anna Margaret Hollyman and Matthew Wilkas, and follows two friends Matt and Jenn who are in their 30s, and have decided to have a child together, even though Matt’s gay. The movie won four of the eight awards for which it was nominated.

Jack’s appeared in only one other movie: they played Pascal in the 2015 romantic comedy drama “Front Cover”, written and directed by Ray Yeung, and which starred Jake Choi, James Chen and Jennifer Neala Page. It follows a gay fashion stylist who’s begun working with a famous actor, and the movie won six of the 12 awards for which it was nominated.

Roles in TV series

Jack made their debut TV series appearance in the 2000 episode “The Virgin Jerri” of the popular comedy “Strangers with Candy”, created by Stephen Colbert and Paul Dinello, who also starred in it; it follows a 46 years old former drug addict who’s begun attending a local high school.

Jack was then cast to appear in an episode or two of a couple of popular series, such as the mystery crime drama “Law & Order: Criminal Intent”, the comedy drama “The Big C”, and the comedy “Hunting Season”.

They’ve appeared in only two other series: the 2016 episode “Bong Pong” of the fantasy comedy “Deadbeat”, and the 2016 episode “Meth(od)” of the comedy drama “High Maintenance”.

Other works

Jack wrote the 2009 documentary movie “A Movie Star Needs a Movie”.

They worked as a dance consultant on the 2016 movie “Mascots”.

Jack’s been working as a dancer since the launch of their career, and in 2020, they became a dance professor at Bard College, as well as a visiting professor at New York University.

Awards and nominations

Jack was nominated for a 2016 Bessie Award, for their and American artist Marc Swanson’s work on their dancing performance “Chambre”.

Love life and relationships

Jack prefers not to share the details of their love life with media, but has still allowed their fans to have a glimpse into it. They’re today in a long-term relationship with American moviemaker, actor and artist Jeremy Jacob – he has two acting credits to his name, as he appeared in the 2017 series “Bear Fruit”, and the 2018 short movie “This All Ends Now”, while he’s recently worked as a production designer on the 2020 short movie “Three Deaths”.

Unlike Jack, Jeremy uses normal pronouns; the two men could’ve been seen attending various red carpet events together, and they are today living together in Los Angeles, California.

Jack hasn’t mentioned any other men whom they’ve perhaps been with, and as of July 2022, they’re in a relationship with Jeremy Jacob, hasn’t married and doesn’t have children.

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Hobbies and other interests

Jack seems to be enjoying the attention which they’re receiving from their more than 40,000 Instagram followers, and they’re thus quite active on the network; they’ve uploaded nearly 400 pictures, most of which feature them during their everyday life.

They’re a huge fan of the fashion industry, and read various fashion magazines on a daily basis.

Jack’s passionate about travelling and has been all around the world, for both work and pleasure, while their two dream travel destinations are Paris, France and London, England.

They’re supporters of the LGBT community, while they also today support the movement Black Lives Matter.

Jack enjoys watching movies late at night – their favorite actor and actress are Eddie Redmayne and Emma Stone, while a couple of their favorite films include “Les Miserables”, “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them”, and “Cruella”.

Age, height and net worth

Jack’s age is 43. They have short brown hair and light blue eyes, their height is 5ft 7ins (1.7m) and they weigh around 145lbs (65kgs).

As of July 2022, Jack’s net worth stands at over $800,000.

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